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Kushner Is Mossad...And Israeli
Intel On An Industrial Scale In US

By Jim W. Dean
Veterans Today

The Trump plot is thickening and quickly, and yet we have tons of time left in the first 100 days. To all of you out there who wanted predictions from me early on where Trump was going, remember I said that was a waste of effort, as all we had to do is ride out his first three months and guessing would no longer be necessary.

And as a bonus, we would know what and who the real power(s) behind Trump were. It is not that I claim to be a soothsayer, but it appeared self-evident to me that he was going to move fast. and this meant he would have to put a lot of cards down on the table.

Sure, some of the cards could be marked, as Gordon will get into below concerning Mr. Michael Flynn. But we knew he would be attacked, and if things got rough, his real allies would come out of the shadows. The flip-flop in the past week began the revelation process.

As of today, it is well established that the cabal around Trump met with Russian intelligence, not only made promises but cut private “under the table” deals themselves, all of which will cost the people of the United States dearly.  As is now apparent to “watchers,” the worst of it was the meetings, not with Russia but with Israel and the deals cut there.  Bannon, we are told, not only met Israeli intelligence but used them as intermediary when he talked to the Russian’s as well.

Kushner, we are assured, is Israeli intelligence, no middle man there.

All well-connected American Jews who do IDF service are closely evaluated by Israeli military Intelligence as to their future value to Israel, their “other country”. Suitable recruits would routinely be given basic training and a cover to justify their coming back to Israel now and then for “business reasons”.

It has always been Israel’s goal to run the Whitehouse. Those folks, the Likuds, hate Americas. They hate everybody really, but Americans in particular, because they have a lot of stuff the Likuds have not been able to take yet, which they feel is being unfairly withheld from them, hence they have a right to correct the oversight.

Trump putting the kid in charge of doing a peace deal, with no diplomatic or career experience to take on that Gordian Knot? What do you think the chances are that the kid is not fronting for someone? We have polled our analytical group, and all agree he is not fronting for the U.S.

We are still looking into how Trump survived so many bankruptcies by angels with big checkbooks always arriving on the scene and coming to his rescue. The illegal Poles who worked on Trump tower had to sleep on site, as NY City accommodations were a bit steep for the wages they were being paid.

Be careful America. You might get what you paid for, not just with Mr. Trump, but by doing nothing to raise hell about how Israeli espionage is allowed to go on here, on an industrial scale, with no one allowed to even mention it in Congress. I will say it again. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better…  

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