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The 'N' Word

By John Barbour


Two weeks ago I posted an interview in which Samuel Jackson, a terrific actor challenged a Houston critic to use the 'N' word, and the critic refused. Well, I used it in a comment and somehow the clip and the comment disappeared. Can Facebook, or anyone do that? Just delete your stuff?

 I'm not going to repost the interview, but I am reposting my comment:

 'Does any one remember the saying, 'stick and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me?' The word 'Nigger' is not a stick or stone. It's a name, a word., albeit an unpleasant one. Comedian/Activist Dick Gregory's autobiography is called 'Nigger.' It's not called 'The N word.' Richard Pryor has a popular comedy album called 'The Nigger Is Crazy!' It's not 'The N word' is crazy. If you want them, you have to ask for them by name.

 For 17 years I played in the LA Police Celebrity golf tournament. Black officers were often my partner, and when they told us stories about some thugs from Watts or Compton going in to mom and pop stores and killing the owners for ten bucks, they never called them 'Blacks;' they called them 'Niggers.'

 It was the White prosecutors fear of hearing this word in court that prompted them to move the OJ trial from Santa Monica to downtown LA, which lead to that circus trial that got him acquitted. Grow up!'

 John Barbour





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