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The Tricks ‘gods’ do Play
In Brahma’s World of Night and Day

Part One

Dr. Joseph Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It


Let’s begin this essay with a question: Why would a composite and complete Supreme Consciousness need to create units of consciousness that evolve into minerals, plants, animals, humans, etc., as we see in this Universe, which would serve absolutely no purpose for its own completeness if, in fact, such a Supreme Consciousness is complete in itself? Could it be that our whole concept of the structured layering of Consciousness is itself false? Read on.

Unlike my previous writings, this essay is more to make you think about the perspectives that have developed in the population in this generation, and possibly in previous generations, and is, as you will find therefore, less didactic and perhaps polemical.

More than any other essay I have written, this one is going to challenge your ideas of what you think you know and the nature of your reality.

The basic question for all sentient beings is this: How can we define Reality in the context of the Unknowable?

In the text, there are also questions that readers have asked me over the years and I offer some of my answers.

In trying to get to the core of known knowledge, as a generalization, most of us who have flipped through the available literature accept that the Hindu Vedas are the most ancient of writings of this epoch. I am going to assert, although I cannot prove it, here on this level, that there have been other epochs when Class 4 Consciousness existed and ‘Humans’ lived, although as I said, I have no personal, tangible proof . The Vedas do have mention of civilizations before this one, as I have pointed out previously, that had flying machines, missiles, nuclear bombs, etc.

Note also the overt presence of Evil in that era. In fact, Evil has NEVER been absent.

How the memory of these things was carried over to this Epoch is thus far a mystery to our lower minds.

There are also stories of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, etc. Atlantis was supposedly in the Atlantic, with Lemuria, in the middle of the Pacific, and was much larger, being about 6 times the size of Australia which itself is almost the size of the USA.

My point is that there seems to be knowledge in our era had has come to us from previous eras.

The Vedas are particularly useful for they are very detailed about many things that interest us in this essay.

Those of you who have read the Bhagavad Gita know that the poem covers things such as Good and Evil, Re-incarnation, duty to a Deity, Awareness, Self-realization, etc., etc.

But, regardless of the beauty of this ‘Poem of God’, it is a fraud in the sense that it is a product of Evil, as I will try to demonstrate. And this you will confirm for yourselves, if you read it carefully while being mindful of your Gnostic Nous.

As a contradiction to the tenets of Evil, the poem does say however, that, in time, good men are rewarded and evil men are punished. Now, from where did THAT concept spring?

Even Madame Blavatsky, the less than salubrious, self-proclaimed expert of Theosophy, reported that in Sanskrit scriptures there was reward for the good and punishment for evil individuals at the end of the tunnel.

Look at her eyes! What do they tell you?

To any doctor they reveal possible side-effects of past Grave’s disease. But that is not what we want to know. As spiritual beings we query what ontology may be revealed by those eyes. Your conclusion of what lurks within that body tells it all.

And so, as one would expect, inspite of revealing Good and Evil men and their fate, as written in the Sanskrit writings, her great claim to fame was being a fraud and plagiarizing material which she re-invented as her two best-known books, ‘Isis Unveiled’ and ‘The Secret Doctrine. Her thoughts and writings were later seized upon by the New Age Movement, with her work continued in essence by Alice Bailey, a scribe for the Brotherhood (of demons) in Shamballah who used her as the writing instrument.

BTW, from my writings, and my description of the spiritual effects of poisons such as vodka, pot and cocaine, how spiritually accurate would you expect any consumer of such things to be? They are definitely pollutants that destroy the Centres of Consciousness and allow destructive entities which I have called ‘demons’ to invade those Centres. So, how spiritual and accurate would you expect people who take these intoxicants to be? I am writing about Blavatsky and other so-called spiritual writers who have been named recently in alternative magazines. It is my conjecture that cerebral and spiritual damage is inevitable with the ingestion of these pollutants.

None of that can be proved under a microscope or with blood tests. We have to go by what we see and experience and contrast the damage with the lack of such damage in those who do not pollute themselves thus.

