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Letter To Congress Calling For
Boston Bombing Investigation

From Si Contino
 Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Congress of the United States of America
 Washington, DC 20510
 Attn: Senator Casey, Senator Toomey, and Congressman Fitzpatrick
 Re:  Terrorist Bombing at the Boston Marathon
 It's now become obvious, even to the uninitiated, that something is very wrong within America's investigative and paramilitary police organizations here in the United States; institutions that were first designed and established to keep the American public safe.  
 With that said, I believe a congressional investigation of the Department of Justice, State Department, FBI, CIA, DHS, ATF, ICE and TSA is at this point long overdue. Hence, as my federal representatives in Washington, D.C. I call upon you to formally recommend that both a House and Senate investigation be called, immediately, to look into the machination of all of the above cited organizations, before another dime of my tax dollars is provided them, regarding the terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon earlier this year.
 I'm requesting this investigation because from all outward appearances these organizations apparently have been shifting, perhaps intentionally, their attention away from the parties plainly responsible for these recent terrorist events here at home (foreigners and our own governmental institutions) and onto the law abiding American public. The object of any investigation, therefore, should be to first determine who is responsible for this policy shift and secondly their motives for making them.  
 My inducement for requesting these investigations stems from my reading recent news reports which stated that both of the alleged Boston Marathon terrorist bombing suspects had been identified and spoken to by the FBI, a year or so before their alleged actions in Massachusetts, because of their suspected involvement in terror related activities.  It was also reported that their interrogations came only after receiving a formal request to do so from the Russian government.  
 I became even more dubious of the official story after remembering that the FBI spokesman in Boston, prior to the police locating and confronting the suspects, asked for the American public's help in "identifying" pictures taken of the two suspects from surveillance cameras. I was skeptical because, if the FBI had in fact spoken to these men a year before, then they obviously already knew their identities, and general whereabouts, before making that request of the American public. Moreover, subsequent news reports have said that the FBI intended to keep quiet about their relationship with the suspects, except for the fact that a foreign media outlet, Russia Today, exposed the Bureau’s relationship with them.
 The other very, very questionable event related to these two suspects is that one or both of these men were able to travel to Russia, allegedly to receive terrorist training, USING FICTITIOUS IDENTITIES, AND OR, DOCUMENTS CONTAINING MISSPELLED NAMES!  Bearing in mind that we also now know that these two terror suspects, through their Uncle Rusian Tsarni, have circuitous ties to the Central Intelligence Agency.
 This, to me, considering how the average law abiding American is treated at our various domestic airports here in the states, this is very, very suspicious.
 In fact, I’d go so far as to say I don't believe it's possible for anyone today to travel into or out of the United States of America by air, without identity papers that contain accurately spelled names, especially if the FBI, TSA and DHS had tagged those people as being involved in terrorism.
 So, misspelled names aside, if these two men did do as alleged, travel by air internationally to the country of Russia, THEY MUST HAVE BEEN AIDED BY SOMEONE WITHIN THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. It's just that self-evident.
 Consequently, the most important story behind the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, the story that’s not being covered by the major corporate media outlets here in the United States, is that these bombings represent another tremendous American security failure! Just like 9/11.
 That two foreigners born nationals, carrying two conspicuously huge black backpacks, containing two large bombs, could roam around within a few hundred feet of the finish line of the Boston Marathon; one of the most secure, internationally renowned running events in the world; in one of the most secure cities in the world; in one of the most security-conscious nations in the world (a country that literally spends billions of dollars annually to cover "Homeland Security" counterterrorism contingencies) WITHOUT BEING STOPPED AND SEARCHED is implausibly at best and preposterously farcical on its face!
 Again, I remind you that the average Philadelphian (a citizen of the United States of America) can't go to a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game today (backpack aside) without being frisked, literally.  
 No, to me the terrorist event in Boston has all the earmarks of an inside job.  As there is no possible way, using analytically rational logic, and taking into consideration the security parameters present on the day of the event, that two bombs the size of pressure cookers could have been carried-in and placed at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, without someone in officialdom “standing down” allowing it to happen. Acceding to Ovum’s Razor: It’s the only plausible explanation that fits all the facts.
 Keep in mind, too, that Eric Holder and the Department of Justice were behind the operation known as Fast and Furious. This was a plan to provide guns (illegally purchased at our southern border) to the Mexican drug cartels. The “Holder guns” were eventually used in the murders of both American and Mexican citizens alike; including an American border patrol agent named Brian Terry.
 The mindlessness of this plan has led some media sources to speculate that Operation Fast and Furious was designed to fail. They postulate that any fallout related to the misguided gunrunning operations would be shifted away from the forces running the guns (the United States Government) and onto the Second Amendment. This, they further hypothesize, would have the political benefit of providing bipartisan cover to the Senate when it ratified the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).
 Mr. Holder has also had a hand in some other very suspicious “terrorist” debacles here in the United States as well.
 Specifically, Mr. Holder was involved in the investigation of events that took place at the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City in the 1995; as well as being involved in the Waco, Texas siege, which took place two years earlier in 1993.  It was there that scores of Americans, including many women and children, where burned alive after a prolonged standoff.
 Additionally, as of this date, Attorney General Holder and the Department of Justice have yet to charge ONE SINGLE BANKER WITH A CRIME due to the fraudulent banking activity that took place on Wall Street.  Some of which, in case you hadn’t heard, is alleged to still be going on even today.  
 Further, so as to make the record just a little more complete, lets not forget Mr. Holder's involvement in the extra-judicial killings (via drone strikes) of American citizens (including a 16 year old boy from Denver, Abdulrahman Al-Aulaqi, who was not known to be involved in terrorist activity), which have recently taken place outside our nation's borders.
 As if this weren’t enough, government officials, including the FBI, DHS, and the Boston Police Department, at the press conferences convened just after the attacks, stated that no bomb training exercises were being held during the marathon. However, Alastair Stevenson, the coach for both the men’s and women’s cross country teams at the University of Mobile has stated, “All that area is under heavy restrictions”.  “At the starting line this morning they had bomb sniffing dogs and the bomb squid was out there” he said.  “They kept announcing to runners not to be alarmed that they were running a training exercise.”(1) Stevenson went on to say that, “They kept making announcements on the loud speakers that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about. (2)
 What’s more, surveillance photos taken during the attacks show a profusion of physically fit, clean-cut young men (military types if you will) many of whom were carrying black backpacks at and around the finish line of the Marathon. An enlarged picture of these men shows that they were all wearing the same outfits: khaki trousers, tan colored military style boots, dark colored coats, with some wearing dark colored baseball caps and some not. Some appeared to be even wearing electronic earpieces.
 The photos also seem to indicate that the dark colored baseball caps many were wearing had an insignia on them similar to that of a U.S Navy Seal Team, or a private military contractor - that being either Blackwater (Xe) or Craft.  It’s difficult to distinguish which it was, as all three organizations use an insignia with a variation of the same image, an elongated human death skull. Regardless, I find the presence of these men to be very, very troubling as well; especially in light of the official statements I cited earlier.   
 For all the above reasons I request, once again, that you call for immediate congressional investigations regarding the strange governmental maneuverings both before, during, and after the Boston Marathon bombings.  
 Your attention towards this matter at your earliest convenience is appreciated.
 Best Regards and May God bless and keep America an independent sovereign democrat republic.
 Si Contino
 Bucks County, Pennsylvania
 cc: ICC, The Hague
      Senators Casey & Toomey
      Congressman Fitzpatrick
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