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Part Three

The Execution of the Plan of Correction
For the Elimination of Evil’.

By Dr J. Chiappalone
My Motto: Take it or Leave It.



This is the third essay in the series. Please read Parts One and Two before proceeding. I suggest that if you are not familiar with my work, read the material on my website to give you basic metaphysical knowledge with which you should be able to understand these concepts better. The books, of course, will be of even greater assistance as they are more complete.

At the site below you will find an introductory lecture I gave on Gnostic Wisdom in Brisbane last November. I called it ‘What’s Going on’.

Before we can even contemplate a valid perspective of this topic of an Endtime, we must correct a common but false premise that New Agers treasure, namely, that ‘A person creates his or her own reality’.

Truth is Truth. It is Immutable. It cannot be created to form a pseudo-reality to be molded into one’s desires.

So, the New Age premise is really this: ‘One creates one’s own ILLUSION!’ The deluded person can take any illusion it creates as its own reality which may have no semblance to what exists as Truth or Reality.

That is the position we have reached on Earth this day, namely, that what the majority accept as reality is very far removed from Truth and the Ultimate Reality, as we shall see.

Having written that, we are now in a position to see what the false consensual Illusion of the Planet is, and what the Truth is, if we are awakened enough, for some cannot see Truth no matter how much they try, for a very good reason which I have explained often and will explain again below.

I am not going to pull any punches. I suggest the weak-hearted and the pusillanimous stop reading now and go do something else, for I am going to discuss explicit possibilities of an Endtime scenario.

For those who think they know better than I on these topics, my advice to them is to repeat my Motto one hundred times in an attempt to learn what it means. These essays are my work. If you disagree, go and write your own.

I am in no way being egotistical in writing that. I am merely asserting that the Truth is the Truth and it is Immutable. This is my Truth. It may well coincided with the Truthful Reality and with your Truth. It may not of course. I could be completely off side. Only time will tell. But, no amount of arguing or personal opinion is going to change what Truth is or is not.

Of necessity, there will be repetition of what I have written in the past in order to make this essay flow, but that should be a help to readers, not a hindrance.

If you are offended by what I write, it may mean that you are NOT able to think freely on this level, for Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination have gotten a stranglehold on your mind and you are not free to awaken easily to thoughts of the Greater Reality. This may well mean your suffering will be compounded in coming days.


When my Higher Self was attempting to awaken this flesh and blood and very temporary shell that I am using, I asked for proof for the assertions being put to me. The answer was a definite ‘NO’. I was told quite clearly: ‘Take it or leave it’. And as you well know, that became my Motto.

I, the somnambulant shell, was to accept what was given or I could go jump! This was before my Spacecraft visit. After that experience everything in my mind changed.

But, before the visit, I had to go along in blind faith. To compound matters, I was told I would only be given things I needed to know on a need-to-know basis; otherwise the Enemy could steal the information from my mind.

And again, I was reminded that not all that would be revealed to me would be truthful, for some of the information would be Propaganda to fool the Evil enemy. So, I was to go along with the flow, expect the unexpected, and not be concerned if information turned out to be less than accurate. Of course, if I was wrong at any time, the shell would be the one to be kicked in the butt by the fools!

And the worst part for my shell was when I was told I had to sacrifice EVERYTHING on this level to complete my mission, even my physical shell if necessary. That put me back a few steps for sure. And, as I revealed in part Two, I was to expect innumerable physical, mental and/or spiritual attacks from the enemy, and any of its minions, once Evil identified me as a major worker in this Correction Process. That prophecy of being relentlessly attacked I can affirm has been fulfilled to the max. I have the scars to prove it! This is not a unique situation just for me. Every worker who fights against Evil is treated exactly the same way with never-ending attacks, exploitation and abuse. I am sure if you are such a warrior, you can confirm this for yourself.

Naturally, I asked ‘What do I get out of all this?’ The answer: The shell will have glimpses of understanding of the Greater Reality which is the desire of all philosophers and spiritual seekers. But, when the shell dies, it dies, for no Physical Matter, which makes up all the shells, can continue to exist after the Correction. After the Physical End, the Class 4 consciousness of certain frontline workers will not need to progress to the other classes to reach Divine levels. It will be incorporated directly into the Highest Essence, and that shall be its reward. And this was to be so for all Class 4 consciousnesses that sacrificed themselves for the good of the Work.



A forced Endtime for some seems to be on the cards. It is more and more common now to see essays about population reduction for Earth. Those in charge are claiming there are not enough food and resources to go around, so Humanity has to be culled.

The Archons (I have explained what this term means before) feel they have the authority to murder at will since they are creators of the majority of the physical robots and their artificial consciousnesses. These robots are the majority of the population.

Just by the way, these situations of Evil dominance, cruelty and exploitation, of fellow beings, animals, the environment, etc., etc., and similar scenarios, exist throughout the Physical Universe and its sub-Dimensions, even though most are not aware of that fact, and even though some have received messages from mendacious but so-called ‘benign’ aliens that they have conquered Evil and live in harmony and love. If that were the case, why the heck are they attempting to take over other planets?

Ever thought of that? And why have they destroyed so many of their planets with wars and their vicious technology, as for example, Mars, where the few that remain live in underground cities, similar to what the Archons are contemplating on Earth?

Underground cities:

Evil dominance, cruelty and exploitation are hallmarks of Evil. These lead not just to death of individuals in all classes of consciousness but to plants, animals and galaxies also, and evidence of this now is prominent.

From the onset you need to know these Archons in charge in our region of the Universe are basically Class 5 demons who are now creating hybrids that can live in Earth’s deteriorating conditions. I mentioned this process in my book ‘My experiences of Aliens and other realities.’ They think they can escape the Correction. I discuss Classes of Consciousness in my books also.

