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The Dangers Of Second-Guessing
The Snowden Affair

By Cliff Mickelson

Is Ed Snowden a Psy this very curious current event a case of.. "It is what it is"?
 To begin to answer that question we need to ask....Qui bono?   It is apparent that most, if not all, of Snowden's information to date is nothing that anyone who has been at least "half-awake" in the last 20 years didn't already know.
   What Mr. Snowden's work has done, however, is rip away the rationalizations and the Pleasant-Valley blinders over the eyes of many those who are still barely fogging a political consciousness mirror. It has also put some stress-cracks in the mainstream press.
   It is therefore of positive value in that respect.
  Even if this entire soap opera is, as Jon Rappaport, or Naomi Wolf suspect, a turf war between alphabet agencies, the general somnambulant public STILL benefits from the fall out and receives a wake up call that no one can deny is there.  
    In my opinion, it may be that the NSA doesn't need to wait to discredit or attack Snowden because the very people who already know all this information in the  so called counter-culture will do that for them by over-analysing and/or "Yawning" him to death.  In their hubris, they forget that the vast majority of people in North America truly had no clue.   Ed Snowden is very disturbing news to most of them.
  Analysis is good.  Over-analysis is a trap.   As the word "Byzantine" imply's...there is no bottom to the well of potential intrigue.  One can plumb it's depths forever to no avail.   I think we need to take the entire Snowden affair for what it is.   It just "is"
     Yes, it is quite possible that Snowden could be a CIA asset.  The question to ask then is....So what if he is?  His information is still of value.  The enemy of my enemy is at least a temporary ally.   To me the spectacle of the resulting scramble and infighting between the powers that be over these "revelations" is worth 5 bags of popcorn and hopefully will speaks legions to those who were/are clueless..
 .We should ask ourselves .....Were we as a people better off before or after Mr. Snowden's revelations?  Were we as a society in general...more or less informed?
  To me,  this the bottom line as to "qui bono"  and should also determine the nature of our personal and collective response to it.   It can be fatal to lose sight of the value or usefulness of the information by getting too caught up in the pedigree of the messenger.   It is the information that will eventually determine the value of the message. Yes...Sometimes just "it is what it is"   Case in point..... In the end....It didn't matter in the least WHO left Lee's battle plans at Antitem wrapped in three cigars for the Union soldiers to find.  What mattered was that they ended up in McClellan's hands.  
  What happens from that point is up to those who possess the plan.





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