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Of Nous, Inner Knowledge and realizations,

When True Knowing seems Illogical to the Agnostics.

By Dr J Chiappalone

My Motto: Take it or leave.


Familiarity with my previous writings based on True Gnostic Knowledge will assist readers in understanding better the concepts I present here.

If one does not see Evil, the Evilness around us, its Virtual Reality which has created for us a bubble of destructive Illusion, and the fact that this level is ruled by Class 5 Demons, that are the result of a spurious, illicit and very temporary Creation, which is about to be dissolves, then one is not just blind but doomed!

That this is a Demonic world will become as clear as can be in the next 20 years or so, the end of which will terminate in the TOTAL eradication of the Physical and all those who have judged as being spiritually non-Viable.

One has attained the true vision when one sees oneself as an eternal spirit using a disposable, physical shell. Unless the Evil is seen, the chances of escaping from it are minimal.

Unless one realises one is being lied to by all so-called authorities whose role is to maintain the fraudulence, one will not seek the Truth.

Unless one sees Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination which suppress the True Spirit, one will not take steps to cleanse, protect and fight against the destructive mechanisms involved.

Unless one sees the causes of our pain and suffering and misery, no action can or will be taken, by the individual, to expose the mechanisms which cause them.

Unless one recognises the futility of lauding this Evil System in which so many lose hope and perish in the gloom of the false light, then one will not seek the Greater Reality.

Unless one recognises the trauma suffered by the spirit, even if the body is appeased by the morphic somnambulism of this Hell, the danger will not be realised and one will not fight to survive.

Unless one ignites the Spark of Light within, sufficiently to burn a hole through the layers of obfuscating programming in the outer mind, and is alerted to the deceit, the chances of true, internal, spiritual awakening are minimal.

Pray daily that you will see not what your physical senses seek, but what is truly there, no matter how traumatising to your physical that may be. That is your only chance to survive this spiritual holocaust of evil Jehovah's creation.



Outer mind knowledge does not make one complete as a person or as a learned mind. Nowhere in external knowledge - except for banned Gnostic texts, which are ridiculed so much by the demons parading as priests, rabbis and professors who should, and do, know better - are you going to learn that this system is evil and utterly condemned! Beware Cultivated Ignorance increasing displayed by the Evil Morons in this, the Endtime.

Only connection to the Inner Nous, the Inner Knowledge and the Higher Intellect can provide what is needed for completeness. Only with the Gnostic Nous can you attain the Keys for Liberation. And only those with the Nous can seek such Liberation. The others are part of the scenery of crassness, the demons and deceitful robots of the Deception and its Illusion who must, perforce, perish with the mists of the decaying Virtual Reality when its time has come.

Don't risk your spiritual future on the answers you gain by asking the evil louts, or the programmed counterfeit fools. They are there specifically to obstruct your spiritual view and make you remain lost in this Den of Iniquity.

You are asking for trouble if you define your Reality by consensus opinion. No better example exists than the masses telling Columbus the Earth is flat!

Until you are able to truly discern, with a great degree of accuracy, who your true friends in Light are, look not outwardly for answers, but inwardly, to your Higher Mind, to your Nous, to your Spark of Divinity within your being.

That Nous is all you need. That Spark is you in real spiritual terms, waiting to lift all of your consciousness out of the mire of murderous malignity into the Realm of the Rightful Reality's Radiance.



Oh, look how pretty you are to the physical eye. My, oh, my, such expensive clothes, and such fine jewellery. And I bet that perfume and all that make-up cost a pretty penny too.

Ok, ok, the wrapping is nice, and to the eye pleasing, in a limited way. But what is your body worth? About 73 cents in chemical terms? No matter how great it looks today, its appeal will fade as you age. Time and Gravity will reduce you to a stooping pile, inexorably, as the perfumed smell dissipates into the tiredness of senility. Your mind so crisp and sharp, and the glint in your eye so alluring and menacing, as it seeks fecund fulfilment, will both pass into the confusion and inactivity of an old age possessed of ills and resignation. Not all are gifted with gerontophilia and you too will suffer the timed, programmed rejection by youth which thrives on such imbecility.

The priceless pearl which you possess, if of timelessness you truly are, is that which resides in the fleshy wrapping inside the bought material wrappings. It is not part of them, only hidden there, held prisoner by the mockery of a fraudulent, flawed, physical personality.

The pearl, the pearl, it is that longs, from these wrappers, to be free. Oh, what price freedom from the decay and ensuing misery, from the entrapping physical fecundity, from the inexorably withering malady of a flawed system and its flawed existence in a Time temporary?

