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ObamaCare Will

By Judith Moriarty


IMPORTANT - Obama Care will affect everybody - to date this draconian bill has not been explained: taxes, advisory board (determining if you get treatment), pre-existing conditions - Medicare cuts to fund it - keeping your own doctor - Medicare Cuts - etc. Please bookmark or Copy articles (more to come). These will answer all your questions/concerns.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time reading thousands of pages (various reports - the bill - arguments etc) having to do with Obama Care.

Nothing you've been told by the media or politicians bears any resemblance to the intricacies of this massive boondoggle. As every citizen will be subject to this it behooves you (get a folder) and COPY articles I send, as YOU most definitely will have have many questions.

You'll have a hard time getting any coherent  answers. I made sure that I weeded through all the BS and chose only those that are most needful to you.

It's already started (massive increases) - this am 'news' reported that Blue Cross - Blue Shield (Calif) were raising their PREMIUMS by 20%.  There are approx 23 new taxes in Obama Care. This has all been kept under wraps until after the election.

It appears that FEW bothered reading this/ including the President - Nancy Pelosi (their own admission) nor Max Baucus - Key Player, Chairman of Senate Finance - 'author' of Senate Bill .

Senator Baucus when asked if he'd read the bill: " It's a waste of time for me to read the Health Care Bill - we hire experts to do this".

President Obama told us that 'if we thought it was a TAX - then obviously we didn't know the law". Supreme Court ruled it a TAX. Thought: With special interests writing the bill and legislators not bothering to read it - we have, taxation without representation.

Baucus---he's the darling of Big Pharma - hospitals - insurance and health industry. They are his major contributors.

Convenient: Special interests wrote this bill - got numerous special favors ($). Liz Fowler - aid to Senator Baucus for several yrs - cashed out to run the lobbying for Wellpoint - (major architect) our nation's largest insurer. In fact all of Senator Baucus former staff became lobbyists for large corporations.

Baucus ( he was mere rubber stamp) - hired Fowler (she was assigned)  to write the bill. The bill won backing from from Big Pharma - Mfg of America - AMA- American Hospital Association.

 It was (is) a porkfest for special interests. Hedge Fund honcho Larry Robb told a crowd at prominent Sohn Investment conference to buy hospital stocks.

In all approx 5,300 lobbyists (paid $1.1 billion) lobbied on behalf of 1,750 corporate clients.

Bloomberg Gov Study found that insurers would lose out on a trillion+ in revenues if Obama Care was struck down by Supreme Court. Most of this trillion+ comes from federal subsidies created by Obama Care.

President Clinton speaking ( paid $250,00) to health care industry ( insurers and providers) endorsing Obama Care was told, "You're preaching to the saved".  

The drug industry makes out best of all - they spent close to 1/2 billion on lobbying. Former (who else?) La Representative Billy Tauzin is the President of PhRMA - worked closely with Baucus (Fowler).

 Legislation (state or federal) is written by industry lobbyists - introduced  and approved by elected officials.

KEY - this is where Baucus and Tarzin played a big role: Prohibited Medicare from negotiating prices with drug companies / re-importation of drugs from Canada - Japan; who sell the SAME drugs as those sold in USA/ approx six times cheaper.

They guaranteed that private insurance companies - NOT Medicare, would administer the drug benefit programs - thus dramatically increasing the cost of medicine for Seniors.

To date in the USA/ who is applauded by Washington as being a Super Power - has multitudes of citizens who cannot afford to go to a doctor ( as in days of old - long forgotten) or AFFORD obscene cost of needed medications.

Washington politicians who VOTED themselves exempt from this 'great bill' don't have to worry about medications. They ( numerous plans to choose from) get FREE or minimal cost ( $10.00) medicine.

They also get free care at Bethesda / National Institute of Health ( life long health care). Children ( 26 is NOT a child) up until age 26 will be covered. This benefits legislators - corporate honchos who have gold card insurance while their 'kids' are in college. While in session legislators have a fully equipped clinic on site to see to their every need.
Recall that this Health Bill was supposed to be 'transparent' - that is was supposed to be shown on C-Span and everybody would be at the table.