Of abductions, hybrids, etc. :

Some 20 years ago I mentioned that Chubacabras were a primitive form of hybrid. Do not be deceived by stories that Science has solved their identity.

Be cautious with these videos:

The Archons are deluded enough to think they will survive any catastrophe. They will NOT survive, physically or spiritually, no matter when the End may come. Actually, as I have mentioned numerous times previously, they have no true spiritual component that can exist outside of the Physical Dimension. And they have no awareness of existence of the True Light, of the True God Consciousness and of existence beyond the physical. They cannot understand the Concept of Correction, for they see nothing wrong with their malicious, hypocritical, murderous and pilfering ways.

They were created by the Evil Mind, called ‘Jehovah’ in this Sector, which expressed from the Celestial Error, once Divine Energy was cut off from the entombed Dimension. Jehovah was an artificial evil ‘Mind’ that I may discuss in detail later. The reason why the Correction is accelerating is because this Evil Mind, called Jehovah, and many other names like Rex Mundi, Yaldabaoth, Mammon, Yahweh, etc., etc., has been deactivated and can no longer assert control over its Archonic robots. Thus, as we plainly see daily, they are going mad. And this is why I wrote the essay Terminal Madness of the Endtime many years ago.

It is the Archons who are calling for a PHYSICAL culling of Humanity. It is they who initiated the Eugenics Programs. But, what they have forgotten is that no one can live without the Divine Energy from the Divine Source. This means that no matter how much wealth there is to share by the few that remain, they cannot exist without the Divine Energy they so desperately need to survive. The Divine Energy allows the functioning of the subtle bodies that are incorporated in the Physical Shell. These, too, I have explained in my books.

Let me diverge for a moment: This last paragraph provides the answer to the question many New Agers have asked me: ‘Why can’t your ‘God’ take those He wants to evacuate away from here and let the rest of us who enjoy Earth live as we please?

They do not realize that once ALL the Divine Energy is extracted from Earth and its sub-dimensions, including the Astral and Etheric Worlds, they will asphyxiate physically and spiritually. They will starve of energy. The world is starving of this energy NOW.

Without Pranic energy to drive the physical bodies via the subtle bodies, the bodies die. The subtle bodies die too. Prana is obtained at dispensing stations in the subtle levels. We go there when we sleep. Without Prana, a shell can last no more than two weeks.

The Prana is made from pilfered Divine Energy. Once this energy is reduced, you can guess the scenario. That is what we are witnessing today. The push to steal energy that others have, via emotional exploitation including violence, wars, pain, pornography that causes excessive sexual release, are all means set up by the Archons to gather the energy they desperately need. But, it is a diminishing pool. This is one explanation for the never-ending war scenario we now see.

Knowing this to be the case, the Correctors introduced the New Green Energy (NGE) to nurture the Viables during this manifesting shortage. It was introduced shortly after I ‘awoke’. Evil cannot alter this energy and form Prana from it, like it could with the previous Divine Energy, so it is of no value to evil Beings. Also, it singes them on contact and exposes them for what they are, Evil. Any who have an adverse effect on meeting the NGE are either very severely polluted or non-Viable. Once exposed by contact with this NGE, evil ones are neutralized. That means they are no longer effective in pilfering energy from Viables. Once exposed, they always sense great fear internally but externally they may express anger and resentment.

I have since written about a new, New Energy that performs a far more explosive job and I shall write about it soon.



BTW, you will see the Nazis were not the first to start such programs.

Follow the leads.

Thus, without that Divine Energy, which has now been severely restricted, as I repeated often in the past, and above, all are physically and spiritually doomed.

Knowing these few points, I can begin the subject of this essay in earnest.

Without an understanding of a Divine component in existence, all understanding is erroneous and futile. Alas, that is where the majority of beings are trapped: in a dark vacuum of ignorance from which they cannot escape.

The Robots have no spirit. They are simply mechanical, flesh and blood, workers.

The Demons have no spirit. They were created as the Masters (Archons) of the Universe. They are Reptilian in nature. They are present in all classes of consciousness. Thus, there are demons in the Mineral Class, the Vegetable, the Animal, and, of course, the Human Class. The big evil bosses are from the Devic Class 5 who have come down to lord it over this level.

The few robots that have been classed as Viable have had an apparatus added to them so that they can see the Light and will be rescued to continue existence elsewhere. I have explained previously why a few of them ‘made it’. They were created with some Divine Energy in their structure and this allowed them to respond to True Love, something the Demons and vacuous robots cannot do. Demons and robots express emotional love which is dangerous, possessive, jealous, sexual and shadowed by the Fear of Loss.

The trapped Theomorphic beings were to be the cattle, the milking cows, the Goyim, for energy extraction, to drive this doomed system. As I stated earlier, the majority were evacuated in November 1999 from this planet. When I explained this, the fools laughed. What else would you expect of fools? The few True Beings that remain on the planet are to assist the final stages of Evacuation of the Viables and Planetary Destruction.

And that is exactly the scene developing now.



On this topic, the thing I have learned very, very clearly is never to trust any individuals, governments, or so-called ‘aliens’ when it comes to prophecy and timing of future events. What is given is invariably wrong.

Of course, we all want to know when the End will be, if, in fact, this is all true.

So, let’s get this elephant of variable validity out of the room:

When this shell accepted the ‘job’ I was given a Message by Higher Consciousness.

I had a Message and that’s it.

Then I had an out-of-body experience that this shell would not even dare dream: of going out of the dimension and meeting ‘Them’. I have my suspicions that this episode was a ‘Hollywood’ style mental production to deceive me, for it was neither friendly nor fulfilling in any way. I suspect this was an evil alien episode to deceive me and make me write what my Higher Self knew so they could gain information about the Plans of the War.

