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Exposing Cultivated Ignorance
Part One

Dr. J Chiappalone
My Motto: Take it or leave it



So, you don’t believe we live in the Illusion of a Virtual Reality?

You don’t believe ‘Science’ can be fraudulent?

You don’t believe we are programmed by Masters of Cultivated Ignorance on this level?

Then consider these examples I give in these essays of Cultivated Ignorance par excellence and the destruction of Truth to create a cocoon of Untruth by Darkness in which minds can be held trapped.

Before proceeding further, let me state emphatically that there is no suggestion whatsoever by me that these people whose opinions and works I am referring to below are not sincere in their endeavours.

On the contrary, I am using these examples to show Evil’s power of Programming of what may well be classed as brilliant minds to produce the seeds for Cultivated Ignorance by which lesser minds can be further entrapped and held in the Untruth of Darkness.

How is this possible?

It is possible because the Essence of Evil controls the dimension, and its mechanisms for obfuscating Truth and keeping ‘Children of the Real God’ trapped in this vile, and soon to be destroyed dimension, include factors of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination, as I have discussed at length in my books.

In my book ‘My Experiences of Aliens, etc.,’ I wrote about extraordinary but truthful incidences that were dismissed as idiocy. This is what I wrote:

I am describing these incidents at length because they are invaluable in demonstrating a number of points I wish to make.

  • Firstly, they show how hopelessly lost a “shell” and its physical lower mind can be when disconnected from the Higher Consciousness.

  • Secondly, I use them to show how circuitous, time-wasting and tedious the path to proper spiritual connection can be.

  • Thirdly, they show the utter uselessness of so-called scientific and acquired, man-made knowledge in describing the Greater Reality, which such man-made knowledge hides but which, in fact, affects all our lives in one way or another. This false knowledge is greatly revered, of course, by the controlling Archons, and by unawakened doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, scientists and university professors. Generally speaking, with no offence intended whatsoever, most that fall into these groups make their careers out of cultivating and spreading IGNORANCE.

  • Fourthly, the fact that such incidents exist points to the inimical nature of existence on this plane, and this, in metaphysical terms, is a pointer to the Evil Nature of the Essence controlling this plane.’

In these essays I am going to present to you cases where idiocy is presented as Truth.

As the Final Day is approached, a Day which Evil appears to refuse to believe will come, for now, evil BS in a variety of forms will pour over our heads in truckloads in an attempt to fool as many of us as possible, as much as possible. It is the aim of the evil rulers to keep us as MUSHROOMS at all costs.

Here is the first example of Cultivated Ignorance. Click on this next URL to see an article called “Seeing God in the Third Millennium” written by Oliver Sacks, extracted from his book ‘Hallucinations’.

Oliver Sacks, MD, is a Professor of Neurology at NYU School of Medicine. That position alone, in such a prestigious University, is enough to influence many less well-educated people.

So, what is Neurology?

In the article you will notice the major illnesses neurologists deal with. I say ‘deal with’ because they don’t cure anything. And, to make a sadder case, the aetiology or cause of most of the diseases is totally unknown. Of course, like the rest of Medicine, they will talk about Genetic Predisposition, aetiological and environmental pollution in the predisposed, by poisoning with heavy metals, unknown allergens, etc., demyelination of unknown causes, cerebral degeneration of unknown causes, autoimmune reactions, neuritis from high sugar levels, alcohol, heavy metals, etc., etc. The fact that mercury and aluminium can indeed cause dementia is become obvious by the minute due to the ubiquitous, noxious Chemtrails, mercury saturated amalgam dental fillings, and vaccines.

Just BTW, let’s detour for a moment to prove a point. You may well know that Aspartame can be, and often is, deadly to the brain and nervous system of some humans. Yet, it is very rare to hear an allopathic physician say this, and rarer still for a neurologist to do so.

And what is the Neurological view?

Was there a crack in the dyke wall that was concealed?

This is from a Medical Publication in 1987:

Sorry for the diversion. I wanted to use the Aspartame case to make the point strongly about Truth/Untruth and which wins out in this dimension at present. Up to this point in our existence, Untruth has won, every time almost, has it not? Why it that? It is because it is funded by the Illusion of the Virtual Reality.

You can apply this to any situation on Earth and to our History. Of late, the lies about 9/11, the Jewish Holocaust, the reasons why Iraq was destroyed, as were Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, etc., etc., belong to the same mechanism. Surely after all your reading of my essays and books you see the evil pattern, do you not? The Illusion is an evil web of deceit. There is no other way to describe it, and that is why it must all be demolished.

But the supposed aetiological factors involved in Neurological diseases that I cited above are just descriptions. In most cases they are not causes. So, you see, they know very little about neurological disease, even less, in most cases, about treatment.

As a further example, take Epilepsy which I will discuss below also when I consider the case of the busman. Most cases have no known cause. Some articles are generous in stating we know the cause in 40%. From my perspective, that is nonsense. Just consider the fact that 90 % of people who have an epileptic fit will have one only, of unknown cause, in their entire life. Don’t get caught in the detail of these diseases.

As most of you know, imaging techniques, via CT scans and MRIs, can tell us where plagues have formed, where myelin has vanished, where a clot has been, what part of the brain has infarcted, where bleeding has occurred, etc. But, as I said, the aetiology, or causes of these things, is a mystery in most cases.

What would you expect such experts to know about Metaphysical conditions, which most of them deny in the first place, when they know very little about such medical conditions in which they are specialized?

