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Israeli House Of Terror
By Adrian Salbuchi

IThough hardly ever mentioned in the Western Global Press, “Terrorism” lies at the very roots of the creation and survival of  Israel even though the global mass media have drilled deep into the collective psyche the idea that “Terrorism = Islam”.

Whether its 9/11, or suicide attacks in London and Madrid, or political murders throughout the Middle East and elsewhere, or a bomb blast in a tourist bus in Bulgaria the foregone conclusion is; “Muslim Fundamentalists” did it.

So, when we see an American presidential candidate like Mitt Romney holding a high-profile fundraiser in Israel in the King David Hotel - a veritable symbol of Zionist terrorism - one can only feel amazed at how double-standards keep the US-Israeli “special relationship” rolling on.  

Though most people ignore it, one of Zionist terrorism’s deadliest terror attacks took place in July 1946, targeting this very same Jerusalem luxury hotel which at the time housed Britain’s Palestine Government Headquarters.

This is an issue many Britons still feel quite strongly about.  In an article called “Remember the King David Hotel” published some time ago in the London “Guardian” newspaper on the sixtieth anniversary of that terror bombing that left 92 dead, journalist George Galoway reminded readers that it was perpetrated by Zionist terror group “Irgun Zvai Leumi” led by one Menachem Beguin.  

The “Guardian” adds that years later, as Likud Party leader, Beguin “went on to be twice prime minister of Israel; his second period of office saw Israel's "limited" 1982 invasion of southern Lebanon, which quickly became an assault on the whole country and claimed many thousands of lives.”  The writer “recalled all this when I read that Binyamin Netanyahu… Israeli prime minister and darling of CNN attended a commemoration… of the Irgun's actions [of blowing up the King David Hotel], saying, "It's very important to make the distinction between terror groups and freedom fighters, and between terror action and legitimate military action….”.  

“…There was no Hizbullah in 1946 or in 1948 when 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes to make way for the state of Israel. There was no Hizbullah in 1982; the organisation emerged after the Israeli invasion, after the massacres at Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps”.

Years later in 1978, the Global Power Masters awarded terrorist leader Menahem Beguin the Nobel “Peace“ Prize.   So much for peace…

God Bless Zion’s Bombs!

Of course, during his visit to Israel Mr. Romney pledged unflinching US support for Israel should he become the next tenant in the White House (ho, hum… so what else is new?).   

No doubt, he knows only too well that such pledges are vital if he is to rally the support of America’s powerful pro-Israel lobby and tap into their gigantic campaign money sloshing capabilities.  

But we’re not just talking about purely Jewish lobbies like AIPAC ­ American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, the American Jewish Congress or the ADL.  We’re also talking about economically and politically very powerful right-wing fundamentalist “Christian Zionist” evangelical groups, who in their own religious zeal see the return of the Jewish people (some of them, anyway) to the Holy Land as fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and thus, “the work of God” (!).   

Don’t laugh…. Wasn’t it Born-Again-Christian George W Bush who once famously admitted that “God told me to invade Iraq, and I did…”?

The King David Hotel terror bombing is just one of many such episodes involving Israeli founding fathers.  Itzakh Shamir, another former Israeli Likud Party prime minister who recently died at age 96, in those “good old days” led another Zionist terrorist group: The Stern Gang.  

Stern carried out a famous “freedom fighter” escapade on 17th September 1948  assassinating United Nation’s Security Council negotiator in Palestine Count Folk Bernadotte, when he was in Jerusalem trying to negotiate peace between Arabs and Jews by giving both Israelis and Palestinians their respective sovereign nation-states.  

Sabra and Shatilla mass assassin Ariel Sharon would also go on to become yet another Likud prime minister of Israel.

Barking up the wrong tree?

Global public opinion, however, is hardly ever told about the fact that there is and always has been very sophisticated and powerful Zionist Terrorism.  Today, it has grown into a veritable high-tech State-sponsored Terrorist system, counting with the expertise of intel agencies like Israel’s Mossad whose motto is “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”: truly, they are unmatched experts at erasing their own tracks.

It was Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov who once famously programmed a dog to repeatedly associate a ringing bell with feed-time so that, after a while, every time Pooch heard the bell he would start drooling at the mouth, irrespective of whether he was fed or not.  

Well, today it’s people’s minds that “drool” at the cry of “Terrorism!”, seeing “Muslim Terrorists” everywhere, even though “others” might be doing the terror…

For many decades, this has been fueled by all sorts of mass psychology techniques.  For example, Hollywood-promoted ethnic profiling where just about every terrorist crack pot is characterized as an Arab-garbed,  bearded Muslim fanatic called Mohammed, Hamid or Ali.

So, be warned: if elected, Mr. Romney ­ as did all American Presidents over the past half century ­ will continue America’s “war on terror” working ever so close with Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party, whose founders like Mr. Beguin and Mr. Shamir were themselves cruel and violent terrorist leaders, er, sorry, “freedom fighters”.

Good if I do it; bad if you do it…

Let’s now walk across to Palestine.  There we learn that their military organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas have been branded “terrorist organizations” by the US, UK and Israeli governments.  

Basic political common sense tells us that a nation’s armed forces ­ whether in the US, Russia, China, Brazil or Israel ­ must be subordinated to its Nation-State.  But what is Palestine to do to defend itself against Israeli terror, if they’re not allowed to have a Nation-State?  

Enter Hezbollah and Hamas.  Sure, it’s easy to disqualify them as “terrorist organizations”, but using the same criteria would the Western Powers reclassify the French Resistance during world war two, for example, as a “terror organization” simply because they refused to passively accept the German military invasion of their country?

You can’t have it both ways: either the French Resistance, Irgun and Stern, Hamas and Hezbollah are all “freedom fighters” or, they should all be branded “terrorist organizations”.  

The West must understand that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

- Adrian Salbuchi

Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina.



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