Nonetheless, after this experience, came the writings, some of which, in some way, were validated by an expert, Professor Moshe Kroy.

And then, slowly, changes started to happen on Earth: to the climate, to the environment, to Vegetation, to the Animal Kingdom, to people everywhere, to the Sun, to other planets, etc. The aliens did not tell me about any of these changes. I sort of made them up as I went along. Was it a lucky guess? Or was someone feeding my ‘lower mind’? To this day I don’t know the answer.

Evil became far more obvious, as did dishonesty, pilfering, immorality, drug abuse, violence for violence’s sake; pornography and so on.

Now any fool can see we are in deep trouble as the homeostatic mechanisms of ALL SYSTEMS are failing.

It does not take a genius to work out we may not survive as a species! Why do you think the Archons, suspecting the worst, are preparing underground locations, to bury themselves, as blind moles do, in the near future?

It is only a short jump from what we are witnessing to the possibility that my ‘Message’ might be correct after all! But, again I warn you, you would be foolish to accept publicized dates and times as being accurate. Think of D Day in WW2. Release of information and misinformation often fools the enemy sufficiently to win the day, the battle and the War.


In 1985, ‘They’ told me that outer limit for termination of this planet would be 50 years. In Spacecraft time, that was in just under 20 minutes! It is difficult for us on this gross level to comprehend Time and the concept of NO Time. We just have to accept that this is so. As I have stated previously, the Error that gave rise to the Physical Dimension, now stated to be 13.5 to 16.5 billion years old, occurred less than a few thousand years ago in Spacecraft time. At the level of the Error, a few minutes only have elapsed.

Thus, 2035 was to be the outer limit. I mentioned this on a Jeff Rense Show many years ago.

Another condition was suggested by ‘Them’, namely that I would be here on Earth on the Final Day, meaning it would be in my lifetime. But, if the End came in 2035, I would be 91. At the time I thought that there was no way this body could last till then. Thus, when they gave me this date, I suspected it was bogus.

Immediately when I was told, I expressed my doubts to Prof Kroy. This suggestion, namely, that ‘i’, the shell, was to be here in 2035, at age 91 seemed most improbable and he agreed. To me it meant the prophecy was one of those bogus prophecies used to fool the enemy, and everyone else, as I have explained numerous times. Thus, I started to think I was being taken for a ride. But, if that was all part of the ‘work’ I convinced myself to go along with it.

Remember, we are talking minutes in Spacecraft time here. As conditions on Earth worsened, and fragmentation accelerated, the outer limit seemed to contract. I calculated 2029 as a possibility from the data being fed to this shell, then 2025, then 2023, and recently, a week before the penultimate Pope declared his intention of retiring, I published the figure of 2019.

So far I have not needed to alter that date. Whether this shell is being impressed to come up with such dates to fool the enemy I cannot say. Whether you want to believe it or not, the enemy agents read our minds even if we protect vigorously, and they can implant false thoughts as you have probably experienced, inspite of our best efforts to prevent that.

The secret of progress and success in our Personal War and in the General War is in being able to tell which thoughts are from where and to weed out the evil-implanted ones. That is why I have written to never act on suspicious thoughts or commands that you may receive. I will cover these concepts in my detail in the essay when I discuss the practice of taking hallucinogenics and getting messages from Evil Reptiles!

Accidents that could easily have been fatal started almost immediately when I began the work. As you recall, I was warned to expect all sorts of attacks, physical, financial, emotional, etc. The attacks began taking their toll with physical injuries. In 1990, while I was in Israel for the funeral of Professor Moshe Kroy, armed assassins attempted to break down the door to my room at the hotel. I don’t think they wanted to discuss my books or the recent lectures I had given there. Seeing these men with machine guns rushing up the stairs from the lobby without asking directions, the staff had the foresight to call the police. They came immediately and I was escorted out of the country under their care.

Just by the way, who do you think set me up by giving unknown assassins details of where I would be at a certain time? Amitakh, the demon, did. Can you believe it? Her intention was to see me killed. As I said elsewhere she had been instrumental in setting up the death of Prof Moshe Kroy ultimately to cover up her role, and his, in the assassination of Gilli Kroy in Melbourne. I have repeatedly asked the Australian police to investigate thee matters, but my requests have fallen on deaf ears.

Back to the 2035 prophecy of the End: A medical re-evaluation of this shell at age 65, by cardiac specialists, concluded that I was good for perhaps another 15 years, maximum. That was in 2009. I know we doctors get such things terribly wrong, but it sounded about right to me. In fact, if anything, it was a little optimistic. At any rate, that would mean I could live till 2024, my 80th birthday, unless a truck or bus got me. Thus, again I thought the Plan of an Endtime at 2035 was probably false, or quite inaccurate, or else, as I said, a ploy for fools, for there appeared no way I was going to make it to 2035!

I have no tangible evidence to give you as to why the End could be in 2019. It is pure speculation on my part. I will probably live another 6 years and make it to 2019. I’ll be 75, easily achievable. Could that date be the real date for the end? At this stage, your guess would be as good as mine. We have to examine the mechanisms affecting our lives to reach some conclusion about the possibility of a near End. Don’t forget, they said a similar thing to the shell called Jesus 2000 years ago, and nothing happened.

The only other relevant comment I can make on this is that Babaji continuously repeated that the End would be so swift and occur so unexpectedly, even though we are waiting for it, that we will all be taken by surprise when it does happen. Thus, your guess of precise timing is as good as this shell’s and of every other shell. Who knows, the detonation of certain energies will ignite the atmosphere, as was the fear of the Manhattan Project in the 1940s, and it’ll be goodnight Irene and Charlie as all living things will asphyxiate in minutes!

See reference 27 here:

As I said, the conclusion was fallacious. It could have happened and it did happen on Mars and other planets.