It is not the case that University Professors, highly trained psychiatrists, supposedly intelligent doctors, erudite scientists, etc., etc., tell us UFOs do not exist, that Aliens do not exist, and that there are no other dimensions in contradiction to the emerging hypotheses of String Theory? Conversely, and enigmatically, many Quantum Physicists end up becoming Metaphysicians!

Is it not the very highly trained individuals, whom in the past I have called Masters of Cultivated Ignorance, who tell us Aliens abductions are hallucinations created by a damaged or disturbed mind? And that Out-of-body Experiences, Near Death Experiences (NDE) etc., are aberrations of idiocy or hallucinations by a dying brain? Is it not they who deny Metaphysical explanations of other states of consciousness, the existence of the Numinous and eventual Accountability to a Higher Order?

Indeed it is them, and if you follow their teachings, you will end up in a cul-de-sac called Atheism which will eventually lead you to Nihilism, a state that gives them the excuse to act as demons when necessary, and brutalize us, without guilt, because THEY think they will never be called to account!

But that is an abnormal state.

Are we to agree with these Masters of Cultivated Ignorance and say the billions who have seen UFOs are deranged lunatics?

Are the 10% of the population who are known to have had benign and/or not so benign interactions with Aliens really insane as these Masters insist they are?

Do cattle and other animals mutilate themselves in the most skillful of surgical ways, instead of being mutilated by Aliens for very specific reasons which suit the Aliens?

Were the Sons of God, Avatars as I called them in previous essays, such as Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, Aurobindo, etc., etc., just hallucinating mental defectives when they spoke of a Final Day, of Accountability by each individual in due course, of the rectification of the Evil Celestial Error, with destruction of those of Darkness who refused to turn to the Light and forgo Evil, and then spoke of the Good people going to a Place beyond the Physical Dimension which consists of Love, Peace and Harmony? John 14:3

Of course they were not lunatics. They had a mentality that these Masters of Cultivated Ignorance cannot even conceive on their best and brightest day, no matter how much ‘Speed’, Gingko or Brahmi they take, if they know what they are. Oops, I am sure most of them know all about ‘Speed’!

Having said that, we are briefly going to examine what Dr Sacks says, to see whether it is tenable or not, to explore how well he is really educated in matters outside his specialty, whether he is biased or not, and whether he is truly on the ball. Indeed, it may turn out that he is a victim of Evil’s programming after all.

I must admit I have not read the complete book, but his article suffices for what I need to discuss. It is an attempt to convince you and me, using his neurological knowledge, selected anecdotes, and his untenable, incomplete explanations, that Near Death Experiences are not real, that there are no Metaphysical aspects in ‘hallucinations’ so-called, and no need to invoke the existence of the Numinous in our lives from the evidence of ‘hallucinations’ for they are just products of a powerful and/or deranged brain.

Here is exactly what is quoted in the article: ‘hallucinations cannot provide evidence for the existence of any metaphysical beings or places. They provide evidence only of the brain's power to create them.’

My question is this: has he misunderstood the nature of what he calls ‘Hallucinations’?

According to him, HALLUCINATIONS are (assumingly) pathological fabrications and of an all-powerful brain. The extract is from his most recent book ‘Hallucinations’. It is relevant to note that what he does not know about NDE (judging with the material available freely to anyone in books and on the Internet), and the relevant material which he leaves out about hallucinations, have greater significance than what he claims he knows. And this, of course, highlights his erroneous conclusions. This is a classic example of Cultivated Ignorance.

You will see written clearly in his article that he thinks the brain manufactures hallucinations. This is what he wrote:

In the last decade or two, there has been increasingly active research in the field of “spiritual neurosciences.” There are special difficulties in this research, for religious experiences cannot be summoned at will; they come, if at all, in their own time and way ­ the religious would say in God’s time and way. Nonetheless, researchers have been able to demonstrate physiological changes not only in pathological states like seizures, OBEs, and NDEs, but also in positive states like prayer and meditation. Typically these changes are quite widespread, involving not only primary sensory areas in the brain, but limbic (emotional) systems, hippocampal (memory) systems, and the prefrontal cortex, where intentionality and judgement reside.

Hallucinations, whether revelatory or banal, are not of supernatural origin; they are part of the normal range of human consciousness and experience. This is not to say that they cannot play a part in the spiritual life, or have great meaning for an individual. Yet while it is understandable that one might attribute value, ground beliefs, or construct narratives from them, hallucinations cannot provide evidence for the existence of any metaphysical beings or places. They provide evidence only of the brain’s power to create them.”




My first rebuttal: Any good meditator and any complete trance psychic will tell you that religious and spiritual experiences can be, and are, summoned at will.

In complete contrast, I am telling you that hallucinations are experiences OUTSIDE of the brain, experienced by a MIND outside of, but connected to, the physical brain.

The brain cannot create anything ‘de novo’. Like a computer it can only regurgitated what has already been given to it. If a brain does not already possess the material to be regurgitated, then it cannot regurgitate that material. If something totally new to it is produced, then I emphatically state that it has been fed this NEW information from an external source.

In other words, if a brain is not aware of a situation or item of knowledge, there is no way it can reproduce such a situation or item. And this I will demonstrate with the explanations I give below.

Thus far we have established that Dr Sacks, a Neurologist, and I, a Medical Doctor and Doctor of Metaphysics, stand in opposing camps about the existence of the Numinous, Metaphysical Perspectives and other dimensions beyond the Physical as evidenced by ‘Hallucinations’ which he treats as the result of a deranged brain..

