Time Out For Some Bah, Humbug
By John Barbour

A lot of folks on Facebook are calling for a temporary cessation of negativity and name-calling this time of year so America can celebrate the holiday. Well, what exactly is this holiday we're celebrating?

We're celebrating the appearance of an overweight, unshaven fellow with a W.C Field's complexion and ill-fitting red suit who only works once a year. That day is Dec. 25th., the fake birthday of a long-dead, short-lived unemployed carpenter and part-time preacher whose real name was Joshua Ben Joseph. And on this day, this candidate for NBC's The Biggest Loser is supposed to be carrying a sack of never-ending toys purchased probably on credit by financially-strapped parents for kids who may or may not deserve them. Then we are to believe this bulbous bearer of gifts delivers these toys down a chimney when he, himself, couldn't be squeezed into a smokestack...and that this trip of 15 thousands miles across the entire Western Hemisphere takes place in just one night...and that the mode of speed of light transportation is a sled pulled by 8 gravity-defying flying reindeer..and that all of this accomplished without one of these 8 reindeer dumping one even one house!

If you believe all this, then you probably believe there is...Peace On Earth

John Barbour



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