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If You Really Have To Give Thanks... 

By Galen Kelly


Yes, we know the under-story of "Thanksgiving," the American Indian genocide, the turkey cruelty, the real plan to get us to shop and eat, and eat way too much, and then shop again, and so on.  But if for some reason, in spite of all that, you are still compelled to "give thanks," consider thanking these:

-- The brave journalist-truth-tellers, you know, the ones who live with their heads on the chopping block, the ones who write about what we aren't supposed to know about or who photograph what we aren't supposed to see.

-- Web-masters/sites that refuse censorship and keep bringing the real story, shocking or ugly as it may be.  They, too, are quite familiar with the chopping block.

-- Activists who will stand up to corruption and face it down unflinchingly and tenaciously and who work on behalf of all the world to advance freedom and decency.

-- Alternative health-practitioners who refuse to administer harmful drugs that usually only mask the problem and who work with nature to restore balance and well-being, and who do not charge exorbitant fees.

-- Anyone who refused to be felt-up by the TSA, or poisoned with their radiation.  They did it for all of us.

-- Whistle-blowers, with the hardest job of all, who come from the inside and break away from the in-group, the assumed status-quo:  full time occupiers of the chopping block.

-- Organic farmers, committed to staying out of the toxic agribusiness and promising to continue to grow wholesome and healthy foods.  

-- Parents who have refused to surrender their children to the system that would make commodities of them, or medically tamper with them, or invade them with relentless spying and tracking.

-- Educators who see the potential in students and will not support the dumbing-down process but rather challenge their pupils to think critically, become innovators by being creative, original, and adventuresome.

-- People in your life who tell you the truth, who are supportive and even nurturing, who you can share sweet conversation with.  They are the quiet help life surrounds us with, the glue of humanity.

-- Artists, who in these incredibly trying times, shun commercial superficiality and instead offer meaningful works depicting our plight and pointing ways out.

-- Your most loyal pets.

-- Mother Nature, who endures and in spite of so much abuse, still gives so much.

-- The God of your heart.

These are just a few of the blessings that come to mind.  Feel free to add to this list whatever you may be thankful for, and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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