I refer you to my books in which I discuss Thought Implantation, and also the work of Carl Yung who was told, by his ‘Philemon’, of such things as extraneous thoughts being implanted into the brains of humans. Look them up if you are not familiar with these details.

Thus, there are examples where the brain does not even create the simple thoughts it contains.

I will explain this further when we come to the cases of Mozart and Beethoven whom Dr Sacks, using his explanation of hallucinations, must consider as deranged lunatics for sure, a description totally incompatible with the music they generated DE NOVO.

I am going to give examples to show that the brain does not create hallucinations. It simply interprets what is given to it by another mind, the outer or Higher Mind of the individual, and these interpretations are considered by some, in ignorance, that they are products of a malfunction mind.

I am not aware of the full extent of Dr Sack’s knowledge. But if he had known the facts I am about to write, he surely would not have written what he has and which will be seen to be quite erroneous.

A simple example of the brain being unable to create anything is that of words learned and uttered by infants and children. If the infant is deaf or has defective hearing, it will not speak properly or at all. That is a very simple example of the fact that there has to be proper input into the brain for proper output. It cannot create anything of itself.

Many of you are familiar with the condition in young children called ‘glue ear’. It is chronic otitis media with accumulated pus and/or fluid in the middle ear. Often what brings the mother and child to the family physician is the commencement of slurred speech or poorly pronounced words which previously they could say correctly. This shows the brain can only produce what it is given.

It cannot create de novo, and it cannot create hallucinations. This is the opposite by 100% of what Dr Sacks writes.

When stimulated by electrodes at various sites, the brain can release thought patterns of PAST experiences in an often jumbled and disorderly manner that may appear as hallucinations, for it has no control over the sequence, simply because it is being prodded artificially by an electronic needle. But that does not mean it is being forced to hallucinate at all. It is reproducing what was already in the brain but reproducing it in a disorderly manner because of artificial stimulation. The same applies to an electrical discharge focused somewhere in the brain that bring on an epileptic fit, partial or complete. The electrical discharge can occur in any region of the brain for whatever reason. Such discharges are what produce the fits that disrupt somatic, endocrine, sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways.

Here now are cases you will be able to read that demonstrate that Near Death Experiences (NDE) have nothing to do with the brain at all, thus clearly demonstrating Dr Sack’s conclusions are wrong. The brain merely regurgitates what is given to it. It receives information from the outer mind or ethereal consciousness that can travel to other dimensions and communicates with the brain through the Centres of Consciousness, something neurologists know nothing about. It is when these Centres are damaged that we see erratic, spurious and mostly unwanted information presented to the brain, as in some psychiatric states.

  1. In the following article, you will read of infants who have had NDEs, some when only days old, and then relating the details when they were older and verbal. These articles, and there are many of them, are written by doctors with medical degrees and others scholars with PhDs. They are not frauds.


The question to ask is this: where did the neonate gain the knowledge of the NDE when its brain had NO facts, words, experiences or information of any kind in its cortex or anywhere else at such a tender age?

Surely this tells us that the experience was not of the brain but of the Mind outside of the brain which then interpreted it once it had the power to do so. In other words, the information was downloaded to the brain in order to verbalize the experience when the words were learned. Hence, the experience was not of the physical brain. The information was the property of an external Mind! Such concepts slaughter Materialists and Atheists.

The example often given is that of a TV. The screen and the box do not have the program it shows. A TV simply expresses that which is sent to it from afar. The program originates elsewhere. And if connection is not made between that ‘elsewhere’ and the TV box and screen, no program can be seen. But the program still exists. The brain is like the inert TV. Certainly the TV can record on a recorder attached to it what it receives, to be played back later, but it cannot create any NEW program. It can only play back what it has already recorded. The brain is exactly the same.

If the brain plays back what it never previously experienced, it means it is being fed NEW information, from an external source which it can interpret.

My contention is that the brain cannot create anything of its own. It can only reproduce what it has. Thus, no matter how hard you, reading this, or I, writing this, try, we cannot hallucinate or describe a NDE unless we have memory of it. Of course, if we were to take an hallucinogen, that is another matter, and as I will explain in due course, what we would then experience would not be in or of the brain but in a dimension outside of it. The brain, unless we became unconscious, would interpret the input of the experience conducted outside of itself in its own way.

If it is unconscious, it will recall what is saved in the memory banks. And as we shall see when I discuss NDEs further, that memory can be fleeting and lost forever very quickly, especially in older individuals whose cerebration is often defective for a number of reasons related to age..

If we were to fall asleep, the brain would later recall some memory that was implanted into it and interpret it any way it wants, using its pre-hallucination words. I shall discuss this further in parts 2 and 3.

Of course, the brain does often misinterpret incoming information, especially if it is malfunctioning for whatever reason, and I will explain this further when I write about ‘drunks’ and their pink elephants below.

Thus, even if you call such NDEs ‘hallucinations’, we have to say they are NOT a product of the brain at all, as Dr Sacks contends.

Melvin Morse is the expert on such childhood experiences and I have referred to him previously. There are many other doctors in this field. Follow the leads.


  1. These stories lead us to the second point I want to make that demonstrates the experience, whether we call it hallucination or a NDE, could not have been a product of the brain or its ‘lower’ mind:

Children recount the adventure of meeting dead relatives, and siblings who died before they themselves were born and about whom they knew nothing, and of whose existence they were never told.

Also, I know that some are given information, to be relayed to their parents, of future siblings to be born. How can a child ‘hallucinate’ that?

If the brain did not have this information, it could not very well produce it, could it?

This tell us that the LOGICAL conclusion is that the experience is beyond the capabilities of the brain.


