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Letter To Mary Sparrowdancer

©. 2013 All Rights Reserved
By Doug Thomas and Mary Sparrowdancer


Hi Mary,

Have you been seeing stories of these tiny one bedroom apartments & houses...yes mini houses on TV & in magazines, net sites lately?  I've been seeing more & more fact two today. To me it seems like more social engineering & propaganda to welcome in the highly toxic & cunning Agenda 21. The Communists of old Russia loved the word "centralization"...this word fits perfectly here.

"Small is cool" & yes let's get the people out of the woods, farms & farmlets & into the cities where they'll all be cramped & force fed on all sorts of mind controlled substances & other pulp. Let's get them "centralized."

The intellectually challenged term "Sustainable Development" the planners & their lapdogs are calling it…is nothing more than forced communism by stealth under dictatorship conditions, just as they did in Russia, then the Soviet Union. These people love emotionally charged terms & must spend huge amounts of "collective" time in coining these worthless meaningless names & catch phrases.

All with the help of their mainstream media stooges & pals to get their conditioning messages across.

The satire folk song of the 1960s springs to mind, "Little Boxes." Remember that one?

This catchy song was written by singer songwriter & political activist Malvina Reynolds in 1962 & given to her friend Pete Seeger to record. It became a world-wide hit for him in 1963. It was on the radio that much it drove us all crazy but the message was loud & clear:

Little boxes on the hillside
Little boxes made of ticky-tacky
Little boxes, little boxes
Little boxes, all the same

There's a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one
And they're all made out of ticky-tacky
And they all look just the same

And the people in the houses
All go to the university
And they all get put in boxes
Little boxes, all the same

And there's doctors and there's lawyers
And business executives
And they're all made out of ticky-tacky
And they all look just the same

Sounds like it was written today for these ultra small apartments & possibly the people who have been enticed into them doesn't it?

Will it be Time Magazine next to feature a front cover photo & story on these wonderfully small dwellings...where there always seems to be a very attractive smiling young woman sitting on her two seater (obviously not a three seater) reading a magazine with a cup of coffee on the unusually small side table next to her.

Very cozy & welcoming? I think not.

Then it shows each room...well the one room which contains all the rooms....the kitchen always makes me laugh....everything is in order...shelves full to the brim....trendy plastic crates of all colours from Walmart full again with canned foods & an assortment of produce under the exposed sink area & surrounds. Coats & hats line the walls of the tiny entrance way, which is really the living room...& bedroom are all the rooms.

Wow...not quite large enough to swing your pet cat in...but very modern anyway, showing the latest colours & fittings, artwork...& magazines...always the latest magazines. The book shelves are filled with the very latest CDs, DVDs, even books...but thought provoking books. Again…all very trendy & very cozy; enough to evoke warm fuzzy feelings.

The 50 inch plasma fills the entire back wall, but that's ok as you can now watch TV from your smallish double bed which doubles as the other "two seater."

Let the propaganda begin....fill the cities with as many people as possible & feed them, body & soul with as much mind controlling garbage & microwaved junk food as possible…hopefully from the cafe & bar directly downstairs. How cute is that?

This leaves the wide open spaces free of who & what is going to reside or use these now people-less wonderlands that cross America?

Soon to make their presence felt aliens maybe...or another race of people from beyond the stars...or are these areas going to be used as a sordid playground for the select few???  The movie Hunger Games where death stalks the contestants comes to mind.

Sorry Mary...I mind is see the thought of living in a cave really excites the emotive primeval nature in me!!!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone could walk to work...this would cut down pollution...cut wasted time & expenses, BUT alas Julie's San Francisco apartment, which I'm third eyeing & writing about, still works 10 miles from her idyllic pad...or cave as Jane the well adjusted, ahead of her time sex therapist friend of mine often refers.

Julie has tried to work locally & walk to work but her valued roll in IT requires she works on the other side of town unfortunately. They wont allow her to work even one day a week from home...on her tiny deck, which folds into the lounge wall when not in clever is that?

She could sell & move but her needy 18 year old pregnant daughter & out of work boyfriend (how many times have I heard this) live near & they refuse to leave the area as his highly stressed (I wonder why?) parents live of course the one with the least money...well no money & assets & no employment ever likely is controlling this whole situation???

In New Zealand, where I'm from a good old fashioned slapping would do him the world of good, but we are in civilised America after all & that just won’t do.  The All Blacks, our highly revered national rugby team didn't become the world's most successful sports team in any code without some broken bones, blood & guts proudly on display.

What would Kiwi Jane, the voluptuous sex therapist say about that?

I wonder if the city planners & worshippers of Agenda 21 didn't have family problems, dynamics & the like in mind while doing their late night backroom planning & scheming. To these people I refer to what Winston S Churchill once said, "No folly is more costly than the folly of intolerant idealism.”

