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3+ Sheriffs Vow Not To Enforce
Federal Gun Control Laws

Dave Colage
 Committee of Safety Founder
 Greater Florence Area, Oregon


Dear Sirs,


 8:30 AM   

9:30 AM


11:30 AM

 The main corporate headquarters for these operations is located in McMinnville.  Do we actually have to fill out a report for you to act on it, or can't you just read the list of known Chemtrail contents (Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, viruses, molds, bacteria, morgellons, lyme, radionuclides, chemical and genetically modified bio-weapons to name just a few) or watch a few documentaries of these bio-weapons being used to slaughter you, and decimate this planet?  Ever had a toxic metals Hair Test?  I bet you ALL peg the chart!!!  Experimentation of this kind, without consent, is in violation of International Law, the Common Law, State Law, and the Natural Law granted to you by your Creator, which, I thought, YOU have a responsibility to stop!
 FLUORIDE was first used by the Russians to make their prisoners docile, then it was perfected by the Nazi's, and now put in millions of food and drink products, and ingested by YOU AND YOUR FAMILY EVERYDAY.  It may not be in your water, but it's omnipresent in processed foods and drinks.
 GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS are in ALL your foods, unless you work very, very, very hard to eat only organic and Non-GMO foods, and they disrupt ALL your physical and mental processes.
 VACCINES ARE ALL WEAPONIZED!  I have read many time that there are NONE that have any health benefits, AT ALL!  It is also my understanding that there are NO LAWS that require our little children to get them before they can go to the government indoctrination camps they call schools.  Know any children with Autism?  Know anyone with dis-ease?
 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES were never contemplated as being for use by human beings.  They are COUNTERFEIT, and your bankers are ALL criminals, in at least a dozen ways.
 Have you EVER been paid in American Silver Eagles?  If not, you have NEVER BEEN PAID.  Oh, and by the way, all your pension accounts have been emptied by these people.  Sorry.  All your car, home and school "loans" are fraudulent and null and void, in at least a dozen ways EACH!
 FOREIGN CRIMINAL BANKERS have STOLEN hundreds of Trillions of "fake" dollars from you and all your friends and families, STOLEN all our gold and silver, subverted our laws and infrastructure, and assaulted our food, water, air, money, law, vote, and our lives in their entirety, and now plan on a carefully controlled financial collapse, that in itself, will exterminate two-thirds of the people in this country, and probably more everywhere else.
 The MARITIME ADMIRALTY JURISDICTION has conquered you all, and has replaced the De Jure Lawful Common Law Jurisdiction you are SUPPOSED TO BE ENFORCING, with a criminal racketeering, extorting, terrorizing and murdering DARK ARMY of impostors. The "Common Law" Sheriffs and Clerks of the American counties, are the HIGHEST EXECUTIVE AND ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS OF THE LAND, but I guess no one ever told you that.  If I asked the Clerk to pull me a Common Law Jury, he/she would laugh her head off, and throw me out, right?  The State Police have Jurisdiction ONLY ON      actual property owned by the state, and NOT on the Highways, Roads, bridges or tunnels, that are PUBLIC PROPERTY, where we all are supposed to have free and unfettered access.  Same with the feds - federal property ONLY, not that any of them but Ron Paul should even be considered our government anyway.
 It is my belief that ALL "Police" departments are unlawful criminal protection services for local criminal organizations, and ALL personnel should, after long consideration, should be folded under the leadership and uniform of the Sheriffs office, and all other agencies should be dismantled.  ONLY the Sheriff has any authority whatsoever, and ONLY at the tolerance of the people who he is supposed to be serving.
 "DRIVER" MEANS ONLY someone who is being PAID to convey nine or more passengers, goods or merchandise in a MOTOR VEHICLE, which is ONLY a vehicle designed for nine passengers or more, or carrying goods and merchandise.  What does this mean?  This means ALL tickets and violations you have written to everyone, is prima facia evidence of criminal racketeering, extortion and terrorism, and MUST BE STOPPED.  The "statutory" replacement, alteration or omission of the long-accepted "federal" legal definitions are TREASON, and will soon be prosecuted out-of hand by the raging mobs who simply just hate you all for what you have done to them, even though they have no idea the full extent of the lies you continue and apparently support.
 It has also come to my attention that there are an incredible number of ACTUAL CRIMES committed by the entire drivers license hoax, where the corporation known as the "state of oregon", has stolen and converted the ownership of ALL licensed vehicles, through the "titling" process, to their possession through fraudulent means, as just a FIRST STEP in a vast criminal industrial network.  What makes you people think you are going to get away with this much longer?  What makes you think they will let you survive?  Tyrants ALWAYS remove the enforcement structure!
 ALL CODES, RULES REGULATIONS AND STATUTES ARE NOT POSITIVE LAW, AND ANY ENFORCEMENT OF SUCH IS OUTRIGHT CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.  The real dangerous criminals are those who have perpetrated these crimes, not the sheople you feed off of everyday.  But, you don't prosecute them because they are WAY MORE DANGEROUS than the mild mannered pot smokers in your jails.  All those prisoners that you have in there for non-violent and victimless crimes have ALL AUTHORITY to have everybody involved in their cases (which are traded for MILLIONS OF FAKE DOLLARS, on the FAKE Derivatives market, arrested for TREASON, and with all force reasonable and necessary, which includes deadly force.