In other words, in direct contradiction to what Dr Sacks writes, with the existence of these valid experiences, there IS evidence for the existence of metaphysical beings and places. And, they DO provide evidence that the brain did NOT create them.


There are cases of children recalling past lives in great detail from an early age. Indeed the mechanisms for this are multiple. Some argue they may have recalled memory stored in their DNA. But this is easily dismissed when the past life has been a recent one and it can be proven that there is no DNA connectivity between the bodies in the two lives.


This leave the possibility that the mind of the Etheric or Astral Body is recalling the Past Life and the brain is allowed to interpret it. Or else, it is a case of Thought Implantation from an external source into that brain for specific reasons for that case.

The point is that such cases do occur. There have been innumerable numbers cited in the literature.


Past life recall can occur under hypnosis also. Hypnosis allows bypass of the brain’s Filtering Mechanism which I have discussed elsewhere, and the Higher Mind, with its memory, can impinge on the brain to give it aspects to recall.

Thus, these recalls have nothing to do with the brain at all. In fact, they are only possible when the brain is bypassed to a large extend. The same applies to meditational psychic events and recall, and, of course, to contact with the Supramental plane which I expect more and more of us to perform as the End approaches. How else are you going to receive your instructions for evacuation if you are receive them?

Adults can have spontaneous Past Life recalls, especially while meditating or treading a sincere Path for spiritually awakening. Often it is to enhance the spiritual experience and to provide information of who the seeker is, and was, in previous lives when such information is considered to be of value to the aspirant.

These mechanisms have nothing to do with the brain, again proving there are levels beyond the physical brain that are metaphysical and spiritual, contrary to what Dr Sacks writes.

There is much to read on this topic.

If nothing else, these stories should alert us to the fact that Life without a spiritual component is meaningless.



I will have more to say in a later essay about these agents of Darkness when I discuss Graham Hancock’s short video that I will paste for you in Part 3.

For now, just realize that people who use such drugs damage their Centres of Consciousness, Centres that Neurologists know nothing about. Drug users do not simply go into a state of altered awareness within their brain’s malfunctioning and erratic sequences. Their higher mind actually experiences things they have never experienced before and these are then translated by the brain into the images that are impregnated into its memory cells.

How could a brain create images it did not know existed? It cannot, as I explained above. If a brain does not have the data, it cannot manufacture things from that data de novo.

The similarity of what is described by others during their hallucinations tends to favour the fact that some things are being seen in stable dimensions and that these things are constants in the dimensions visited, and not part of the brain. Thus, these hallucinations are not creations of the brain as Dr Sacks contends at all. They are valid experiences in other dimensions. Thus, the existence of metaphysical and spiritual components, Good or Evil, comes to the fore.

In fact, I state, without fear of being contradicted, that without the Metaphysical and Spiritual components, ‘Hallucinations’, so-called, could simply not occur!! This is the very opposite to what Dr Sacks concludes.

You have to choose which one of us is correct.

The other consequences which I will discuss in more detail later, such as damaged Centres of Consciousness, Demonic Possession and Thought implantation come from these dimensions, not from the brain. The brain cannot do any of these things. It cannot create a demon with which it possesses the body, no matter how much it tries to. All it can do is start the process of intoxication (by drugs, alcohol, sex with demons, etc.) that will lead to such disasters. And to become intoxicated in any or all of those ways, requires a thought process (programming) that will come from external factors anyway and is implanted into the brain.

Probably the most forceful argument that hallucinations are not the creations of a single brain from its own function or malfunction is the fact that such ‘hallucinatory’ experiences can be shared!

That would be impossible if the experience was solely inside the brain of an individual.

Why am I so certain of this?

I am certain because I have experienced this exact same scenario.

My April 1985 visit to the Mother craft was a shared experience. Another person was with me. I have described the incident in my book ‘My Experiences of Aliens and Other Realities’.

After the visit, having returned to our physical bodies, naturally we compared details of what we had experienced.

The fact that the other person knew I slipped as I stepped up to the craft’s platform convinced me the experience was genuinely shared. I had said nothing about my slipping. Our other details matched perfectly until the time we entered a special hall in the craft, after which things became a blank, on purpose.

Before the other person’s recall of my slip, I had wondered if it was a sequential experience implanted into our brains by mischievous beings to make it seem real.

If it was a prefabricated, implanted sequence, whoever did the implanting would not have had time to re-implant the sequence with my small falter climbing onto the platform. The programmers could not have known I was going to falter.

Even if it was an implanted sequence, it meant that another consciousness or being on another level was implanting it into our memory banks. In other words, either way, the existence of a Metaphysical pathway and other dimensions is the obvious conclusion.

Thus, this proved that the “Hallucination”, this experience, was a shared one, that it was outside of this dimension, and that it had nothing to do with the physical brain at all.

Again I say, the physical brain acts as an interface to describe the experience to the cardboard box (the physical body) once the outer mind, not the lower Monkey Mind of the box that dies with it, that experienced the adventure connects to it.

Further, since the late 1960s and 70s Stanford University has been investigating Out-of-Body Experiences (OOBE), etc. The findings were indeed positive. Documentary programs were made of such work in the early 1980s. Why does not an educated man such as Professor Sacks know of such academic investigations and experimentations?

This concept can be extended to Remote Viewing and Astral Travel where individuals can describe scenes of places they have never physically visited. How can the train manufacture that? It cannot, of course. These are valid experiences of travel by the subtle bodies and their mind which are then translated by the brain, if and when that Higher Mind downloads the data to the simpleton brain.

