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US Phony War on ISIS


By Stephen Lendman

Obama’s so-called war to degrade and destroy ISIS is a complete fabrication. Just the opposite is true.

The public is willfully deceived every time on major issues mattering most. Major media scoundrels repeat official Big Lies ad nauseam.

Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) is a part of US support for ISIS and other terrorist groups, not “part of a comprehensive strategy to degrade and defeat” their scourge.

Their fighters are valued US imperial foot soldiers, heavily supported by Washington, key NATO partners and regional rogue states, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel among others.

Their only way to get training, funding, arms and munitions is through outside support - impossible otherwise in amounts and capability to wage war, capture territory and hold it.

Compare them to outlaw Western street gangs. They have light weapons, no outside support and no ability to seize cities and towns, exerting limited control in neighborhoods only to conduct illicit activities.

DOD claims it spends about $10 million daily bombing ISIS sites. Information is falsified, part of a massive coverup, concealing support for terrorists it claims to oppose - waging war exclusively on Syrian and Iraqi targets.

Media scoundrels ignore what’s vital to explain, instead perpetuate the myth of America combating ISIS, one of today’s biggest scams to wage endless imperial wars for unchallenged global dominance - heading recklessly toward confronting Russia and China belligerently, the nightmarish, unthinkable nuclear war scenario risking mass annihilation.

The Pentagon claims it’s crafting a “new narrative” to counter criticism over claims about Obama having no strategy to defeat ISIS.

A working group was formed to communicate better with critics. According to Pentagon Combined Joint Task Force/Operation Inherent Resolve public affairs spokesman Col. Christopher Garver:

“To say there's no strategy is just flat out wrong. If you want to have a debate about it, that's good. Let's talk about it. But there is a strategy” - supporting, not opposing ISIS, he didn’t explain.

How could US and coalition warplanes bomb Iraqi and Syrian targets for well over a year without destroying a single ISIS target? Are their pilots inept - or are other objectives being pursued?

Garver claims a working paper will be completed in weeks, submitted for approval, on ways to communicate on Pentagon-led operations in Iraq and Syria “in a concise, easy to understand way.”

Results alone matter, not claims of success with no verifiable evidence. Russia presents photographic proof of all terrorist targets struck.

The Pentagon offers nothing. Claims made lack credibility. Big Lies substitute for hard truths. Endless wars persist. America wants a world of vassal states it controls, eliminating national sovereignty, exploiting their valued resources.

Washington spends tens of billions of dollars annually waging endless wars OF terror in one theater after another, using ISIS and likeminded groups as proxy foot soldiers.

US strategy leaves world peace up for grabs today like never before. The horrors of war and escalating dangers are concealed from the US public - unaware how gravely their welfare and security are threatened by bipartisan lunatics running things in Washington, gambling with the fate of planet earth for their own self-interest.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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