The practices of drinking various concoctions, as has occurred for millennia in more primitive tribes invariably leads to a condition of not just physical intoxication but one of ‘demonic possession’ when viewed with metaphysical eyes.

Here is a little on the disgusting habit of humans to intoxicate themselves:


Here is another list to get you started:

And more:

Note these words therein: ‘the pharmacologically active components do not produce uniform effects. On the contrary, any psychoactive drug has within it a completely ambivalent potential for good or evil, order or chaos.’

Yes, yes, beware and be warned. Do not take hallucinogenic drugs and other intoxicants to heighten your spiritual acumen. All you will end up doing will be exposing yourself to latent or active demonism all the more quickly.

So, in many cases, as in Blavatsky’s case, we see Evil pretending to be Good and doing evil.

This is a familiar scenario that we will see repeated throughout all the history we can read, and all the supposedly concealed evidence of events we can find.

Thus, corruption by the Evil Essence pretending to be Good is a hallmark of this existence.

And so is Evil’s assertion that Good is Evil.

Are these distortions of Truth what the ‘gods’ and their sycophants call ‘Leelas’? They are not joyful or playful at all. They are malicious and maleficent from any angle you examine them.

I’ve wanted to fit this evidence somewhere, and so this seems a good place in view of Evil’s obfuscation of Truth:

When you get time, expand this knowledge and you will see why I called Hitler an Avatar.


About Shamballah: More New Age BS:

In my travels, I went to Tibet, Lhasa and the famous monastery. What a disappointing site! It was dirty, smelly and full of demons and discarnates, to an extent I did not expect. Throughout Asia, China and Japan, I noted the shrines and temples were all full of lowly astral entities, discarnates, and demons, feeding on the energy of the aspirants who went there to pray in the hope of gaining something of worth. This was a common theme that I experienced. Even in Italy, the Vatican was nauseating for that reason, and the atmosphere at Father Pio’s place was a portal to Hell as far as I was concerned.

Here is an excellent example of Frederick Nietzsche’s assertion that words falsify reality:

Note the mixture of truth and untruths in these articles. The average seeker has almost no chance of sifting truth from the fabricated unreality, from Evil’s purposeful Virtual Reality.

BTW I had been to the Vatican and many ‘Holy Places’ in the mid-1975s, when I toured Europe as the typical tourist with my young family. But, as yet, I was unawakened, and all I saw was the stateliness of designs in and around Rome and other cities, with their grandiose cathedrals, as well as the Vatican, the beauty of paintings and sculpture, the artistry of Venetian glass, the simple joy of various peoples in the Illusion of the Virtual Reality in such captivating places as Capri, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, Northern Scotland, Provincial France, etc., etc.

By the early 1980s, I had made ‘Contact’, and my vision changed. I experienced a fulminating awakening and I saw things very, very differently from what I have described above. I saw the evil countenances behind the masks, and I saw the fraud behind the pretentious facades of so-called religious sanctity. And I saw the fraudulent ‘Joy’ of the Illusion in truth being the pain-racked existence of those who were drugged into submission by Evil’s falsification and imposed ignorance. As we look around the world, little has changed in many places, although anaesthetized robotic and long-suffering robotic minds are threatening to stir and break the illusion, finally!

It had been easy with my unawakened mind to accept the magnificence of the Sistine Chapel as portraying the beatification of the Physical. But, once awakened, I saw it as a facade to trap the unaware in exactly that thought, as even someone like Michelangelo was fooled into thinking it was an act of love for his God when, in fact, it was a trial of misery to aggrandize the Ghoul and his unappreciative minions.

So, were those illusions that captivated the unaware the ‘Leelas’ that the ‘gods’ do play on unawakened minds? What ‘gods’ would do that? I soon came to the conclusion they were malicious ‘gods’ whose proper name was ‘demons’.