BTW, all of us, without exception, travel astrally when we sleep. Some of us, especially children, do it during awake hours or when taking a nap, or meditating. Such brief periods of apparent distraction in children have given the opportunity for the Ignorant Ones to invoke disease states such as Petit Mal epilepsy, etc. when in fact the consciousness had simply slipped out of the body for whatever reason. Worse still, psychotropic drugs were often used to stop this natural process. Most of us do not recall the journeys. But, as I said, some of us can do so in an awakened state as in meditation.

It is essential our subtle bodies go to Prana Stations in the etheric dimension to gain our quota of Prana that drives the ethereal bodies and keeps them glued to the physical. If a period of more than 14 days passes without such a visit to a Prana station, and if that individual cannot steal Prana from others, the subtle bodies separate from the physical which then dies.

Check out the internet. Here is what sleep deprivation did to rats:

University experiments to keep young men awake for extended periods resulted in OOBEs and signs of pre-eminent death. The experiments were stopped.


The Demon Drink

So now, what about the chronic alcoholics and their pink elephants?

What exactly are they seeing or hearing when they describe their blue mice, blue demons and pink elephants and other things?

Clinically, brain and nerve damage in chronic alcoholics can be confirmed with investigations. For example, they have a condition called ‘Happy feet’ due to peripheral neuritis caused by the alcoholic damage and loss of cortical depth. And the brain damage is specific and elucidates specific syndromes such as Wernicke’s Encephalopathy.'s_encephalopathy

What is the drunk seeing in his inebriated state? The drunk with brain damage is seeing and experiencing the consequences of his auric covering (the Etheric body) being lifted and loosened by the alcohol. He is seeing ‘particles of programming’ that bombard all of us continuously actually impinging onto his aura and going within the perimeter of the subtle bodies.

I have written elsewhere how alcohol loosens the protective etheric and astral coverings and allows invasion of our aura by generally unwanted entities that lurk about awaiting such opportunities. Even discarnates that are lost wait around for such opportunities so that they can fulfill their desire for sex, drugs, alcohol and gambling. Do you recall the Buddha saying our desires force us to reincarnate into the flesh? What I have just told you is the reason why.

Also on this topic, I again I refer you to Dr Ritchie’s book ‘Return from Tomorrow’. He is the only other writer apart from me as far as I am aware that has written this. He experienced it in his NDE. He is a psychiatrist. He had his NDE as a young man in the army. How would his brain know such profound metaphysics at that age? It did not, of course. His Higher mind experienced those things during his NDE.

Lurking about the ‘ether’ are also particles of programming that I have described in my books. They floated about awaiting an opportunity to enter a loose or damaged aura. Advanced psychics can see them.

The drunk is actually seeing what is really there. Whereas most ‘normal’ people do not see these particles, the drunk with a much loosened aura can. It is a form of forced clairvoyance. But his deranged mind cannot make sense of what he sees and so he describes the particles as being similar to mice, or demons or the bigger ones, pink elephants. Specific areas of the brain are damaged by alcohol as most of us know. The misconception is specifically due to that specific damage. So, you see, the drunk is not hallucinating at all. S/he is actually seeing/hearing what is really out there, but his or her damaged brain misinterprets the information send to it.

The same or similar errors occur when a person who knows nothing about Aliens is visited by one. I gave an example in great detail in my book ‘My Experiences of Aliens…..’

They can be visited physically, of course, and we have had many examples in the literature about this.

They may also be taken to other dimensions by the Aliens, and this too has been described amply in the literature.

If it is a visit by an alien in this dimension, and if the person has no knowledge of UFOs, aliens, etc., his or her brain will interpret the episode as an angelic visitation if the alien presents in long white robes, etc., or as a visit from Jesus, or Mary, or one of the saints, depending on how the alien looked if the person was a Christian.

If s/he was a Hindu, they may claim a visitation by Shiva, Rama, etc. A Jew would most likely say it was Moses or Abraham, or Ruth, etc. A Chinese person may think it was Quan Yin, etc.

The points to be made here are these:

  1. The brain is capable of misinterpreting anything it receives, and often does.
  1. The best brain can remember, at best, 15% of detail given to it in an extended experience.
  1. Hallucinations are not experiences of the brain at all, but interpretations of experiences of the Higher Mind of the individual in another plane of consciousness, as I tried to relate with the drunk who is experiencing a distorted psychic phenomena whenever he sees the mice, demons and elephants. They are real globules in the real ether (a dimension beyond the physical) perceived by the higher mind and misinterpreted in their nature by a damaged physical brain.
  1. Alcohol is a mild hallucinogenic, but its potency increases with the amount drunk and the degree of brain damage.

It is more than that, if you have understood what I have written above. It actually facilitates, as do other hallucinogens, demonic possession, partial or complete, for a short or long time, or permanently.

Many are the stories of individuals going on drug and alcohol binges and then performing the most atrocious, and as some say, totally out-of-character acts such as rape, multiple murders, etc. When they sober up invariably they say ‘but, it was not me!’

They are telling the truth. It was the demon or demons that possessed them while their etheric covering was loosened and the vicious negatives who gain energy from the violence slipped in.

This should give you the clue to the importance of Protection and the idea not to consume alcohol and illicit drugs.

I will anticipate the obvious question: Didn’t Jesus give his apostles wine at the last supper?

No, He did not. That whole scenario is a myth. Jesus was a Gnostic and knew the dangers of alcohol that was, and is, known as the ‘demon drink’ for its ability to allow demonic possession and also allow programming of the body to do demonic things as I wrote above.

