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Countdown To 420

by Ray Larsen
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Over the years, the number 420 has taken on a special meaning. It’s not just a number anymore. It permeates Cannabis Culture like no other number, thanks to “Deadheads.” Yeah, there’s 710, which is a whole ‘nuther story for another time.

It all started way back in 1971 with a group of California high school students. They would get together after school at 4:20 and go hunting for a patch of “wildwood weed” which they never found. At least, that’s the official story from High Times. Believe me, there are plenty of crazy stories about it’s origin. Does it really matter much which one is true?

Tourists from all over the world are headed to Denver right now. I hope they bring plenty of “dead presidents.” Shops and Dispensaries are stocked up and ready to roll with a bewildering array of Cannabis products, from plain ol’ flower in hundreds of strains, to edibles, infused drinks, pre-roll joints, etc.

Denver’s rally events are near downtown at Civic Center Park. Before the 2014 legalization, the rally was quite political, pushing for changes to the laws. Now, it’s a celebration of freedom, the largest in the world, along with events happening in cities all over the world.

In the pic from last year, you can see the golden dome of the state capitol. Events and concerts are all over town, many sponsored by the larger Cannabusiness. Buddy Boy Brands has free rides in luxury tokin’ buses. The Smokin’ Gun, a beautiful old west themed dispensary, has a big parking lot event with live glassblowers showing off their skills.

The other pic is from the CU campus in Boulder, which used to be the 420 place to be. The CU police closed the campus for the last 3 years. They have now given up because of costs ($100k last year). The campus will be open for business this year. Should be interesting.

High Times has held many Cannabis Cups here in the past, but for 2017, the Cup has been uprooted, San Bernadino is the lucky city this 420.

The 420 mile marker sign on I-70 has been stolen several times. CDOT’s brilliant solution was to replace it with a 419.99 sign. Close enough for gub’ment work. Wonder how long that one will last?

Let’s all just enjoy it and keep the peace. Let’s show those nasty Swamp creatures that 16,000 cannabis enthusiasts can get together and have a great time with zero violence.