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Daylight UK UFO - Man Gets More
Than Rocks In Stonehenge Photo

From Jim Harte as sent to George Filer at Filers Files

Hi George, Jeff Rense recommended I send you a photo taken last week at Stonehenge, England.

It was only when I downloaded the pictures that I noticed this object in the sky so I can't give you any eyewitness testimony. The shots taken 2 seconds before and 1 second after are clear of anomalies.  Birds are clearly discernible in other shots taken at the time and the only aircraft visible were much higher and busy leaving chemtrails in their wake.

The picture was taken on 7-19-13 at 14:01:35 using a Canon 550d Kiss X4 with Sigma 28-300 lens set to 1/200 exposure and 7.1 f/stop. The camera was set to shoot in jpeg only at the time.  Original photo attached below the enlargement.




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