Why does this notion of a Last Supper play such a prominent role in the Christ Myth invented by the demons?

It serves 2 purposes:

  • The notion falsely sanctifies the flesh for non-existent spiritual significance, just like the Doctrine of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary. It is a Myth that must be compulsorily believed by Catholics under the threat of punishment (excommunication, which means the non-believer will go to Hell just for not believing that myth).
  • It highlights the cannibalism of demons who, in fact are celebrating the murder and physical devouring of the Christ, in symbolism, to show they are in control.

Thus, if you celebrate this noxious myth of Transubstantiation, you are unknowingly embracing the celebration of the murder of Jesus and the festivity of Cannibalism which is a trademark of demons as I have revealed before.

If you cannot accept these words, remember my Motto.

You will note that alcohol saturates our societies far more than clean air even. It is a very powerful programming tool. It is associated with just about every sporting event you can think of. The Archons would have it no other way, for the Demon Drink is the drink for a Demonic World which this has always been.

If you need to drink a little red wine for medicinal purposes, at least ask for blessings and spiritual purification of it, as you would all your food, to minimize its spiritually injurious effects.


In case you did not know, Medicine generally treats all experiences such as Out-of-Body Experiences, NDE, psychic abilities, ESP, clairvoyance, clairaudience, automatic writing, etc., as Mental ILLNESS. They call these episodes psychoses. The people who express these gifts are insane according to most doctors and psychiatrists. And they try to poison them with psychotropic drugs or even incarcerate them, at times, if they can get their hands on them.

Hence, if you are good meditator and able to communicate with other levels and dimensions, able to Astral Travel, go back into Past Lives etc., you are classed as a PSYCHOTIC by the majority of medical doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, even though many now recognize the validity of such experiences because they accept the evidence that these are normal, paranormal and supra-mental experiences.

That being the case, can you now not see why it is imperative that this Evil system be eradicated totally? What is desired and normal for a properly function spiritual component in our lives on this level has been made an unwanted ILLNESS. Who but Evil would do that?

Modern Medicine, to take this point further, would class the experiences of Beethoven, Mozart etc., who could hear music on other levels and often go to other levels to retrieve the music they wrote, respectively, as sick psychotics, rather than manifestations of brilliant minds, guided, as I said elsewhere, by the energy of the Real Son of the Real God. For this latter phrase I have used the Sanskrit term of Avatar, for this word means Son of God.

If they were suffering Temporal Lobe epilepsy and its musicogenic aberration, let us pray we all become such ‘epileptics’ and gain the wonderful ability to reflect the majesty of Divine Realms as their music does.

Taking this point to its extreme idiotic end, I am a valued asset to society according to the ruling medical bodies, when I practice as an allopathic physician in the small county town where I live, for most small towns are desperately short of physicians.

But, the same ‘me’, when I practice as a doctor of Metaphysics and as a clinical hypnotist, I, and my patients, whom I regress to past Lives, are classed by those same regulatory bodies, as deranged lunatics. Can you believe that? They have said that in writing about me and you will find it in my books. Of course they have been trying to deregister me as a medical doctor because of my non-allopathic medical work since I published my first book in 1985. But, I quickly realized it would be advantageous to have the Metaphysical degree, and so when I practice as such I do not come under the jurisdiction of Medical Boards.

Besides, I believe that I have done more good for people with my clinical hypnotherapy and my metaphysical writings than with all the prescriptions I have written for antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and analgesics in almost 50 years of Medical Practice.

I fully realize at this stage, that only a minority recognize the value of this work. But, wait a little longer. When the proverbial ‘you-know-what’ hits the fan, all will know I have been accurate and correct all along. But, for the majority, it will be too late for them.

How can people with University degrees, and the majority on the planet, be so blind to Truth? I have answered this many times. If they are of Evil, they cannot see Truth. If they are not of Evil, they have been programmed to accept the Untruth.

Before I leave this section I must add that forced opening of Centres of Consciousness as with drugs, particularly hallucinogens, and evil energy from any source in order to establish communication with other levels of consciousness is not a good idea, ever.

Such activities can and do damage the Centres and allow the entry of injurious, maleficent energies with which the individual cannot cope, and then a really distressed mental state can occur, as with schizophrenics. Thus, now, we have a case of mental and spiritual illness. But the cause is never biochemical, biological, physical, hormonal or genetic.

In cases where children develop such symptoms, often in their early teens, the answer is that they were born with Centres damaged in previous lives. Protection and avoidance of negativity as much as possile, and turning to the Light, is the answer for a quiescent life. Such an answer makes no sense, of course, to the Masters of Cultivated Ignorance who do not even believe in Re-incarnation, inspite of the great and voluminous work done on this subject by doctors, yes, allopathic ones, and psychologists.

I will write about the damage of forcing Centres open with negative energy in Part Three.


Let us return to Dr. Sack’s article again. In the case of bus driver and of Fyodor Dostoevsky having exulted visions and feelings at the start or during an epileptic fit, the metaphysical explanation is very simple. Centres of Consciousness can be triggered open by electrical discharges and these people experience supra-mental states in accordance to the level their Higher Minds have reached. You don’t have to be an epileptic to experience these. Good meditators can reach that harmony, peace and bliss without having their brains shocked by electricity.

As promised by Shri Aurobindo last century, another Avatar, more and more of us will experience such Divine States as we near the End. It is not a sickness. It is the elevation of Consciousness to Numinous levels. This is seen no clearer than in those True Beings such as Joan of Arc who were martyred but before dying entered a phase of Bliss fearing neither death nor feeling the pain of persecution. In essence, their consciousness was already beyond Evil. Yes, Joan had the Christ Light within her.

