Nature Provides A Perfect Physical Model Of Washington
By Ted Twietmeyer

Bahia Emerald Cluster
Massive Bahia emerald cluster - photo shows massive size of the rock with an embedded cluster of emerald rods

Remember the stick and ball models used by science to model molecular structures and chemicals? This model is similar to those models.

The Bahia emerald is perhaps the largest of its kind in the world. It is better described as a emerald cluster, built by nature over countless eons of time...

How the emerald cluster perfectly models Washington in 3D...

* We see a number of lifeless rods with many pointing toward the middle. Like politicians, none of them are moving or doing anything useful

* Rock in which these rods are embedded easily represents capitol hill among other things

* Rods are covered with dirt and crud - just like politicians usually are

* Bizarre angle of rods which are embedded in the rock perfectly matches the agendas of politicians

* Random construction of emeralds in the cluster perfectly represents bills and laws passed on capitol hill

* Rock has an iron grip on the emerald rods just as the police state has a grip on the people's freedom

* Base rock holding the cluster together is opaque - just like most political agendas

* White patches of calcite on the rock's surface represent isolated patriots

* No one knows how many crystals are inside the rock or how deep the visible crystal rods penetrate, just like trying to understand undercurrents of Washington politics

* Just like the undecided question of who owns and controls America, the owner of this crystal cluster is still being decided by the court system as of early 2013

Bahia Emerald Cluster
Emerald cluster - closup of Bahia emerald

-Ted Twietmeyer



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