Many have asked me this: How can the story of reward and punishment be true when the Gita itself, and the Vedas elsewhere, tell us that the Supreme Lord Brahma, at the end of his ‘Day’, reabsorbs everything, yes, EVERYTHING, into himself and thus all consciousness goes into an amorphic, inert pool from whence a new cycle begins at the end of his ‘Night’? (Please note that I am using gender terms simply for convenience)

Where have the Good gone in that cycle? ‘Nowhere’ is the answer implied from such an explanation. They are as lost as are the evil elements.

Where have the evil ones gone? Again, ‘Nowhere’ is the answer, ‘nowhere’ being the void of unconsciousness, the “Nothingness”.

To accept this as Reality, we either subject ourselves to a state of untenable stupefaction or else we, per force, must conceive a state beyond Good and Evil!

But, what is that state? Is anything conscious in it? Is it activated, motivated, regulated? It must be. How else would whatever it is, or whatever Consciousness it may have, know that the ‘Night’ of Brahma has come to an end and consciousness at the basic level should express again?

So, we come to a concept beyond the Leelas of the ‘gods’.

Or is the garbled story of the Night and day of Brahma another risible Leela?

How do we know that it is true all consciousness is reabsorbed into nothingness once Brahma decides to sleep?

If that were to be the case, when all of expressive consciousness, Good and Evil, was reabsorbed and made inert, what would be the point of the directives in the Bhagavad Gita, in all the spiritual texts, in all the Religious texts, and in all their urgings to perform one’s duty, including killing one’s enemy, to be pure and pious at other times? Were they aspects of pointless, useless, ‘Leelas’ to entertain the ‘gods’ and of no real relevance to the lower consciousnesses that thought they were struggling to get somewhere in a creative hierarchy?

Many ask this: ‘Are our concepts of a rewarding and punishing reality all nonsensical?


These two concepts ­ Of Brahma’s Day and Night and reabsorption into nothingness, regardless of lowly consciousness’ efforts, and the concept of progress to a Divine state, are incompatible!

Many have also asked me: Could we perhaps be pawns in the Leelas, the self-amusing tricks the ‘gods’ play in order to keep themselves, not just entertained, but actually conscious?

In past life regressions, a person may present in a pious state in one lifetime, then as a complete scoundrel in the next, and so on.

What is the significance?’ some ask.

What is the real nature of the consciousness?

Can it be one or other, or both, and does it really matter if, in the end, we all become inert blobs?

Could this be the reason for the ‘no-rush’ attitude we see in attempting to fix evil problems on this level?

If, as many suggest, Good and Evil are but twins in an eternal struggle, a game that keeps the ultimate Consciousness self-aware, it seems that there can never be resolution of their struggle. This eternity would be punctuated by the limitations of the Days and Nights of Brahma, to be exact.

If that is the case, what purpose does their struggle serve? If we were to accept that concept of the Day and Night of Brahma, we would have to come back to the possibility that all the activity we see and engage in is simply to keep the Supreme Consciousness aware of itself. We would be like pain pricks to keep it aware that it is conscious. Thus, in that case, the more mischief we made, the more friction we created, the more evil we expressed, the more suffering, pain and misery we caused, the more it would be aware of its wakefulness. Is that reasonable, acceptable? I think not.

All the activity, Good and/or Evil, cannot be just for consciousness to experience and learn, for according to the sagas I have just referenced, once that Consciousness closes down, everything experienced and learned appears to be lost. It then re-awakens and conscious life starts again! If it were not lost, restart would be at a higher level than we see in this Universe in which there are beings as minerals, microbes, etc.

Can this be true?

Can we make sense of it on this level?

If this is the sum total of existence, a case for Nihilism can be made! In philosophical terms, Nihilism is the denial of all real existence or the possibility of an objective basis for Truth.

I contend that there must be something active and conscious beyond ‘Brahma’

But, then again, why is the only phenomenology we witness overt Evil and, sometimes, assumed Good?


After all, the Miracles of:

have been proved to be nonsense, Leelas by the ‘evil aliens’ in the former two, and downright lies in the story of Jesus.