In cases where the Centres are forcefully opened without protection, another entity, such as a discarnate, never benign, or demon, can, in fact, invade the body. This can happen after a major accident, in an episode of sudden shock, during general anaesthesia, when intoxicated with illicit drugs, etc., etc. The person does not need to experience a NDE.

This is the mechanism for ‘Body Snatching’ and for ‘Walk-ins’, states I have explained at length in my books.

The body can manifest a totally different personality with differing traits, IQ, beliefs, habits, etc. That is because it is a totally different consciousness within the box. Often the original inhabitant is pushed out of the body. Sometimes the original one will want desperately to leave and he does, leaving the body to whatever is lurking about. Again I refer to Dr. Ritchie’s book where he describes seeing such states. I discuss them at length in my books.

Just by the way, you may or may not know that organ recipients often gain characteristic and habits, even abilities, of the donor, especially if the organs are the heart or lungs. What is the explanation here? Invariably the discarnate who was the donor, instead of moving on, becomes earthbound, and attached itself onto the aura of the recipient or even enters it. He experiences physical life through the donated organ. This is not a healthy state for either donor or recipient. But what else can you expect in such a perverted evil dimension? The mechanism of Homosexuality is in part similar.

Thus, instead of condemning such individuals, in all the groups I have just mentioned, for suffering an abnormality, for being ‘sick in the head’, as most doctors, psychologists, neurologists and psychiatrists want to do, we should gain the correct knowledge that explains the real situation.

The busman’s euphoria in Dr Sacks’ article could have been due to open Centres and connection to a pathway to the Numinous. It could have been the expression of a temporary walk-in. It could have been his spontaneous recollection of experiences that gave such euphoria in a previous life, as in spontaneous Past Life recall without him actually recognizing it as such. Any electrical discharge that may or may not have given him a minor partial epileptic fit was simply the trigger to open Centres. There is no mention of any such fit in the article, and no suggestion of mental aberration or the usual distraught and ill states of a post-ictal personality.

Further electrical discharges could have closed these pathways off or even evicted the walk-in.

This is not science fiction. It is exactly what happens. Advanced psychics know of these mechanisms and can see the walk-ins if they are there.

More and more of us are going to be flooded with the New Green Energy and eventually experience the Bliss of the Numinous before lift-off. That does not mean we have suffered Temporal Lobe epilepsy, or that we are psychotics or deranged lunatics. It means we are approaching the Normality we had before being trapped in this soul-destroying Illusion with its Cultivated Ignorance, before being harnessed in Darkness and treated as mushrooms by the malignity of the Evil Essence that arose from the Celestial Error.

If you have any doubt, just remember that Epilepsy leads to confusion, vagueness, tiredness, sleepiness, disorientation in space and time etc., and certainly not to creative brilliance or explicit spiritual aggrandizement of thought or feeling as one can experience spontaneously, or in meditation, as a blessing.

Epilepsy is hardly a mode of spreading pure, unadulterated, universal love. If you want to disagree, it means you have never seen the state a post epileptic patient is usually in.

And finally, even though he criticizes Dr. Eben Alexander, in the article, for the latter’s ‘unscientific approach’, it is, in fact, he, Dr. Sacks, who is on shaky ground, using selectivity and ignorance of facts to deliver his brand of Scientific Knowledge to the masses. I am sorry to say, that is how Masters of Cultivated Ignorance are created.

In Part Two, I will discuss the phenomenon of Dr. Eben Alexander’s NDE and what it really means.

In the meantime, I have added some information from one of my books to clarify some points mentioned above. I realize I was cryptic with some explanations above, but you can get detailed information about the topics I fleetingly mentioned in my books.


Appendix A

Here is what I wrote in Chapter 17 of my book ‘Journey into the World of Metaphysics, Volume One’:

The Mechanism of Thought Implantation

This method of programing the mind directly has not been fully explained before. Thoughts are creations. They exist as vibrating energy patterns which can manifest as incomplete entities in the etheric and astral dimensions and other dimensions beyond. (I wrote this many years before I came across Dr. Ritchie’s book which confirmed this experientially.)

They can be inspected, refined, enlarged, embellished, restructured, empowered or destroyed by various means and in various ways by Class 5 beings. These are the spiritual beings who are made up of many more units of Consciousness than class 4 humans. They have a minimum of 28 units of Consciousness in their metaphysical anatomy.

It is their function to act as guides, protectors, tutors, and advisors to the lower class 4 beings.

Because the evil demigod (the Usurper) has created evil class 5 entities also, there are good and evil class 5 beings performing the work of guiding, advising, protecting and tutoring.

The war is raging even on their level and there is keen competition to keep class 4 beings from being taken over by the opposing side.

Projections of these class 5 beings and of higher Consciousnesses (Rescuers) are also present in the etheric and astral worlds and help with the above work.

Much of their teaching occurs when we in the physical are in an altered state of Consciousness particularly during sleep, meditation, trance-like state, etc.

The ability of either side to implant thoughts onto the outer mind of an individual is determined mainly by the predominant programing affecting that individual at that time.

If the being is predominantly negatively programmed by negative energy from whatever the source and by whatever the means or physical agents used, then the thoughts implanted will be from the negative side.

Alternatively if the individual bypasses much negativity and evil programing, and is well protected, much can be implanted by the side of the Light.

A semi-permanent pathway can be established in either case which can be used to deliver thoughts and information to the physical being.

This is one mechanism for the explanation of Psychic Phenomena.