Just as an aside, why do you think the scientists producing the bomb feared such ignition of the atmosphere? They had done just that on Mars with their experiments, and with near fatal consequences for all on that planet. You see, it’s the same destructive Archons that destroy life wherever they go.



If we take a bird’s eye view of the world and its celestial environs, we shall see that there are a number of components that indicate a massive upheaval. I am not aware of some of these factors in previous eras of our history. I realize that some of the points I write below are speculative with no proof, but let’s move on and see where we get to. After all, the essay “Terminal Madness of the Endtime’ was purely speculative when I wrote it, and look at how accurate that turned out to be.

  1. We can easily witness some activities of Terminal Destruction which are being affected by ‘human’ activity. The looming Major Wars are an inescapable example.

  1. Some activities are to do with the changes in structures of Celestial bodies, such as our Sun and other planets that are also dying. Evidence of this has been noted scientifically. Realize that Superior beings are needed to change the course of a lifecycle, or even shorten it, be it of a gnat or a giant Star. Babaji and his twin have been working in this area of the Galaxy, including our Sun, to hasten its demise. And remember, the Avatar is Omnipotent and Omnipresent. Splinters of its Consciousness are everywhere.

  1. Other activities are to do with the fracturing of Earth and its sub-dimensions. Remember the noises heard recently all over the world? They were from fracturing internal structures.

  1. Minds of the Archons (demons), no matter of what class they may be, no matter what part of the Universe they inhabit, are fragmenting because the apparatus that controlled such minds has been disabled. Thus, my assertion that ‘Jehovah is dead’.

  1. Minds of the robots and failed Viables are dissipating because of the loss of the controlling evil factors of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination. Without those factors, the controlled zombies are becoming out-of-control zombies.

  1. The lack of energy on all levels, because it has been cut off, as I wrote before, is causing fracturing of non-Viable Consciousness in all the classes of the Universe, including the Astral and Etheric Dimensions surrounding this planet and all the other planets.

  1. Such fracturing is affecting all these:

i The Mineral Class. We do have and shall have radioactive and magnetic disturbances of a grand scale here and in the Sun, with massive solar flares and excessive aberrant radiation, as well as in all celestial bodies. They will not obey what we thought were Man’s Immutable Laws of Physics. Earth will physically fall on its axis for the last time due to a number of factors including this weakening of the Mineral Class.

Accelerated Isotope decay is a reality and there is evidence that it has occurred in the past. It will now proceed at a Terminal Rate.

Climate change, mainly due to the Sun’s altered radioactivity will take its toll.

Are you really able to forget the damage from Fukushima?

ii The Vegetable Class will show crop failures and destructive super weeds, inspite of GMO foodstuffs which will be sterilizing, carcinogenic, allergenic and murderous.

iii The Animal Class in which species are dying off at an alarming rate will begin to disappear, simply because their consciousnesses are leaving.

Such reports are typically hopeful when really, there is no hope:

iv The Human Class faces mass extinction due to all the above factors and especially the coming Wars. Just last week, Australian National Radio reported an endemic scourge of DEMENTIA in 30, 40 and 50 year olds in this country! That is something never before seen. I have enumerated the factors causing dementia elsewhere.

You may recall this interview that Stephen Hawking gave. Of course he is unaware of what I am writing, and the fact that there will be no space to go to! Cultivated Ignorance, par excellence!

  1. There is no renewable Source of Energy for the Universe so the End is inevitable.

Entropy wins when organisms cease to take in energy and die.

And just for a laugh:,281/

  1. Vast amounts of explosive energy have been buried within the planet to be detonated soon to end its misery. I hinted at such a notion in the essay that I called Shiva’s Return. You will find it on my website. No, I cannot provide proof for this assertion.

  1. He’ with the detonators is at the ready; hence, my introduction to you of the New Explosive Energy that has recently descended onto this planet.

  1. Divine Crafts are awaiting the Command to begin evacuation. You will have to take this assertion on faith for now. But, as some of you connect to the Supra-mental Plane, as you are supposed to do, perhaps you will contact them directly. Again I warn you not to follow any instructions they may give you unless such instruction are for your good and do not cause harm or disadvantage to you or any other living thing, even the environment.

Some will physically die and their spiritual bodies will be lifted to the waiting crafts.

Some will be physically lifted into the crafts and shed the bodies there without loss of consciousness. I am told no pain or discomfort is involved.



Probably the most convincing aspect of a coming catastrophic change on all levels of consciousness, not just on the physical that could point to the coming of an unprecedented Endtime, is the process we can call THE MASS AWAKENING.

There is a wave of awakening in all classes of consciousness, in all races, in all peoples, concerning a number of incidents that lead to unprecedented expanded awareness.

  • The EXISTENCE OF EVIL. People are awakening to the fraud and hypocrisy, and the Evil involved, in, for example, the Gulf Fiasco, HAARP, Chemtrails, Fukushima, 9/11 and the Jewish Holocaust. These have allowed many to see that there are ruthless controllers who have no qualms about murdering anyone, even their own people, and the environment, in order to gain what they seek. It allows observers to contemplate the existence of Evil at a time when this concept needs to be accepted.

The very first obstacle when I began public lectures in the 1980s was the notion promoted by the New Agers that there is no Evil. They have certainly changed their minds since being caught up in all these evil affairs. Those who want to remain blind fools will do so even as they hasten along the Road to Perdition soon enough.

  • THE EXISTENCE OF ALIENS. There is a mass Awakening to the existence of Alien life. As I wrote previously, anyone who denies the existence of aliens is very, very stupid or a deluded fool. Surveys have up to 80% believing in them. Some 10% have had valid abduction experiences.

We all know the stories of obfuscation of Truth about UFO and Aliens by Governments, especially the USA’s, with stories like Project Blue Book, et al.