 The "BAR" is short for the "British (note: foreign) Accreditation Registry", a foreign collective of criminals, and anyone "licensed" to "practice" law is a engaged in multiple levels of criminal activity.  The magnitude of this one alone, is incomprehensible!  JUST ASK ANY ONE OF THEM.  TRY IT!
 The three "states" Washington, Oregon and Idaho, are now controlled by a "Regional Governor", who has ZERO authority, as Commandant of FEMA REGION NUMBER TEN.  There are hundreds of prisoner camps all around the country, that are scheduled to process all Americans for ORDERLY EXTERMINATION AND DISPOSAL.  This means you too.  FEMA, TSA, DHS, CIA, FBI, and many other "government" "agencies" actually have ZERO POWER OR AUTHORITY, OF ANY KIND!  The only thing that allows this to continue, is your fear and inaction against them, and the infinite patience and suffering of the American people, which won't last much longer.  The worst, is the long line of impostors we call "president", which the one we have now is the most dangerous.
 It is also my understanding that there are MULTIPLE FOREIGN AGENTS that have infiltrated your departments, and their sole job is to assassinate you, if you do not follow their orders.  Most certainly, they will intercept this correspondence, unlawfully dredge my entire eMail contents, and also unlawfully portray me as a threat to you and our "state", when it is they that are the threat... and a very bad threat at that.
 THE "UNITED STATES" is ONLY Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, military bases, foreign embassies and other domiciliaries, and (of course) the District of Criminals.  This is THE AMERICAN "STATES" UNITED.  FEDERAL "OFFICIALS" ONLY HAVE JURISDICTION OR AUTHORITY ON FEDERAL PROPERTY - NOWHERE ELSE!!  IT'S NOT EVEN OUR GOVERNMENT ANYMORE!
 Very few people, if anybody you know, is actually a "US Citizen".  One MUST be born on one of the physical locations above, or actually have applied for citizenship, AND live/reside on the same, to actually qualify to be a "taxpayer", or be correctly described as a Resident or an "Individual".  Further, an "EMPLOYEE" is ONLY someone who is discharging a "Public Office", which would be you and the clerk, and governors and congressman, and such. NO ONE ELSE!  Think about that for a minute.  All those people have their fake money stolen from them each pay period, so foreign and domestic criminals can convert it to their own use, and GAMBLE it in the derivatives market.
 Same with a "TRADE OR BUSINESS".  ONLY the discharge of a "Public Office" is described in the IRC as a "trade or business.  Think about that for a few minutes!
 CAFR - Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports - show a second set of accounting books, where the people are left to desiccate in foul economic winds, while criminals enjoy total and complete immunity, languishing in millions of fake dollars.  Just like Eugene?
 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!!  Two "planes", three buildings?  Duh!  The best, most well defended airspace in the world, defeated by a man in a cave on the other side of the world?  I don't think so.  It's called a FALSE FLAG, and a half-dozen (at least) are scheduled in  American cities, to complete the destruction of the last well-armed country, and install a ONE WORLD, GLOBAL FASCIST DICTATORSHIP!
 EVER HEARD OF DR. JUDY WOOD?  She has collected evidence of the use of illegal explosive devices and previously unknown DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS of unknown origin, on 9/11.
 Shall I keep going?  There are dozens and dozens, and dozens more, just like these!  You all have some idea of what is going on, and nearly everyone is in very big trouble.  The only question is, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT???  You all are our LAST LINE OF DEFENSE, BEFORE OPEN WARFARE WILL COMMENCE, when they come for our weapons, so we are easier to digest.
 There is not much time left to decide!!!  Duh!  This whole thing has been very carefully planned, and very few Americans in the "power structure", have any idea of what is happening.  If we all fail, this planet is scheduled for orderly liquidation and destruction.
 Apocalypse - a great revealing, or lifting of the veil.  Time to wake up people!  You have been lied to, about an endless array of topics.
 If you are in need of some assistance, we will be pleased to come to your aid.  If anyone wants a complete breakdown of the assault on yourselves, this country, and the entire Planet, I will spend ALL DAY describing it to you, if you are not already quite informed, and not deluded, in denial, afraid of (or in love with) your captors.  None of this is hard to find that it is true.  All you have to do is clear your mind, and look it up.
 I highly recommend you stop everything you are doing, clear your schedule feeding off the people, and make some time to read it, watch it or hear about it... or we are all doomed.
 If you think this sounds shrill, soon, you won't be able to hear anything over the din of manufactured civil war!!!  Hundreds of nations have been destroyed, in the name of America and Democracy.  America is NOT a democracy, it is a REPUBLIC, where NO ONE can be lawfully deprived of their rights... for any reason.
 Respectfully, but lacking much more patience,
 Dave Colage,
 Committee of Safety Founder
 Greater Florence Area, Oregon





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