Oh, that the mind from such traps could once and for all be free. Such a thought is the very start to that road to True Liberty.


The very first book I wrote (in this lifetime) was called ‘Revelation of the Truth’. I published it in 1985 and then revised and expanded it into the 3 book series called ‘Making Sense of the Madness’

Below I reprint paragraphs from Part Two, Chapter 13, of the first book of that series, named ‘What’s Going On’. The Chapter is called Original Earth and Evil Changes.

In that very first book, you will see mentioned, among many other things, the formation of Oxygen and the prophecy of a coming New Energy, which I later called, when I ‘met’ it, the New Green Energy.

I first met ‘It’ when it simply came into my supra-mental field of vision and ‘It’ was present whether my eyelids were open or shut. But, that’s a story for another day.

I had no proof of those things I mentioned in my books then, and I recall I was taken to task, even in a court case, for supposedly writing nonsense, for being ‘illogical’ to those who thought they knew better, but who in reality were far more ignorant. This was especially so when writing about the development/creation of Oxygen to accommodate aerobic beings in the progress of this planet’s abundant anaerobic and later, aerobic life.

Proof of the development of Oxygen, after other advances, and of the biological evolvement of conditions for the existence of aerobic beings using oxygen is now available. Here is a recent article to prove what I wrote in 1985 was accurate:

In that very first book, I also wrote about the existence of a MATTER that made up the major portion of the Universe’s structure. I was told by the ‘Higher Me’, as I wrote about it, that this substance had not yet been properly discovered or identified. Its scientific discovery was not to make it into ‘popular culture’ for at least another 10 years even though some astronomers were aware of anomalies as I have mentioned previously.

But, this body, the little ‘i’ had studied Medicine. It knew nothing about Astronomy other than what was in School books and Basic University Physics. I certainly knew nothing about such things as the development of Oxygen in Prehistoric Times and of Dark Matter. In fact, not being fully ‘awakened’, my lower mind struggled with these and many other concepts that were given to me by my Higher Self to write down in those early days. I admit that some of the concepts were far too abstract for me to describe with the logic of the lower mind, and to write them down into words so others could understand them. As a consequence, I could barely contain them in my mind and I had to let them go.

Those experiences were similar to, but far more intense, than the communication one can have with numbers and abstract figures in the astral planes or when in an alpha state, as occurs in meditation, in abstract thinking, and in certain parts of one’s sleep cycle.

They make perfect sense to the Higher Mind and feed the required information into the fascinated lower being. But once out of that state, once the streaming of the numerals and symbols stops, the lower mind cannot comprehend what the heck those numbers and abstract figures mean and what it was that was going on.

Needless to say however, the needed and/or asked for information, knowledge, and instructions were locked into the Higher Mind and would be translated usually, in due course, as needed, into thoughts that the lower mind could later grasp.

Long after I wrote my books, 26 years later, in fact, I read Professor George Ritchie’s book of his Near Death Experience in which he explains that he saw this process of knowledge transfer from the higher planes to the minds of beings in the lower earthly plane.

This is the mechanism for the solutions of problems too, when abstract data may be given in a higher state of awareness or altered state of consciousness which later translates to ‘logic’ in the outer mind.

Consider this abstract, all of which leads to another story involving, as some have called it, Chemical ‘serendipity’. The tale is told of one Friedrich August Kekulé, a German chemist, who had all this evidence about benzene at hand, but couldn’t figure out a structure by which to explain it all. One evening, while riding the bus home, he fell to daydreaming, and his mind was filled with visions of carbon atoms dancing around. Whether today this would qualify him as a genius or a candidate for an institution is unclear, but that he was able to get from there to the structure of benzene, and indeed organic chemistry in general, in his time, made his career.

Read it here :

Thomas Edison was another who admitted obtaining data in dream-like states:

Ignorant, closed-minded fools and skeptics who remain in that state at all costs, see this brilliance of some, and the ability to communicate with Higher Levels of existence, as some sort of an aberrance. That is why they, the skeptics, remain closed-minded idiots to this day. In my work, I have met some of the most qualified Medical Specialists who are simpletons when it comes to True Knowledge. One is ashamed to be associated with them, such is the level of their ignorance about matters that really count in life.

Those with Nous just know there is something more than this absurdity called physical life. They know there is continuation of consciousness. They just know it is so. They do not want or need proof.

They know that a Day of Rectification will come and that those of Evil will bear the cost of their Iniquities.

They know there is a place of Peace and Love and that this world is not it!