What do you think Mary...that's enough from me today....!!!!

Doug xxx

Dear Doug,
Very good question and observations!  Let’s see how well the packing of people into crowded places, tiny spaces and cells has worked for us so far.  
We have public schools, for instance, in which children are placed in overcrowded rooms.  They cannot be addressed as individuals, because that is not the goal of public schooling.  The goal is to discharge students from the reigning cookie-cutters guaranteeing that everyone is all thinking the same thoughts, no one is asking any questions, and the young graduates are prepared to become mindless, faceless cogs ­ workers somewhere in “industry.”  Mandatory public schooling is, of course, one of the ten planks of communism.  In communism, the individual is never addressed.  It’s strictly “one size fits all.”  Many US citizens do not know what the “ten planks” of communism are, because communism is not taught in public schools.  Most US citizens simply believe what the communist mainstream media tells them:  that there is no communism in the US because it was eradicated many years ago.
I found it interesting that in your description of the tiny cell-like apartment, the one object taking up the most space (after the double bed) was the enormous television, thus drawing all attention to whatever is coming across the communist controlled airwaves (another of the ten planks).   
About 100 years ago, it was possible to walk to work and to work one’s own hours.  It was called farming and nearly everyone in the US was doing it to some extent.  But, as industrialized farming (another of the communist planks) took over, people lost their plots of land, their family farms and were forced from the farms into centralized city labor thus offering another prime opportunity for those newly asserting themselves into the “progressive” communist government.  At roughly the same time when the farmers were forced off their farms, the US Constitution was changed, some say illegally, to allow for the individual’s newly sought out city labor to be taxed by the federal government.  This is another of the ten communist planks.  Our grandparents never had to pay the government for working.  The IRS was then created to put some fear and force behind the taking of our labor earnings
That was also about the time when Americans’ good health began to tank because decent food was no longer being grown by local farmers, people were no longer out in the sunshine working and growing their food.  Instead, they were stuck indoors, in factories, at switchboards, into postal offices ­ all listening to clocks tick so that they could know when it would be permitted to take a break or go home.  Decent food was no longer available because it was no longer of any importance to the minds of the industrialists.  Instead, cheap industrialized communist food comprised mostly of starchy grains was being dealt out to Americans, including in the public schools.  (Picture the hammer and sickle that used to adorn the flag of the former Soviet Union before it collapsed.)  Mr. Putin warned us several years ago that communism does not work.  No one listened.
So what has this new lifestyle of being in cramped, overcrowded, tiny areas brought to the American people?  It has brought children killing children in the terrible public school system ­ out of sheer frustration or lunacy brought on by loss of individuality, or perhaps years of sleep deprivation and being awakened before dawn.
It has brought violence to the crowded centralized workplaces.  It has brought violence to the crowded streets.  It has brought violence to the centralized, crowded cities.  
It has brought this nation to the worst state of health that has ever been recorded, along with outrageous medical costs as “modern” (not) medicine tries to treat a nation of unending symptoms.
The POTUS, a man whose name and place of origin we do not know with certainty, has decided that the way to remedy the national health crisis is to force us to give more of our dwindling wages from our labor to the insurance industry.  This will be enforced by the IRS.  Neither the IRS nor the insurance industry has ever had much concern for Americans’ state of wellbeing.  They have one concern, and only one concern, and that is money that does not belong to them.
My advice, Doug, would be for Americans to take those thousands of dollars about to be funneled into the endless maw of the insurance industry and buy back those wonderlands you spoke of, spread out a little, begin farming the lands again locally and growing their own food.  They can sell the excess to their neighbors as a source of income, or they can barter and exchange services.  Their rewards will be a return to good health.
I’m glad you mentioned the New Zealand All Blacks.  The All Blacks are my favorite rugby team.  As you have also mentioned, the Maori have a very long history of being undefeated in any arena, be it sports or defiance of tyranny.  You said that the British never defeated the Maoris and finally signed a truce in order to save themselves from the Maori.  You said that the Maori were so defiant that they would turn their backs on British troops and “bear their bums.”  Good show!   At least part of this show of fierce defiance can be seen in the Maori Haka that is performed at their rugby games.  It is perhaps time for Americans to take a lesson from the Maori in defending themselves, learning how to speak up in loud voices, show some outrage on their faces, stomp their feet in loud defiance and stick out their tongues at the communist tyrants.  As you said, Doug, it is time for an American “21-bum salute” to government tyranny, lies and propaganda.
The Haka:
Haka led by the great Buck Shelford (Doug’s favorite)
Doug Thomas is a widely traveled composer of music and an international social commentator.  Mary Sparrowdancer is a book author and journalist.





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