The work of Allen Hynek who co-operated to scuttle belief in UFOs and then capitulated is most interesting.

Aliens on the Moon; Watch this:

  • SPIRITUAL DIMENSIONS. The number who now have had Near Death Experiences, and the reports by qualified people on Life after Death, add to our lives the dimensions many of us have been seeking for a long time. This goes for the species in general also for as long as records have been kept.

  • THE IMPLANTED THOUGHT OF AN ENDTIME: Tabloid dealings with such things as St Malachi, Nostradamus, the Hopi Prophecies, the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar, etc., have all awakened people to the thoughts of an End to come, regardless of when that may be.

The fact that this thought of an Endtime has existed in the minds of all generations surely points to the fact that not all is well in this Universe and it must at some stage by obliterated. Thus, the seed of Gnosticism and the Celestial Error were part of all minds since their inception. Even the Evil Mind and its segment called ‘Jehovah’ knew they existed on borrowed and very finite Time.

  • PSYCHIC ABILITIES: People are spontaneously awakening to their own psychic abilities for it is time for them to do so. They are seeing reptiles and demons in human shells as I predicted would occur. This has progressed to actual communication with other levels and dimensions in some, and soon many deserving ones will attain a connection to the Supra-Mental Plane as forecast last century, publically by Shri Aurobindo and privately by the REAL Sai Baba both of whom are, of course, Members of the Family of Light.

As you know the Medical Profession treats such abilities as an ILLNESS. Why do you think they would do that? Like all institutions, Medicine is run by Archons. They don’t want anyone to know the truth. Hence, any who expand awareness are classed as sick.

Note that the Catholic Church called many mentally deranged individuals Seers, Saints and Doctors of the Church when they could use their utterings to trap the robots. When, of course, as in the case of Mesmer, it allowed people to pierce the veils of Untruth and awaken, it condemned them as instruments of Satan. Classic hypocrisy, don’t you think?

Be aware of the fact that both Mesmer and Swedenborg, although opening the gates to another dimension with their work that the Churches did not want opened, for they would lose control of the sheople, were still working within the spiritual dimension of the Illusion.

  • TIME’S ACCELERATION: I have explained this in a previous essay and I ask that you go back and read it if you have not done so. Times is passing faster because of the fragmentation of the Physical Dimension and the fact that Matter is descending into Demonic Levels in preparation for its total annihilation.

  • LACK of (spiritual) ENERGY. I have covered this topic elsewhere extensively also. The amount of energy available on this level will continue to drop until the dimension is totally destroyed.

  • SUFFERING: it is a certainty that no matter whom we are or what we do, it appears our suffering in many ways has increased exponentially, and most of it has nothing to do with what we ourselves do. It is a consequence of the deterioration of all systems and the fragmentation of the Endtime.

If anything is going to convince you that this world is not a godly state, surely it is the degree of suffering in the world. And yet, are you really surprised that many, especially the demons, cannot see the suffering of others? It is because they live on the suffering of others for, as I have written, they feast on the exploited energy.

This is their Heaven. This is their happy hunting ground. That is why they have gone to great lengths to prevent exposure of the Truth and what it is they do. That is why they have eradicated any, such as the Gnostics, who dared to tell the truth of things.

Without the suffering of others and the energy that suffering yields, they would perish. And that is what they are about to do now.

And just by the way, about the Oldest Profession in the World. Do you recall what it is? It is prostitution whose main function is the draining of energy by demonic women, and men, through sex from those who had, and have, the energy. They are energy collectors for the Evil System, whether you want to believe it or not. Gnostics knew such danger and that is why they were strict with their laws on fornication.

The story of the ‘Sons of God’ finding succour in the loins of the daughters of men was a supposed harmless recount of the entrapment by demons of such beings that had energy the demons desperately needed to sustain the Evil Empire! Genesis 6:2

Sex exploitation is one of the most efficient methods Evil has of gathering energy. And that explains the widespread pornographic industries of today.

  • INJUSTICE and EXPLOITATION: In all sectors of our lives, exploitation has increased dramatically to cause us more anxiety, pain and suffering. We are being targeted for exploitation by the decaying Evil System for it wants the energy stored within us. It does not care whether the process ruins us financially or emotionally or even kills us physically. The System we are in simply does not care. Expect more of this to continue.

The degree of Injustice for all who are not demonic can be seen all around us, throughout all lands, in all aspects of History, and is the stuff of nightmares.

  • FINANCIAL COLLAPSE. This is a destructive corollary as a consequence of the death of ‘Jehovah’. The Financial Being was an aspect of ‘its’ control. Now that both beings have been dismantled, finances will become more and more erratic for the consciousness of money will go insane as the system itself goes insane without adequate controlling mechanisms. The consciousness of money is evil and that is obvious to all who are awakened somewhat. Thus the adage: ‘It is easier for a camel to enter …….etc.’ Mark 10:25

  • The combination of conditions that I have mentioned previously and that I will again mention here alert thinking people to the fact that these many not be normal times.

  • Thus, Eugenics Programs are being introduced at a time when population explosion is uncontrollable.

  • All Homeostatic Systems seem to have gone awry.

  • A New World Order is being formulated by the out-of-control Archons who will fail miserably, for other factors will engulf them.

  • Chemtrails are making us sicker and forcing us to suffer. Their main function is to reduce higher brain functions so people will not have the intellectual capacity to fight back against the exposed evil Archons.

  • HAARP technology is disrupting climate and food production. It is a tool of warfare, make no mistake about it.

  • Vaccines are sterilizing people and will soon target genetic groups for elimination.

  • GMO foodstuffs will continue to poison populations as they are formulated to be part of the Eugenics Programs.

