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Federal Reserve Charter & The Mayan Doomsday
By Cassandra Anderson
Some people believe that the Federal Reserve's charter will expire in 2012, coinciding with the Mayan calendar.  This is false, according to this newspaper article that says the original Federal Reserve bank charter was scheduled to expire 20 years after the organization of the bank. But the banksters were bitten in their rears by limited charters with the 2 prior central banks, so there is no way they would have left themselves vulnerable again.
Federal Reserve banks were given perpetual charters with the Pepper-McFadden Bill of 1927, with a vote of 71 to 17. It was passed years ahead of the charter expiry date in 1934. There were reports of inappropriate lobbying by bankers who may have spent $100,000 for undue influence. An investigation was proposed.
According this document from Cornell University Law School, the Federal Reserve banks may be abolished by an Act of Congress -OR- "until forfeiture of franchise for violation of law". 
Without a full audit, how can we prove a violation of the law?
Another problem remains. It is clear that the economic meltdown was engineered. If the Federal Reserve System is dissolved, what's next? 
There is evidence that shows globalist support for a one world currency under the United Nations. The UN's International Monetary fund (IMF) does not have a specific currency, but does have a reserve of assets called Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) which are a claim to currency that can only be exchanged for Euros, Japanese yen, UK pounds, or US dollars, which strengthens these currencies as they are the standard for foreign exchange. They are all fiat currencies.
Another bad solution is public banking or "greenbacks". This model supports the government creating debt-free money. The problem is that the government is no less corrupt than bankers. And the fiat money is created out of thin air. This means that eventually inflation will result.
The only real solution is asset backed money to replace the wild excesses of fiat and fractional reserve systems. Gold and silver are the traditional units of exchange that have held value for thousands of years. Because labor is required to extract precious metals, it retains its worth as opposed to increasing the money supply through typing numbers into a computer (like our current system). Paper receipts (money) that is redeemable upon demand for gold and silver is equal to using gold and silver in this system. 
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