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The Monsanto Rider Is Much,
Much Worse Than GMOs

By R. Fields

In this article, Michael Collins showed how Congress has let Monsanto off the hook.

 In the section below, Collins highlighted - because it eliminates section B - what is considerably more serious than the GMO planting section.

     (a) In General.­The Secretary may prohibit or restrict the  importation, entry, exportation, or movement in interstate commerce of  any plant, plant product, biological control organism, noxious weed,  article, or means of conveyance, if the Secretary determines that the prohibition or restriction is necessary to prevent the introduction into  the United States or the dissemination of a plant pest or noxious weed  within the United States.

   (b) Policy.­The Secretary shall ensure that processes used in  developing regulations under this section governing consideration of import requests are based on sound science and are transparent and accessible.

   (c) Regulations.­The Secretary may issue regulations to implement  subsection (a), including regulations requiring that any plant, plant  product, biological control organism, noxious weed, article, or means of  conveyance imported, entered, to be exported, or moved in interstate commerce­

 Look again, very carefully.

 "The Secretary may prohibit or restrict the  importation, entry, exportation, or movement in interstate commerce of any plant (such as ORGANIC), plant product (such as SEEDS, FOOD, fiber, lumber, mulch, compost, etc.), biologic control organism (MANURE, lady bugs, worms, etc.  Would animals also fit this definition?), noxious weed (DHS has already declared "organic" as a biosecurity threat), article (ANYTHING AT ALL - but it could include but not be limited to water, equipment, written articles, etc.),, or means of conveyance (VEHICLES - those carrying seeds, food, animals, or used in farming, and those used by postal services to deliver mail order seeds and farming/gardening equipment), if the Secretary determines that the prohibition or restriction is necessary to prevent the introduction into  the United States or the dissemination of a plant pest or noxious weed  within the United States."

 Given that Monsanto has already gotten DHS to define organics as a biosecurity threat, it is no leap of the imagination that Vilsack who has been an aggressive servant of the biotech industry, is set to declare organic products plant pests or noxious weeds.  The USDA has earth worms listed already as an invasive species.

 That little section of the Monsanto rider, somehow unnoticed by those trying to stop Monsanto GMOs, could easily end all organic farming and gardening, and not a peep was made about it.

 The food safety law already arranges for Monsanto to be in charge of farm health which allows it to order "remedies" such as pesticides for invasive species. Pesticides now include the new Agent Orange pesticide.  Not only does the bill allow them to enforce the planting or GMOs and stop the planting and transport of organic plants/trees, etc., but it allows for the USDA/FDA to order the spraying of any and all farms (including organic) with Agent Orange pesticides.

 With earth worms listed as an invasive species, that alone could be used as reason to target, defoliate and thus destroy all organic farms and gardens in the US.

 Beyond offering the trigger for destruction (plant pests, noxious weeds), the rider directly allows Monsanto and its government to end all normal food production by stopping the transport (means of conveyance) of plants, seeds, food, animals, fiber, lumber, etc. stopping the use of farm equipment (a means of conveyance), the use of manure (a biologic control agent), and farm water (an article?  a biologic control agent?), the delivery of mail-ordered organic seeds, supplies or equipment.

 Does this seem far-fetched?  It was laid out quietly but more transparently, years ago through Monsanto designed plans inside the FDA.


 "Key sources of contamination in seed production include:

   .    Agricultural water sources
   .    Use of manure as fertilizer
   .    Harvesting, transportation, and seed-cleaning equipment
   .    Seed storage facilities"  Click here.
 "This short and innocuous looking list is a picture of the deconstruction of organic farming and all sustainable agriculture in this country.  When one remembers that this list was presented at a speech to ASTA, the American Seed Trade Association which Monsanto runs, then seeing manure - the gold of organic farming, the non-petroleum-based key to rich soil, listed here as a source of contamination, jumps out - as does the absence on the list of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, both capable of killing and previously used for that purpose. Click here"

 Those plans are now in the Monsanto law.  Monsanto has avoided words such as "water," "manure," "harvesting," transportation," "harvesting," etc. which would expose what it is doing but the same plan is there.  Monsanto has simply moved, instead, to extremely opaque words such as product, article, conveyance, biologic control organism.  "Article" is the most plastic, being indistinguishable from "thing," and thing being anything.

 This chicanery with definitions has been on-going, redefining food as "stuff," changing the meaning of safety, herbs, nutrients, sell, property, and much more.  The definition of animal abuse laws have been so dramatically been altered, the new laws popping up everywhere could end farming with animals and prevent farmers doing right by their animals from being allowed near any animals for 10 years.

 Collin ends by asking the relevant question:

 "What are they up to? They’re doing this because they can and because the move benefits the huge  biotech agribusiness companies.  However, it looks a lot like they want to do this soon; when there’s a need to bypass regulation.  Why would they want to do that now or the near future?  Maybe there’s some hot product the corporate food industry wants to get to market in a hurry, so important they cant fool around with courts and studies of scientific safety.

 "There is too much exposure and bad publicity associated with this to make the move a typical example of legislative dominance.  There’s something up.  We’ll find out soon enough given the ubiquitous presence of corn and soy throughout the manufactured foods we eat everyday."

 The scope of what is going on has been missed by those disturbed about the Monsanto rider.  Monsanto's law is not simply a monopolistic commercial move even though the law will give it vast power.

 Pulled from a commercial context, it becomes easier to see Monsanto as well as Obama's government are waging a quite literal war against this country, with the intent not just to force deadly GMOs and pesticides on the country, but to destroy its food crops and all capacity to farm or garden.  The refusal of the EPA to stop the Agent Orange pesticide, the detail of the food safety bill that puts Monsanto in charge of farm health (defined as it wishes) and any "remedies," and now this Monsanto law, all arrange for the application of the bioweapon, Agent Orange, now malignantly incorporated into the new pesticide) that Monsanto used in Vietnam.  This pesticide could be ordered to sprayed aerially over organic farms and grass fed ranches, defoliating and poisoning them across the country, for decades or more.

 Any awareness of chemtrails makes it obvious the government and those behind the toxins, metals, nanoparticles, and biologic agents being used, are prepared to spray anything on anyone.  

 This rider is the set up for environmental catastrophe that Bush listed as one of a number of justifications for martial law (along with others being created intentionally - such a financial collapse, civil disorder, etc.).  The elite seeks apocalyptic disaster and the elimination of millions of people and absolute power.  This law opens the door to all that.

 This rider actually goes further than what Monsanto and Dow did in Vietnam.
 DHS has already declared "organic" a biosecurity threat which puts organic into a military context and into the cross hairs of military weaponry - bioweapons.

 In signing this, Obama has gone considerably further than drones and his assassination list - he has declared war on the US, in this case, on the population's and the country's very biologic existence.





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