Greece...They Live Among Us
A Message From The Greek People's Resistance


We see them, but we act as if we don't. There are some people, who have escaped the "system". We hear them, but we act as if we cannot hear them. There are some people, who always were free. We feel them, but we pretend that they do not exist. We will not see them wrapped in flags, whatever they may be, red, blue, striped or black. They will not spit out derogatory comments about your particular ideas or values. They will not be pushing their ideology or religion to you and you will never see them seated or at the forefront at the high positions of high society. It's not that all of these things are bad by definition, that's not really the reason for bringing these things up. I just want to show that today, right now, NONE of these things are of value and essential. Appearances are not enough. What we need now, are real and effective ACTIONS!

They, they are independent in reality, spirit and mind. They have carved their own path in life. They respect you, even though many think they are to be ridiculed. They are the spark which will transform into the bright light of the future, they are the beginning of the coming resurrection. They ceaselessly work for you, even though you fear them. They have taken their education unto themselves, they have become masters of their own lives. They do not need any watered down and desecrated institutions, they do not crave for society's applause. They have escaped long ago from the "system", they already live in a state of Liberty. They have already sacrificed many things, before there was even a need to do so. Now, they are ready to do it again.

They have already sacrificed a lot, because they have understood, that without Liberty, life has no meaning. They sacrificed things for themselves, for their children and for society in general. Established powers that be, whether expressed in ideas or actions, do not scare them. Their radical ideas, are so massively overwhelming, that they do not even come close to any traditional progressiveness and therefore they have payed a heavy toll for their ideas. Their love for Liberty, has nothing to do with sold out (neo)liberalism and for this reason, they have been ostracized by today's powerful. With their choices, they have sacrificed any and all chances of becoming a part of today's society, and have lost all chances of receiving the acceptance of the majority. They have sacrificed today's well known ease of life, in order to remain thinking persons and truly Free. As they have sacrificed things before, they will do so now again, because for them, this is simply already their only way of life. But they, independent as they are and in a state of exile from society, are already the high standing individuals of the Free society of the future.

While the rest compromised with the establishment, they always took the stance of sense and logic. While others followed blindly the choices of the powerful, they chose to defend the ones who were truly weak. While the rest joined the game we all know about and played it perfectly, while at the same time presenting themselves as saviors, they had already proved by deeds and actions that their beliefs and words are something they really mean. For them, Nationality is not just an ideology or honorable idea. Nationality for them, has a specific name and a real face and they see it on the faces of their compatriots. The famous "worker" is not just a fantasy they they have read about in the lines of a book, or seen on the dramatic scenes of a movie. The productive person, is for them a personal and interpersonal experience, an impression which cannot be altered by those who want them to join the herd of sheep. Rogue corporate fascism, is not just an impersonal capitalism, or some force of nature, which we all know cannot be fought by standard means. They see the real face of the enemy, they know about the specific interests and specific people and the groups that want to suck every last drop of blood out of their victims veins.

Their struggle is not theoretical and is not set in stone. Theirs, is a struggle that is and will always remain pragmatic and essential and will always adjust to the new circumstances and nature of the enemy of each time. History for them, is the great resource of advise and a record of the achievements of humanity, full of proven examples of effective action. History for them, is not to be altered, presented or changed, according to ones own wants or beliefs in order to control the masses. For them, the Truth is not something to be scared about, but they see it as the only way to truly Liberate and restore everyone. They have a healthy personality and thus they will not be offended if they are told of an error or mistake they have made. Instead, they will accept criticism happily and gladly, without any senseless selfishness or psychopathic outbreaks. Democracy for them, is not some rotten to the core political system. Democracy for them, is by definition, the only system which in a real way guarantees that power will never be concentrated in the hands of the powerful. No established so called "value" or practice, however misleading or honorable it may seem, will fool them. They know very well, when the people have no say, when justice has become nonexistent, when there is no Democracy as defined above, no matter of what appearances seem to be.

When the "system" runs out of ethos, justice and the Democratic, they know it naturally, they sense it instantly. They are not fooled and misled by the rhetoric of traitors of the explosions of psychopaths. The excuses and lies of those who have betrayed their promises, to them, are laughable and for this reason, the choice is obvious. When the weak are destroyed, the answer is JUST ONE. When the Nation is under attack, domestic or otherwise, resistance is the only obvious reaction that must be taken. When the basic rights are annulled, the resistance becomes even more focused. And when they people are exterminated, the pain that they feel, will never let them get lost within the chaos of depression, panic, shock or awe. In the place of these destructive forces, their love for their fellow man is strengthened, their righteous anger grows, and resistance, in time, takes the form of a complete and overall emergency. For them, restoration has already taken place inside them and what remains is simply the restoration of the rest of the world.

So now, we have told you that they live among us. Hidden within the crowd, rooted in the bowels of society, which now awaits the beginning and the dawn of the Restoration. They are hidden from the masses, by the truly disgusting powers that be of today, but NEVER from the people who they are close to. Never hidden from their neighbors, never hidden from their coworkers and most importantly they never shying away from telling the whole truth. Their "invisibility", is not of their own choice, but it is simply a result of the occupation we see around us now, and the many years of power applied to society by the ones who have taken it from us. But even though they are invisible to the masses, they have but one thing on their mind. They are constantly and deeply concerned about how they can help each and everyone of us to finally wake up, to at last be reborn as truly Free individuals. The pain that they feel about all of this, along with their love for their fellow man and every individual Nation and People, has now been transformed into a kind of lifelong "infatuation" of the kind that one may feel for their love of their life. Day and night, all they think about is how they can help more, how they can help to realize a better world and how we can FINALLY all become Free again.

But the question remains. The obvious question however, is not "Where are all these people you are talking about?"

No, it is not, it should not be the question you should be asking dear reader...

There is but ONE question after all of this, THERE IS BUT ONE QUESTION that should be circling our minds...

Ask yourself, this:


A heartfelt wish for Liberty to you!



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