  • Electromagnetic waves released via cell phones, TV, Smart Meters, etc., etc., will cause more and more brain damage to, and mental dysfunction in, populations, especially those seeking to rebel for they are awakened a little to the iniquities of their Archonic leaders/masters.

  • Such measures as the ubiquitous use of Fluoride have been successful in dumbing populations down also. This negative effect on IQ in children has been scientifically proven and I gave the reference in an earlier essay.

  • MENTAL ILLNESS: This includes Dementia, which is now endemic and pandemic. There are a number of causes as I have explained previously. I forecast this in the 1990s. The lack of Vitamin B12, of Vitamin D, the effects of Fluoride, microwaves, HAARP, Chemtrails and their contents, which are neurotoxic, have all been to blame. Note that most of these factors are man-made. Rather, they are demon-made, for the demons are in control.

Latest reports claim that 25% of the American population is on anti-depressants. The published percentage had jumped from 6 to 11% between 2011 and 2012. I mentioned elsewhere that dementia is rife in 30, 40 and 50 year old in Australia, something never before seen or even imagined possible. At least one third of the elderly who die have dementia.

People simply cannot cope. They have lost their way. The meaning of life is as vague as it ever was for the majority, and for some, even more so.

  • SPIRITUAL DISSOCIATION is occurring and that is why the Religions/Churches are being abandoned unless they turn themselves into social clubs and ‘pick-up joints’. Institutionalized religions were run by Jehovah and his Archons to keep the Robots and any others they could trap, harnessed and obedient and, of course, exploitable. Now that ‘he’ is gone, the religions are losing their control. It was always sham spirituality, nothing to do with Truth or the real God, as we shall see when I discuss the bogus reality of Near Death Experiences in a coming essay.

  • GNOSTICISM: Many are awakening spontaneously to the fact that there is something seriously wrong with ‘life’ as we know it.

  • They are beginning to search for more meaningful answers than History, Science and Religions can provide, and in their search,

  • they are impinging on the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom of which I write, that tells them about

  • the Celestial Error, akin to the War in Heaven,

  • About Gnosticism,

  • That this dimension is not only Evil but also is an Illusion requiring correction.

  • This leads to the definitive need for an Endtime.

  • As they search they find the Keys to Make Sense of this Madness and then

  • The means to cleanse adequately, protect, and purify, and to patiently await evacuation.

The majority, however, are simply awakening, if they do at all, to the fact that something is very, very wrong, and that it may be physically fatal for them. For the moment, that is enough to push them along the path they are to follow.


As time progresses, Viables will sense the foul energy of the non-Viables more than ever and they will want to shun them, and to be with ones of like energy, if possible. This will not always be possible.

The non-Viables will grow angry, irrational and violent, mainly because their minds are decaying at an accelerated and alarming pace and because of their reaction to the NGE, as I mentioned above.

Watch closely the leaders of the World. The madness will be most clearly expressed in them. This is already abundantly clear as they start threatening each other with nuclear weapons and forecasting the desire to kill their own populations on suspicion of lack of Patriotism to support foul deeds, past and future, etc.



Regarding the Wars on this doomed Rock fought by the doomed robots and demons:

It seems the USA has started blinking first:


Even though it seems it will start WW3, do NOT skip this next video in which you will hear of the concept of ‘Humanitarian Nuclear Weapons’. This must surely be the apogee of Demonic Lunacy!

US Civil war is also definitely coming:

While you read, notice how they use Patriotism and Fears as powerful programing tools to kill whomever they like, even, as we shall see, those who detest aggressive, nonsensical battles and wars. They are the same tools the Catholic Church used against Gnostics, that Invaders used against Indigenes, whites against blacks, rich against poor, ‘straights’ against perceived sexual deviants, etc., etc.

In the meantime, Russia is ready and surrounds the enemy:

And of course, Zionism is in the thick of things:



If it is the End, why is War allowed to happen?

Massive wars with the greatest degree of malignity and hatred are going to occur, for the demons will be unable to hide their true nature. They have always been liars, hypocrites, thieves and murderers. Many physical lives will be lost and the damage will be immense.

This is being allowed to happen so that all will be able to see the Evil Nature of these hypocrites. All will be able to see that ‘life’ on the planet cannot continue this way, and that it must come to an end. Everyone will agree that an END is mandatory.

Conditions will be so bad, ‘the living will envy the dead’, as has been quoted many times.

Those with inner understanding will realize why all of this is occurring and that nothing of true spiritual value will be lost in the process. They will know the destruction of Evil and its total eradication from our existence is a good thing.

They will know they will be rescued and taken to a Safe Haven of Peace, Joy, Love and Light.

The failures will realize their fate. But, no one is responsible for whatever the fate is except the individual. Everyone has had equal chances to turn to the Light or at least chances to learn to live in peace and harmony. That is something the Demons cannot do and they will amply demonstrate this with the coming wars.

They have demonstrated this throughout history, even when they themselves wrote it.

Someone recently asked me if I will be moved by the destruction of so many people.

Consider this: I perform a good deal of surgery removing cancers, including melanomas from patients. I am not moved by excising these dangerous things. Melanomas can kill in a matter of weeks. I am happy to perform this service as are the patients.

Evil and all its constituents are cancers on the face of the True Creation. As in the analogy above, no one could seriously be concerned about removing such cancers from the face of the True Creation to save it.

The beauty that is seen on this Earth, in this Universe, is an illusion. We are living in a Virtual Reality as I have pointed out in my writings, especially in my poem, ‘La Dolce Vita’.

As you gain your psychic abilities, you will see the ugliness within those who parade themselves as things of beauty. Did Jesus not say the same thing? Probably the first thing you will note is nausea on hearing the voices of demons, especially when they broadcast over radio or television, and intense nausea even from photos of demons. You can practice this by simply looking at newspapers, magazines, TV shows, movies, etc.