They simply know Evil exists for they have often felt its wrath and the abuse from demons. They also know deep in their psyche, their Nous, that those spawns of Evil, these demons, really exist, no matter how much and how often ‘Science’ denies their existence.


As time passed, I learned to distinguish the various sources that fed information to the lower minds on this level.. There are many traps for the unwary. There are many Dark Beings that attempt to interfere with our auras and lower minds even while we are connected to our Higher Minds and they attempt to interfere and feed us spurious information.

One becomes better at gaining insights and a more proper connection to our Highest Source, with time, and with the lessening of pollution, with good protection and with thorough cleansing of all the Centres of Consciousness.

That is why I stress the non-use of intoxicants of any type. They allow indiscriminate entry of beings, often unknown, into your Centres. You may think some of the effects are beneficial to you, but how do you know you are not being fooled by an evil consciousness pretending to be good and saying it wants to help you when, in fact, it is leading you astray and draining you of your valuable energy?

Stay off those hallucinogens. That is the best advice I can give. There is no such thing as a ‘little bit of damage’.

Of late, some have wanted to justify their use of Marijuana and stress its ‘benign’ nature and harmlessness. I had previously said it caused brain damage. Those of you who want to defend its use should think again in light of what you will read here:

BTW I have covered these topics at length in my books. But I would like to repeat the following:

Do NOT act on any directive you receive, regardless of its claimed source, which, if enacted, may disadvantage or harm you or anyone else in any way, whether it be physically, mentally, intellectually, morally or spiritually.

If you receive apparently benign messages, there is no harm in ignoring them until you feel certain they are ‘benign’.

Genuine Divine, Higher Spiritual Beings are not interested in mundaneness. Don’t be like New Age prudes and ignoramuses who will tell you that St Germaine or Archangel Gabriel told them what dress to buy or what colour shoes to wear, on such and such a day, what job to take, and so on.

The point I want to make here is that the information I wrote accurately, long ago, concerning Oxygen and Dark Matter was truthful even though, at that time, even my physical lower mind had doubts and even though physical proof did not, as far as I knew, existed. It does now.

That should give you confidence to use the knowledge I write about in order to expand your own mind and psychic abilities and follow the leads. In my opinion, at least, I believe they are valid and true. But, you are the judge for what you want to believe. You know my Motto well.

This raises the question of what is logical and what is illogical. The more ignorant a mind, the more illogical esoteric explanations will be for it.

Of course really stupid minds find even the most logical and plausible explanations to be ‘illogical’.

Here I am discussing the disclosure of truths as I was given, about Oxygen and about Dark Matter, before the proof was available to lower and lesser minds.

Who then is to say that many other things which ignorant minds find illogical are not, in actual fact, of a Greater Reality of which they cannot conceive?

Remember this quote: All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

And this one: Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. (Both are from Arthur Schopenhauer)

Of course we have to be careful in this Virtual Reality for the Arch Demons send along fools to distribute idiocy in order to mislead those trying to truly awaken. An example is the ridiculous hullabaloo that some made regarding the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.


Here is the extract from my book:

Changes to the Physical

As stated earlier, etheric and astral worlds were built to contain the spiritual beings between physical lives. To live in these worlds the spiritual body was clothed with etheric and astral bodies. The Etheric Body is an electromagnetic envelope which contains the other bodies. It is attached to the physical by a silver cord (often seen clairvoyantly). It also has physical characteristics such as weight and dimensions, and is subjected to local conditions which can interact with an electromagnetic field. Its effects are photographed by Kirlian photography and it is injured by sound, ultraviolet and radioactive radiation.

Within this etheric body exists another electromagnetic envelope, the Emotional Body which is another Evil-created structure imposed on beings. It is activated by special Rings of evil influence that reside in the evil environment. When excited, it causes drainage of energy from the spiritual body in which are 49 concentric circles of energy around the nucleus of the Permanent Atom. As the energy in these falls, the awareness falls, as discussed elsewhere. Changes in energy and awareness cause etheric body changes and this allows variations in the Aura which many psychics can read.

The physical body which we have now, designed by the evil demigod, has evolved through various stages. Planned decay and disease and death were included, for death removed the consciousness from the body and helped erase the memory. As the awareness was lost, the fear of death gave more emotional energy, and the suffering and emotional upheaval to family, victims, relatives and friends due to tragedies, further increased fear and gave the evil demigod more energy.

In the New Dimension decay will not occur. The new bodies will be permanent. Agents of disease, decay and putrefaction such as fungi, bacteria and viruses (which are the evil demigod’s creations) will disappear. Harmful radiation will disappear as the elements will be stable.

