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Have You Shed
A Tear For America? 

By Ted Twietmeyer


It has been said that all people, places and events are connected in some way. Indeed, it is true. America's founding fathers have been demonized more than ever in recent years. All their faults have been accentuated and highlighted while their great character, abilities and talents have been downplayed.

But who were these men? They had many of the same weaknesses people have today. Can you imagine the daily pain of lighting candles when the sun sets, and trying to envision America's future while reading and writing by candlelight? Try it some time; it's more than challenging. Even worse, there was the fear of getting caught writing such a document. I would unquestionably be seen as treason. Yet in this very environment the next centuries of America were charted out by defining freedom from the king and freedom for the people. Dim, flickering candlelight is difficult at best to work under. Now imagine you have a vision problem and it all gets worse. Yet it was through this kind of arduous work lasting days and nights by candlelight that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were forged. There was no liquid paper to fix errors. And all this was just the beginning of a long road for America.

Recently the subject of Thomas Jefferson came up with someone. To me, that triggers the name of a little known man named George Whythe. Few may know his name, for he is the man who taught law to Thomas Jefferson. I have stood more than once in the very spot, in a church in Richmond, VA where Patrick Henry gave his speech. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and other founding fathers were there.

We jump to the future America - this very era in which we live. Freedoms and beliefs we have taken for granted for countless years, are now being threatened with extinction. Various processes have been stated to destroy the very America we knew and loved. I say this in past tense, for many of these freedoms are already gone and more are planned to follow into oblivion. Most people think that all they need to do is vote every 4 years and the rest takes care of itself. With bankers bragging how they own America now, is that really all we need to do?

Our very children and grand children are at this very moment, being indoctrinated through social engineering. This devious form of engineering is designed to destroy all ideas of freedom, and make children believe that slavery is freedom. They are taught that they are the future, provided they go along with the plan. In Orwell's 1984 neighbor turned on neighbor - which is happening even today. Precious moral values and beliefs are being discarded at a rapid pace, replaced by smart phone and video game addictions. These are designed to twist the mind into submission - and it's working.

What will happen when all of America's values are gone? Parents today are crippled by their children, for almost any kind of discipline is considered abuse. Without fear of punishment, there is no reason a hormone-crazed child will not do something wrong they want to do. There are no consequences. Even worse, all across America children are pushed through school to 12th grade graduation with insane programs like "No Child Left Behind." Yet there are times when it IS better for a child to be left behind a grade. They will become better adults for it and perhaps wake up earlier as children. What good is any child who is pushed out of high school through graduation, when they remain functionally illiterate? What future do they have? No college wants them. Now even the military is becoming more picky about who they will take in.

Lastly, we will have health care provided or denied by hidden medical panels. It's almost a certainty that along with this, people will be offered euthanasia by injection if they are terminally ill. No one has talked about this for the public medical care system coming in, but it's almost a certainty euthanasia will be announced next. Watch for medical shows and talk shows discussing this soon, along with movies to get the population ready for assisted suicide. It's just a matter of time. In Europe over the past few years, it has been announced that more than 200,000 people have already died this way.

Why shed a tear? If someone cannot seen the reason to do so, then perhaps they are beyond hope and already dead.

Ted Twietmeyer





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