Eventually you will note that what you once took as pretty or beautiful is now impossible to even look at, such is the ugliness that is perceived. Conversely, in those with Light within, you will feel a familiarity with them, and calmness, and a lack of apprehension that is present with those of Evil. You will feel mistrust with non-Viables. The feeling between Viables will warm our hearts. When this occurs, you will have recognized a member of the Family. And it may apply to animals, tress, etc., as well as humans. Even rocks can have trapped Divine Mineral Consciousness within them. So the notion of ‘pet rocks’ is not misplaced.

The magnificent photos of aspects of the Universe that are now available seem serene enough. But, what is in them? Therein is radiation that destroys life; Black Holes that end existence; galaxies that collide and end physical life within them, and so on. In other words, we see more violence, abuse, destruction and obviously murder on a grand scale. All these are the traits of Evil.

Here is a short clip of Astrophysics. I present it for you to realize the implications of what is seen: destruction of stars and all ‘living’ matter in its vast environs, poisoning of life far and wide, as well as pain, suffering and anguish.

How do we get Supernovas? It is either Evil exercising its muscles to gain more and more energy from the Divine Beings it has trapped there, or else the result of its own fragmentation as part of the Correction as is now occurring in our galaxy.

Why will our Sun soon explode? Active intervention has occurred to alter its state which will end its life far earlier than if no intervention was to occur. This may seem enigmatic; however I am not going to explain further at this stage.


In order to allow fatal fragmentation of individuals, planets, or galaxies, with loss of the controlling factors by which Evil controlled its minions, the controlling mechanism needed to be disassembled.

This was the operation by which ‘Jehovah’ was dismantled and thus the madness ensued. This is why I am able to state ‘Jehovah’ is dead.

Jehovah, and all its minions, including the Robots and Demons, are artificial creations that exist only in the Virtual Reality. They cannot exist outside of it. It can be likened to a computer game. That is why I say nothing of value can be lost by total destruction of this Physical Dimension and Correction of the Error.

However, there is danger for the Divine Beings trapped within the Illusion for they can be so drained of their Divine energy that they actually become inert and their consciousness lost forever.


As the massive wars rage, other catastrophes will occur as predicted by many.

  • Diseases will spread;

  • Food shortage will cause starvation;

  • In desperation, many will return to cannibalism. All demons are basically cannibals;

  • Earthquakes and fault fractures with tsunamis will occur;

  • Meteor strikes will happen;

  • The globe will physically fall on its axis;

And then finally, detonation of implanted energy will bring it to its end.

What is this implanted energy?

The answer lies in the answer to this question: ‘What were Babaji and I doing, travelling the world from Tibet to Mesoamerica, from Scotland to the Unholy Land, from Tasmania to Banff, etc., etc., for 15 years?

Who is this ‘man’ Babaji’? I mean the REAL Babaji, not the sham imposter Amitakh Stanford brings through in her ego-inebriated trance states.

Who has already corrected 90 % of the known Physical Universe?

If you are of Light, superficial fear and apprehension will be replaced with the Joy of Rescue and the fulfillment of a Divine Promise. Do not be concerned about the reaction of others, no matter who they are.

As you undergo a massive awakening, which will occur faster and faster as you cleanse, you will be aware of 3 types of memory in your head.

  1. The genetic memory of your DNA. This is useless forget it. Soon it will be gone forever.

  1. The Ethereal memory of your lives in the Astral and Etheric planes. Forget that too. It is memory of illusions within illusions. It too shall be destroyed so no memory of the misery we suffered will haunt us. In other words, we shall in future, not remember the suffering we experienced under Evil.

  1. The Supramental Memory. As you connect, you will recall who you really are, where you come from and where you are going to, namely our Heavenly Abode. Each consciousness will go to the Class to which it belongs in order to continue its evolution towards the Supreme Divine Pool of Consciousness.

Non-Viables will have to reflect, deep within their being, why they are being destroyed. Such contemplation is no one else’s business, and they will be unable to blame anyway else for their fate. Their Road to Perdition will include fatal Terminal Madness. Be prepared for such eventualities.

I repeat, do not be disturbed spiritually by the emotionalism of the coming destruction. Certainly your body may react, but learn to harness it. Don’t let it blackmail your mind into despair. We will experience automatic processes as the clearing energies do they job. You will know what you are as the NGE approaches you.


So, what are we to make of all this. As I said before, at first this shell ‘awoke’ and received a Message. Then came the writings; then the changes began of what I contend, because of my Message, to be of terminal fragmentation.

There are a number of possibilities for what is going on, but obviously only one of them can be the correct answer. Let us examine possibilities.

  1. One can suggest that I have made all this up in my spare time even though I have had witnesses to my alien visitations in infancy (my mother, who is still alive) and a fellow traveler when I went to the craft in 1985. One can speculate I basically made up the conclusion of an Endtime.

  1. Against the notion that I have created such an absurdity is also the fact that many others have been given the message of an Endtime as I reported after my travels to Mesoamerica.

Many others have been given information similar to this and even shown the End of the World in visions while they experienced episodes of expanded awareness in Near Death Experiences. I could hardly have made their stories up. To verify the messages from Mexicans and others who report being told about an Endtime, one only needs to travel there and ask them.

  1. It is impossible that I have made all this up for we can see the mechanisms of decay in our lives very obviously everywhere we look. As I said above, at this point in our history any fool with little technical training can see we are in deep trouble as the homeostatic mechanisms of all systems are failing. That was not the obvious case in 1985 when I was given the message.

  1. And I shall repeat the fact that it does not take a genius to work out we may not survive as a species! It is only a short jump to the probability of my message from there.

  1. We do not need to rely on prophecies, such as that of St Malachi, for we now know that in most cases prophecy is propaganda or outright BS.

