Evidence Germany Did Not
Really Surrender In 1945

By Joseph B. Ehrlich
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc

Did you recognize that the extension of warfare post the German defeat at the Russian front, then resulted in the loss of the majority of US and allies troops? While the Russians lost the majority of their troops prior to the German loss, the US and allies lost the majority of troops after the loss. Thus, the death of so many honored soldiers took place due to the war extension allowing the Germans to get their affairs in order before any formal surrender.
Similarly, the loss of the majority of those dying in the German death camps took place also during this period of time.
Thus, this tells us that Hitler fully knew about the defeat prior to his alleged suicide and explains the why behind his denial to top military officers of the deployment of the ME 262 jet plane. His top military people put their lives on the table to press time and time again their criticism and complaint over Hitler's decision re the ME 262 since there was to them no sane or valid logic or reason to Hitler's decision, one that would protect Germany and its troops and reverse the course of the war.
We believe Hitler died in 1945 as his surviving the surrender would have opened the portal for people like ourselves to see the masked and hidden truths connective to the final years of the war.
America closed its eyes to the coup attempt by German agents here in the USA in the early 30s. It took Joseph Stalin to tell FDR just how badly Germany had intruded the US in connection with the war. The reality that FDR came to comprehend was that largely due to Churchill the allies had set up Stalin for a defeat as dynamically serving the best interests of the West where the truth of it was that if Stalin succumbed to his isolation and Russia was defeated, the Germans had full plans and would have prevailed against the West.
Then to compound the truth behind the real history of these times is that post FDR's death and post those willing to bed themselves with the Nazis to gain their concrete support for the creation of the State of Israel, the German agents here vilified the Russian intrusions into the USA to eliminate them from the nation. leaving the Germans alone to roost, and then we were led to the cold war against Communism, in full operation post the death of Stalin. The rest as they say is history as the Germans consolidated their conquest of the USA and most of the rest of the world.
Without a dedicated understanding and insight into biblical history and G-d's role manifesting itself chiefly in biblical times through the Jewish people, one can never figure out yet say believe the truth behind today's realities. Let me say that only through G-d's involvement could we ever believe that top people in Iran and China and Russia and in the US and yes Israel itself could grasp the full truths and story behind today's manifestation of evil by those who detest G-d and those of use blessed otherwise by G-d under the pale of monotheism.
Jiang Zemin with G-d's help has been and will be now strong enough to prevail over the Chinese leadership to explain the truth behind the beyond belief Trojan Horse stratagem played to give China all it ever would want and hope including removal of the Japanese from its region. How could anyone sane in Chinese leadership not snatch up this planned once in a lifetime opportunity and gift? The answer of course is the point in the Jewish leadership grabbing at a similar opportunity and ruse put on them by their historic enemy that resulted in the Jewish nation. How could they say no to such an historic opportunity and gift?
The Russian people have freed themselves from the chains of Stalin and Communism, but what they find themselves with today, aside from all the woes still plaguing the nation, is a dictator who holds himself as a patriot to Russia while the truth of it is that he is a card carrying collaborator to those very people resulting in the death of 27 million Russians. Putin's true role as known by us all along, and just another tenet we never waivered about (which aligned itself with Jiang Zemin holding onto power in China) is that Russia is on the sacrificial block and the planned surprise element to back stop if not directly implement war on China. Trusting Putin is an exercise in futility.
The German agents in the USA in implementing an across the board defeat and victory over the USA is so confident that they de facto announce right in the face of Americans daily, that we have defeated you, undermined your government, control you military, and stolen you wealth. We also have established powers to murder you on an individual or collective basis and we plan on doing same just after we undermine your currency with you economy and drive you to poverty levels where your daily lives will be filled with miseries beyond current day description or understanding by most of you.
The German agents also adeptly as noted by us here set up a structure to pin 9-11 on Israel and the Jews to open the gateway of Israel and the Jews to be blamed for all the woes Americans today endure and will endure multiple fold in the near future. While the Moabites continue to remain nameless and faceless in large part (at least some are waking up to the truth due to our efforts), they know the American people and all those under monotheism globally (discounting the Jews of course) are willing, able and ready to explain everything behind today's and tomorrow's miseries on the Jews. This will predicate the isolation and then destruction of the State of Israel and finish off the Jews globally as Hitler and cohorts planned during WWII.
The net result of course will be the end times and destruction of nearly all of mankind as the world turns dark as G-d will not allow His name to be lessened by those aligned with the Satan and evil and the world in large part will return to the darkness it found itself in before G-d brought forth the light. While G-d attests to a remnant that will survive, that remnant will be so very small, and whether that remnant will be restored to His ways here on Earth or somewhere else is beyond our ability to sense or see and is otherwise irrelevant for what we now face to wit our basic survival in terms of the realities connective to our enslavement and conquest.



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