As well as this, and because the Evil System is predominant on this plane, the planet is enshrouded by a large Negative Thought Pool which constantly bombards the trapped beings on and in this planet, taking any advantage to program the mind negatively when it is not guarded actively in times of distraction.

In this Negative Thought Pool may be thoughts created by others and directed to us, or created by ourselves in times of negative programing.

When not on guard, these thought processes take hold and if not dislodged one may find one's self building on them and inciting emotional states, or saying things to others which one never intended.

This does happen very frequently and is a result of direct thought implantation and subsequent programing.

These thought processes are foreign to the being and can, with a little practice be recognized as such and be pushed away.

The saying about the idle mind and the devil is not too far-fetched.

Thought Implantations, as well as making one say that which one does not really intend to say, can also distort reception and one can misinterpret what was said by another thus causing misunderstanding, dissention, conflict and disharmony. Hence, it is important not to take offence for it is the emotional body and ego which are primed by such programing.

Also remember one may have heard incorrectly due to programmed distortion. The speaker may be totally unaware of the effects of his words on the recipients.

Programing by direct Thought Implantation can also enhance the illusion in which one may be trapped, thus making the ugly appear beautiful and the beautiful ugly, the distasteful attractive and vice versa.

It is such programing which provides instant emotional love at first sight, but this is really lust at first sight, when examined closely. Programing also provides the other forms of emotional attachment.

When the programing ceases, of course, the emotional love and other emotional attachments often stop abruptly and the people concerned see the real situation and themselves for what they really are, and they see fully the traps they had fallen into because of this programing. We all have ample experience of these situations.

At times when the Consciousness leaves the body for a while (in sleep, trance, meditation, coma, etc.) thoughts and sequences (dreams) can be placed there by either side to give information, tuition, direction, etc.

Note that this programing can also be achieved by the use of certain foods and drugs.

Inadequate explanations have been given in the past about these thought implantations and even about clairaudience.

If, due to accumulated negativity a pathway with mischievous class 5 beings is opened, the being will not only turn occultly evil but he may become overtly the recipient of much unwanted information which he cannot adequately filter and/or contain and therefore he becomes in danger of being labelled mentally ill.

This implantation of thought processes has been used to great effect by both sides and has served well to inform and instruct not only men like Edison, Newton, and Einstein but also men like Shakespeare, Moses and Jesus.

These were able to connect to the class 5 beings and the higher beings feeding the information via thought processes and were then able to manifest the information on this plane.

This mechanism of thought implantation also explains why particular inventions, discoveries, and information appear almost simultaneously in various points of the globe through different recipients (channels).

The inner nuclear mind via use of the essences of the Divine in true P.A. beings can also program the outer mind.

This is the purest form of positive programing and the one most trustworthy.

This programing presents as an inner knowing of the truth of things in spite of external appearances, in spite of what others tell us, and in spite of what our outer mind appears to say.

This knowing, this intuition is located in the fourth unit of Consciousness (the 4th or Heart chakra) for it is there that the inner nuclear mind communicates to the physical being.

This intuition is not emotive and comes best when one is detached from situations and people.

It works best in the morning after sleep.

It does not present as verbalized thoughts but as a knowing of how to act and what to believe. It is summarized by the saying "Turn within."

Other implantations on the subtle bodies can occur by use of amorphous negative energy or by entities and these will be examined when I discuss Psychic Phenomenology and Possession.


Appendix B

Here is Chapter 22 of my book Journey into the World of Metaphysics to hopefully help you understand these things further.

Entities Which Can Affect and Invade the Human Consciousness

We will now examine the types of entities which can distort, block, invade, use or possess Centres of Consciousness.

These entities can:

1.   Provide information by connections to the Centres of Consciousness without actual possession.

2.   Possess the Centres of Consciousness - this entry and possession should never be allowed to occur spontaneously or in an uncontrolled manner.

3.   Provide information directly through trance work when a total being uses the shell.

These entities are of a varying nature and normally reside in their respective dimensions.

The Consciousness of any being can visit these dimensions by matching the vibrational rate of the dimension.

The rate of vibration can be lowered to evil levels only by use of evil pollution normally.

Members of the Rescue Team of the Light are exceptions. They travel into these lowly dimensions with full protection and full Rescue Squads on standby in order to help them.

The list of entities which can affect and invade the human Consciousness is as follows:

1. Amorphous evil packets of lowly Consciousness.

2. Thought creations in the general Negativity Pool.

3. Lowly entities used as agents of programing via money, drugs, sex, alcohol, etc.

4. Evil elementals.

5. Entities including discarnates of the lower planes of the Etheric and Astral worlds.

6. Entities of the Underworld.

This list includes entities created by Evil, for evil, or entities which have become evil through their own Freewill.

Remember all manifestations in creation have a Consciousness and Freewill.

Once they become evil, or choose Evil, the role of beings is exactly defined.

They work to convert others to Evil.

Their influence on beings on this plane results in corruption, disease (both physical and mental), pain, injury, emotional exploitation, confusion, depression, crime, violence, hatred and gross Demonic Possession.

They stand for everything which contradicts the Divine Plan.

They are tools of the evil demigod in its war against the Divine Creation.

These entities are as real as physical birth and death.

They are as evil and destructive as "God" is Divine.

The nature of these entities should not be confused with the nature of the varying Consciousnesses belonging to various classes of Evolutionary Hierarchies and which exist throughout this and other dimensions and which I will describe in a subsequent chapter.


Copyright Dr. J Chiappalone

April 14, 2013.





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