This according to the President. None of it happened. Everything was done behind closed doors. Dozens and dozens (NOT shown by media) of doctors and nurses showed up at the Senator Baucus  Committee Hearing.

 He had them ARRESTED! They were endorsing Kucinich/ Conyers Single Payer - Medicare for All (already set up - what Obama campaigned on '08) 27 pages.

It never got the light of day - the money boys/ Insurance - Big Pharma - Hospitals - Medical Devices were not in the picture.

Death Panel..a matter of semantics: I did read and wrote about Obama Care ( Obama applauds this label - it has his name on it).

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel was hired on as an adviser ( brother of former chief of staff Rahm). Ezeckiel has a strange outlook on the sacredness of life (all life).

The treatment of people is seen as an 'investment - their contribution to society'. Opinion: I took this to mean that when worker-bees had exhausted their working years - worn out  from years of labor;  they are no longer usual but  a burden (cost wise) to society.

According to a GREAT video (will send later) explaining in detail the hidden things in Obama Care - a 15 member (rationing) advisory (Sec 3407) board, appointed by the President (no medical personal) - with Dr. Emanuel's input- sees age 55 as the drop off point for extraordinary care.

Dr. Emanuel says that 'allocation by age is not discrimination in that they are (medically) treated differently (limited treatment) because they already had more life. Treatment should be reserved to those who are contributing members of society.'   

As you can see; Truth becomes opinion. This doesn't hold out much hope for those born handicapped or those suffering mental disease. While treatment (in video) is withheld (Oregon) from a cancer victim - money is available for assisted suicide. Anybody recall Soylent Green?

It got lost in the shuffle of the KOCH brothers - but the FIRST Tea Party activists/ were attempting to call attention to Obama Care/ Government controlling all aspects of a people's health care - and dying. The media soon made short shift of them - MOCKERY is a better weapon than exhaustive arguments.

 This 15 member 'advisory committee' will determine cost of treatments vs age of patient. Age Formula.

When you lose the reverence for one part of life - you lose it for all. Wisdom comes with age. These are the holders of the past - the teachers to the young. What message is given when we put a price tag on a suffering or dying  citizen?

What message is given when seniors are maligned and attacked (not bankers - not corporate robber barons) because of Social Security - Medicare? Not the  hucksters - hedge fund managers (pay 14% tax) political hacks (sold us off) - and corrupt bankers (bailed out in the trillions).

Folks lost their homes/ jobs/ investments - everyday folks. And so an unelected board of strangers (HHS) is given the power to erase them.

Citizens who fought our wars ( not plutocrats) built our cities - our ships - taught our children - our highways - nurses - police- firefighters- sent us into space - ran our small town shops (before mega stores of slave wage junk destroyed them) -engineers - carpenters - plumbers - iron workers - steel workers /  all written off because 'they've lived long enough'!

EXEMPT from these draconian policies are the hucksters - the bankers - the corrupt politicians (shills for corporate lobbyists)-hedge fund managers -Supreme Court (work from Oct-May- retire with full pay) -Defense- State -Executive Office -(including all those who've retired with lifelong taxpayer subsidized health care) .....It's only the worker bees who are being ERASED.
You will want to bookmark/COPY this as it answers many questions you'll have - exposes the MYTHS. You will certainly want to see the COSTS to you/family. Gasp. I couldn't help thinking in a Right to Work for Less country - FEW will be able to afford Obama


Sausage Making - I was disgusted that nobody;  not the President - Sen Baucus- Nancy Pelosi ("we have to pass the bill to see what's in it") read the bill let alone  explain it  to this day.

 How will  Obama Care drastically affect their lives. I DID read it and weeded through the mish mash of legal mumbo jumbo so that the ordinary person can understand it. Here's what you weren't told. PS the software for these exchanges has yet to be done.  jm





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