Death or displacement of consciousness occurs at all the physical levels. Hence, in the mineral level even elemental decay changes the physical properties of that element. Vegetation dies and experiences continuous change also as in shedding of leaves, flowers, etc. Animals and humans die. None of these things were supposed to happen. Plants once created were to last. No part of creation was supposed to eat any other. Nutrition was totally by sunlight and prana, but evil tampering caused disastrous changes.

The bodies evolved by the evil demigod depend on Earth’s environment. Some are aerobic. Oxygen was not a component of the original plan. With decay and death of the bodies and the use of some as food in the food chain, a regenerative system was planned. Reproduction by sexual and asexual means evolved. The reproductive cycle was linked to the emotions and great use was made of it by the evil demigod to trap and exploit. The bodies in the New Dimension will not have respiratory, alimentary or sexual systems.

All the energy in this Universe is contaminated spiritually. New Energy will be introduced and all the contaminated energy will be destroyed. Those who are creations of the Evil Energy will be transmuted. Hence, Evil Energy will disappear forever.’

End of extract.


More about the Chemtrails.

In the mid-1990s I made a forecast on one of the Jeff Rense Shows that the Archons would be spraying the skies with chemicals. I stated clearly the Prime Objective of these Chemtrails and their poisonous contents were to dumb down people by interfering with brain function.

Many scoffed at such an idea at the time and said, if that were the case, they would be spraying the whole world. At that stage they were only spraying the USA’s skies

Guess what? They are now spraying everywhere in the world! And they are now spraying at night too, so that there will be fewer witnesses. But, it’s too late. It seems too many saw them during the day and objected to them.

That forecast was accurate. The primary purpose, which they are achieving, is to reduce brain function in humans and animals. Why do they want to do that? The answer: So that people will become bigger morons than they are now and will be more easily controlled, on the way to culling the numbers by various means.

It is going to be difficult for the masses to accept the fact that humans are NOT in control of Human Destiny. They may think they are, but they definitely are not.

Superior, Reptilian, malevolent consciousnesses are in all positions of power. They are called the Archons. And they dictate every aspect of the lives of ‘the cardboard boxes’. Due to camouflage by the Archons, the stupid sheople, so utterly programmed by all the pollutants and indoctrinations cannot see past their noses to realize this is so. The classical example is the BS fed by the Media to them via newspapers, magazines, TV, videos, movies, etc. A minority is finally awakening to this evil programming.

Indeed, a few are slowly connecting the dots. So they are finally seeing the malevolence required by overriding very evil, consciousness in the manifestation of 911, the recent Wars, The Jewish Holocaust Myth, etc.

I had previously highlighted the Chemtrails’ contents interfering with Vitamin B12 in the body. The reduction of this vitamin causes, among other things, progressive Dementia. We are beginning to see Dementia in adolescents and young adults, something never before seen.

There are secondary effects of Chemtrails, as in weather control with HAARP’s EM wave reflections etc. Australians who know about HAARP are becoming more and more suspicious of foul play as they suffer this most unusual weather on the Continent that we are experiencing. But the prime function for Chemtrails was, and has been, and remains, the dumbing down of human minds

Realize that awakening to the Truth and regaining true spiritual vision can have adverse effects on the lower mind and the physical body in the sense that a battle will ensue between the evil-programmed lower mind and the Higher Mind as to what one should or should not believe.

I have attempted to warn you of this when you start to see auras, and the ontology of beings, who is who, etc. Not all beings you are or were attached to emotionally may turn out to be of the ontology you would wish. You have to deal with it. It is going to be tough going. The partner you sleep with may very well be a demon who has been slowly spiritually destroying you all these years, by draining your vital, spiritual Divine energy, even while you thought you were emotionally in love with “it”.

You will have to deal with that situation when you wake up to the fact that it is a demon you are having sex with. Sex is the most efficient way of draining your energy and/or polluting you with Evil Energy.

Now do you understand why the Gnostic Doctrine advocates Celibacy?

Also, realize that some of you are warriors, not spectators. You may be directed into battles in this War of Essence, which is very near the end but has not yet been finalized, in order to accomplish some mission or other. You do not usually get to know the details of what it is you are doing.

You may seem to be allowed to fall into a trap and a battle explodes around you. Fight on. You do not know the details. It may be you were led into that trap by the side of Good to expose further Evil. I could give you numerous examples even in public political life, but I am sure you have many of your own.