Others ask ‘Is there absolute Goodness on this level?’ We can certainly see what we can classify as absolute Evil, but can a state of pure Goodness be seen by us on this level?”

No’ seems to be the answer, for everything we consider ‘Good’ seems to degenerate spontaneously into a rancid mode of Evil.

‘No’ seems to be the answer, for everything we consider ‘Good’ seems to degenerate spontaneously into a rancid mode of Evil.

Thus, those that profess to be good often seem to express a reflex hate for Evil. Is that not itself an expression of Evil inspite of what the Buddha urged? He said to be detached from it all?

If we claim it is an expression of evil programming within our evil-created bodies, when can we be rid of such emotions as Hate?

Is the desire by Good, at the highest level, to be rid of Evil, itself an evil desire?

These questions often asked of me by readers are difficult to answer on this level.

I must admit more and more people who claim to be highly spiritual are actually hypocrites with enormous egos when they are examined closely. Some have mentioned the Dali Lama and the Catholic Pope as examples. Most people would call them Divine beings, Saints on Earth no less, appearing to serve Humanity. The reality in many minds appears to be that they are demons playing purposefully deceiving roles, like Mother Teresa did. On such matters, you must make up your own minds.

Here is a picture of the present pope. You tell me what you see psychically:

And this:


Some have described him as demonic. Why?

It seems a state of absolute Good cannot exist on this level, but one of absolute Evil can.

So, the question remains, ‘Is there a state beyond Good and Evil?”

Here is the answer

This Evil System, this Universe and all its evil-created sub-dimensions does shut down periodically. But those who can be rescued out of it have been periodically rescued from it. And those who are Good and not yet rescued have been protected in their essence to survive the Night of Brahma as beings of Goodness.

Thus we can extrapolate that Brahma himself, and his concept of Night and Day are the Ghoul and his malicious Leela!

That means that there does exist a state beyond this one which is a mixture of trapped Good and evil-created pretend-Good and Evil.

The Vedas tell us Brahma only exists for 100 lifetimes. Forget how long the duration is; eventually an end is reached. The important question to ask is this: What exists once Brahma finishes his 100 lifetimes? Who or What really exists then?

When we read such things as the Bible and the Vedas, we come back to the very real possibility that human philosophy and spiritual thought appear to be utter nonsense, mixed with provable and improvable facts, most of the nonsense being created by people to fill in the time of their meaningless lives.

Again we need therefore to ask: Why would a composite and complete Supreme Consciousness need to create units of consciousness that evolve into Good and Evil minerals, plants, animals, humans, etc., that are forever causing strife and which would serve absolutely no purpose for his own completeness if, in fact, such a Supreme Consciousness is assumed to be complete in itself?

The answer is that the Supreme Consciousness we are discussing as in the Vedas and Bible is NOT Supreme, and is not complete. It is deficient and vulnerable to change.

The fact that he has tried (and often succeeded in unaware ones) to convince some that he is Supreme, is the greatest of the Evil Leelas. In other words, that the Evil Mind, Satan, Jehovah, the Moloch, etc., has been able to convince us he is Good, Supreme and Complete, when, in fact, he is Evil, Subordinate and Incomplete, has been his greatest trick.

The fact that Satan has convince a good deal of lower consciousnesses that neither he nor Evil exist has been his greatest triumph!

His Incompleteness is the key to his destruction. Being incomplete, he depends on outside energy for him and his Evil Empire to exist.

Remove the supply of that energy and he and his empire come to an end.

And that, as I have explained before, is exactly how the Divine is dealing with Correction of the Error and Termination of the Evil Mind and the empire it spawned.

There you have the Solution to the Problem of Evil.

As final proof of what I have written we have the knowledge I have been allowed to share that comes beyond the confines of the Evil Empire. Think about that. This means there is a state of Pure Goodness beyond the Madness of the Error.


Copyright: Dr. J Chiappalone
January 5, 2013





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