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Winning A Civil War -
Comments From Readers

By Ted Twietmeyer

Today's media has brainwashed people into using video and sound bites as a way of life. Likewise, It has been said that most people only read the first two or three lines of a email and ignore the rest. Apparently the same is true for many who read articles. At the bottom of BOTH articles, I stated Congress must restrict the use of executive orders to prevent starting wars. This is the way to win the civil war - by not allowing it to start in the first place.

 Yet NOT ONE single email about either article referred to this statement about limiting executive order power. This is why the founding fathers set up checks and balances - to prevent another kingship or monarchy from starting. Those men were far smarter than the average American today. There are people today who claim that once executive order power was granted to the executive branch almost one hundred years ago that it cannot be revoked or controlled. To that I say nonsense. Every problem has a solution. Congress giveth and Congress can take away.

 America has a staggering number of citizens who *think* they can fight the government and win. Why not stop any civil war BEFORE it begins - before mothers and fathers make orphans of their children. Even though this is exactly what would happen in an all-out revolt, it seems that almost no one considers it. Orphaned children will be put into camps, brainwashed and turned into mindless slaves of the NWO. Does it make sense to destroy the next generation in the name of freedom? Is THAT the kind of dead-end future parents want for their children? Perhaps they should not be parents.

 Readers have cited how the USA did not win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nonsense, it did win. The idea was to destroy the political power of each country, and allow it to rise to power again in a controlled way. And that is exactly what happened.

 When I wrote the two part series about winning a civil war, what I did not expect were ignorant, ill-informed remarks (but perhaps I should have.) Some emails were nothing but flamers, apparently written by those who did not read the entire article. Others included accusations of being a coward and included expletives to express their hatred. Last time I received emails like this was when I wrote another article years ago. I stated that Ron Paul would drop out and leave his supporters out to dry (which he did do - before retiring.) It proves that many Americans no longer know how to express themselves. Pathetic to say the least, but the delete button is always at the ready.

 When someone calls someone else a coward, it is often the accuser who is describing their own character. If I was a coward I would NOT write knowing the implications of government reading it. Nor would I use my real name instead of a pen name.

 When I issued the challenge to prove me wrong, I should have expected a barrage of useless emails.

 A number of emails  claimed that I "missed the point." Missed what point? A one-way trip to a POW camp to be executed, getting shot by a sniper or blown up by a drone for absolutely no reason is a good thing? Are adults that anxious to die, be tortured or imprisoned so their children can be taken by NWO for some sick purpose? Apparently some people are, or perhaps they think "That won't ever happen to me, it happens to the other guy." Do they stop and think that everyone around them, including themselves, IS the "other guy?"

 Consider this - it is well known that children taken by the Nazis never saw their parents again and were often turned into members of the SS, Abwehr or Gestapo. Those that were deemed unfit to join a military group were used for slave labor, or even killed.

 Will dying and destroying families in the name of freedom make sense? What does it really prove? People who think dying in the name of freedom might as well go out on the road and wait for a truck or bus. Both ways of dying are pointless and in the final analysis, accomplish nothing. But it seems no one today is understanding this.

 Does anyone realize there is a fine line between an revolt and a civil war?

 In a 10 minute video titled "Her Name is Ms. Anne" a black minister chastises black Americans by repeating the phrase, "The black man don't understand the world." He concluded his talk by saying "What's wrong with you, What's wrong with you?" But clearly other races have the very same problem. Many Americans do NOT understand logic, facts or reason nor do they NOT understand the government or the world. From what I've seen only a very tiny fraction of the dumb-downers every change and listen to logical reason.

 Ted Twietmeyer





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