If you are a “Light”, you are down here to fight a War, not to have a quiet or ‘good time’ as defined by the failures. You are here to fight Evil, in whatever way best suits whoever is guiding you, until you are lifted out. And, remember, the greater the warrior you are, the bigger the load you may need to carry.

Linda Lindauer’s story is an excellent example of what I mean

There are many others. Follow the leads, but realize that as you try to swim through the murky waters, hungry sharks abound:


As you probably know, I purposely uploaded my November lecture, given in Brisbane, on You Tube.

My words are having 2 very distinct effects on viewers.

Those with the true Inner Nous are awakened, nurtured and delighted. It’s not simply a matter of the words and the information given. Viables are nourished by the realization that the information resonates within their being and they are joyous with the effects of the NGE upon them.

Here is a typical positive comment: ‘The YouTube views on your video are increasing exponentially. I promise, doctor, that you have an amazing effect on some of our lives……………..there is no way some of us would've made it this far if it was not for you or your work. Thank you Doctor! Within the year you will cause much attention on You Tube - GOOD! I cannot wait! We will be standing behind you! I am sure people have been anticipating on meeting and showing their appreciation over these years, and thus this may be the closest thing for interacting, besides e-mail’.

There are many negative comments, of course. What would you expect with 91% of the population being failures, non-Viables, with no Inner Nous?

As you will note, failures react savagely to what I have to say, and express themselves with abuse and anger. But believe me when I say that the predominant effect on and in them is FEAR.

My intention is to awaken and enlighten. This should dispel all fear. So where does their fear come from? It comes from their dark souls and the realization of what they are. The New Green Energy distributed in and by the lecture simply acts on them to highlight that which they have kept hidden, or so they thought, for so long, from the Light. Namely, that they are guilty of treason against the Light. And, as Jesus said, they are liars, hypocrites and murders of men and the Truth.

The lecture is merely one means used to deliver the New Green Energy onto this plane.

Thus, I hope you appreciate the fact that the NGE is nurturing and sustaining the Viables while exposing the non-Viables, simultaneously. 


Finally, realize that those without Nous cannot comprehend a World beyond Evil. They live in the Virtual Reality and for the Virtual Reality. They are shattered by the thought that it could be possible that all this sham of an existence is being dissolved to allow the Pure Light to express in all the lives of those who are Viable.

They without Nous cannot see anything wrong with the World. They are oblivious to the pain, suffering and misery of others. They feed on the energy of those they exploit and do not wish that to end. Take this article for example. The explanation by psychologists is complete BS.

Psychologists uncover what's behind the urge to crush cute things to oblivion

The destructive reaction is from demonic entities remembering how they get their energy - by making others suffer !!!!

These of evil are the ones who do not know what ‘True Knowledge’ means.

They cannot see why they should care for others.

They are programmed by National Hubris to kill anyone their leaders tell them to kill.

They do not see anything wrong with killing animals for sport, nor in breeding them, fattening them and then selling them for profit so they can be slaughtered to fatten other ignoramuses.

They are the ones who follow no creed, or if they do belong to some religion, do so as a social obligation, giving little or no thought about what they have to regurgitate as its teachings. For them, as long as they are told they will die and go to heaven because they are members of that religion is enough.

These are the ones who readily accept that Earth is a classroom where we learn lessons like what it is like to rape and kill, steal and lie, cheat and abuse, exploit as many as we can and feel no guilt.

For them, there is no accountability, no personal judgment, no Evil, no Hell or Transmutation.

How wrong they are.

And yet, in this day and age, we have psychics who tell them all is wonderful after death no matter what you have done, no matter what class of demon you are, no matter how many you have hurt.

I will have more to say about this when I discuss Near Death experiences and what some relate from their journey.

In the meantime, watch this short video as an exercise, and attempt to discern the auras of the two psychics. I will discuss this topic later also.

As I said above, I shall also discuss, in a future post, the fact that some Near Death Experiences are part of Evil’s Illusion within its Virtual Reality.


Queensland Australia has suffered once-in-a-century flooding for 4 years out of the last 5 according to some reports.

More than one reader has asked this: ‘Are the demons playing with their HAARP?

And, if they are, why are they picking on a friend? As you know, Australia does not need to be asked by the USA to jump. All it wants to know is ‘how high?’

Perhaps they are just practicing for the BIG events to come?

Finally, a news report which, if it is genuine, fulfills my prophecy of cannibalism returning in Humanity:

Even if it is NOT genuine, it will not be long before we see cannibalism on a grand scale on this nightmare of a planet.




Copyright Dr J Chiappalone
February 2, 2013





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