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New Scam - 'You Are Selected For
A Lottery Winner Give Away'

By Ted Twietmeyer



 I and my wife w on £148.6 Million Pounds last year, and we have done lot of charity donation, so we decide to give 1.5 Million Pounds each to 5 lucky people this 2013, lucky for you, your email, was given to us by google managment as one of our lucky recipients.

 For verification process see below

 ASKING THE SCAMMER ABOUT THE ABOVE EMAIL will result in the following identity theft attempt:

 Send Name, Country, Age, Occupation and Phone Number for details
 Congratulations & Happy Celebrations in Advance,
 Gillian and Adrian Bayford

 Providing the scammer with your name, country, age, occupation and phone number can be enough to steal your identity

 Don't fall for it!

 Ted Twietmeyer





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