  1. Evidence suggests that this may be a time, not just of the end of the species, but the end of other celestial bodies as well. I have given you evidence that the Sun is dying which means our Solar System will die. That surely means the Endtime for it.

  1. Could the phrase ‘End of the World’ be a threatening, malicious, false and absurd mantra often repeated by mendacious people to control the masses? One could hardly agree to that seeing that this ‘mantra’ has been given to us over the centuries by ones we call Spiritual Masters and who have, in most cases, been treated most horribly by the system and even assassinated for their troubles.

  1. The Mantra is vehemently opposed by those who appear to be Evil. The fact that Evil exists is only disputed by evil ones, and in that group I include the foolish New Agers.

  1. The fact that the mantra of ‘End of the World’ exists should have rung a bell in our heads that something is wrong in this Dimension and must be corrected at some stage. Otherwise why else would there need to be an End to the World?

  1. In essence, the Mantra is a reminder by the Avatar Energy which presented it throughout the Ages that an Error did occur and that it needed to be corrected. Implied in the Mantra is the fact that Evil exists, that some are Evil, and that all will be called to account in the Final Day.

  1. Forget the comical scenarios of an Endtime painted by the religionists, of Jesus coming on a cloud with trumpeting Angels, with seals broken, with horses galloping, and with harlots offering their services to be spared justice. I am purposely making fun of that idiocy. These scenes have been painted by liars, deceivers and hypocrites who have rewritten the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom and presented an accretion of banality. If they can do it so easily in these last few years as with the Jewish Holocaust and 9/11, what else do you think they can do with ancient history? And it’s not just those of Zion to be blamed here. St. Jerome and St. Augustine of Hippo were hypocrites, par excellence, too, who fed baloney to the sheople.

  1. We are left with a massive number of apparently dissociated facts of decay, destruction, fragmentation, dementia, fears and potential annihilation.

  1. Since 1985 I have written essays such as the one called ‘Terminal Madness of the Endtime’, which acted as blueprints for what was to eventuate. You would be very foolish indeed to argue against what I wrote, for most of the things forecast in those essays have come to fruition.

  1. I am sure that many generations in the past have felt they were living the Endtime.

  • I recall people talking with trepidation about the indiscriminate bombing of roads, bridges, towns and villages by the ‘allies’ during the Second World War in Italy, and they thought the End was surely here.

  • Londoners could not have felt any different with their bombing raids,

  • As did the innocent villagers of Germany who drowned by flooding due to Bomber Harris and others intentionally murdering them too.

  • At the time of the Black Plague what else could the people think?

  • And in the horrendous times when the Earth fell on its axis, as it has done many times, surely those who experienced it feared it was the End of the World.

  1. What I have done is put all the facts into one postulation, into one Primary Cause. This is my message.

  1. My shell is like any other shell. It is subjected to pain, and suffering, degenerative illness and infectious diseases, dental decay and eventual death, like every other shell in existence. I don’t have two heads, I am not immune to bullets, I do not grow money on trees in my back yard. What I do have is a Supramental Connection and I know that many of you are obtaining such a connection from what you write to me.

  1. My Supramental Connection gives me unique knowledge of what is, and of what is to be. If you want to argue this point, remember my Motto.

  1. Your connections will give you the knowledge you need for your preparation and for the final evacuation.

  1. As things now stand, detonation to bring on the Final Day will occur in July 2019. This is a variable date, but it won’t vary by much if at all.

  1. He’ or ‘What’ shall trigger the detonators to explode the buried energy and thus call it the Final Day shall remain secret for now. Fear not, for ‘He’ with the trigger finger is very experienced. ‘He’ has performed this procedure many times across this Abominable Universe.

I am sure this list can be expanded.

I hope you realize that if you are thinking we have all been fooled by these so-called benevolent alien consciousnesses, then this shell too, that I inhabit, has been fooled. So, don’t blame me for their tomfoolery, if that is what it turns out to be. But I can’t conceive the Sun’s decay, and the Earth’s severe fragmentation being tomfoolery. I really cannot conceive that this shell of mine could put all this knowledge together as a hobby.

I am sure no one on Earth has analyzed this process as often and in as much detail as I have over the last 30 years or so. I can’t find the loophole, if one exists, to say it is all nonsense. Can you?

I shall continue writing essays and, with Jeff’s Rense’s permission, broadcasting Shows with him, in order to support those who are interested and to make a connection between us in the ether. But realize that connecting to the Supramental is your personal responsibility and no one else can do it for you.

Inspite of what I have written here, continue your life as normal, trying to improve the quality of it and your spirituality. You will know what I mean if you are genuine. Always live in Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love, regardless of what surrounds you and what stress factors confront you. Never entertain the thought of hate in your mind and never contemplate retaliating against Evil. That is what it wants, namely, for you to fight back and lose more energy.

Take your cleansing and protection seriously. Purify to the max. I have written extensively about these things in my books. And do not be blackmailed by the numerous incidents of gross emotional exploitation that will escalate in our lives as the horrors around us mount.

As I have written and said often previously, there are very few Theomorphic Viable consciousnesses in human shells today as the majority were evacuated in November 1999.

But there are still some 650 million Robots that are viable. Hence, there is still plenty of work for the Rescuers to do.

One final thing; whatever effects these words have on you are your business. I don’t need to know. I don’t want to know. I don’t need your approval for what I write and I certainly will not entertain fools.

So, go within, into Darkness, or Light, whatever your case may be.

Of course, my sincere wish is that all who read my words are valuable Viable Beings of Love and Light and that we shall join together soon to share the Glory of the Final Victory over Evil as has been promised since the beginning of the limited and very artificial Time of this horrible, horrible Error.


Copyright: Dr J. Chiappalone
All Rights Reserved
March 27, 2013





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