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Chiappalone - End Time Code
Part 2

By Dr Joseph Chiappalone MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It


Please read Part One before proceeding if you have not already done so. In this, Part Two, I am going to discuss ‘my’ Contact further and the Process of Awakening this Cardboard Box (the shell, the physical body) that I am using, in order to gain more perspective in this Endtime scenario which may perhaps validate the possibility this is, in fact, the real Endtime and to assist some of you to attain full awakening before Evacuation.

You need to understand, no matter what your level of awareness may be, that every shell (physical body, Cardboard Box) that is contacted by Higher Consciousnesses must undergo some sort of awakening of the shell, regardless of what that shell is called. Thus, you will see this in the life of illustrious Spiritual Masters such as Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, Shri Aurobindo, etc., and in the lives of the most insignificant no-bodies, who reach Enlightenment, if you could examine them.  

The stories abound that Buddha left all his riches to seek Enlightenment that he eventually found meditating under a Bodhi tree.

Jesus went to India to see Babaji, His ‘Celestial Twin’, and thus gain for that shell He occupied, the contact/pathway for Enlightenment.

Manichaeus, after initial contact, waited some 20 years in the Babylonian wastelands for Enlightenment.

Shri Aurobindo was contact by a Higher Source while in jail on unjust charges to be told a fuller Path of Enlightenment awaited him once he was released.

Likewise, those who express demonic entities need to convert the shell via various means to being one that allows the demonic expression. Hard drugs and excessive alcohol are favoured means.

I will describe my Quest in Jest, as I meander a little along the pathway that made ‘me’ become ‘Me”, that led to my awakening, and I shall describe how I got to the Message I was to broadcast. As we go along, you will see that we may very well have to ask if this is another Leela for the amusement of the ‘gods’ or whether in fact, it is the last laugh?

It may answer the question of ‘what ought we to believe?’ as I examine some of the travails of this Cardboard Box, made of Calabrian stuff. Forget the Cosa Nostra, the Black Hand and Dark Matter for a moment. This is Divine Family business for sure! But, I need to add, that my writings have been wonderfully successful in their role of exposing the most foolish and recalcitrant demons on the planet.

What follows is not going to make much sense if you are not familiar with the metaphysical anatomy of ‘Humans’ and especially of one such as myself.

The Metaphysical Anatomy

To be classed as ‘Human’, you obviously have to have a human body. This is a dispensable item that is born, grows and then dies. It has a brain, a lower mind and processes that allow it to function as a biological robot. It can exist all its physical life as a flesh and blood robot, guided totally by factors of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination that affect it from the womb to the tomb. I have discussed these factors and how they work extensively in my books. 70% of the human population of this world is just that: flesh and blood robots, most of the others are basic demons.

Inside that Box (the physical body, the shell) can be another consciousness that lives beyond the life of the box and lived before the creation of the body in most cases. It incarnates from box to box, physical life after physical life, mainly because it has no other choice, as I have explained in my books. That consciousness (being Class 4 in humans) can have a number of classifications.

    It may be a robotic consciousness, created by superior (and evil) aliens.
    It may be a robotic consciousness created of a mixture of Good and Evil energies,
    It may be demonic, created by demons, or
    It may be a creation, which I have called Theomorphic as a classification, of Higher Divine Consciousness, which means made by ‘God’. There are many, many other levels of Divine Consciousness as I have discussed in my books.

As an example, let us discuss Jesus of Nazareth.

His body was the product of an egg fertilized by a sperm. The story of a Virgin Birth is baloney as I have discussed elsewhere. The numbers of elaborate stories about Him include such things as:

    Jesus dying for our sins,
    Being brutally murdered so his Father would open the Gates of Heaven to let  in all those Jesus called vipers, hypocrites, liars, fornicastors and murderers,
    False and misleading teachings attributed to him that make wimps out of Divine Warriors, and
    The manifestation of all those spurious miracles,

These have been created by the evil Archons and are fictional BS mixed with some Gnostic Truths. You need to realize these deceptions if you have not already done so. Most people are fooled by the Jesus Myth and they are going to be greatly shocked with what I have to reveal.

Within that body of Jesus resided a Class 4 Theomorphic Consciousness.  That consciousness existed before the body of Jesus, the son of Joseph and Mary, and continued to exist after the death of the body. In fact, I have told you it represented later, on this level, as Manichaeus, King Arthur, Frederick Nietzsche, Shri Aurobindo, and many, many other beings. Before that it presented as Buddha, Zoroaster, Rama, Krishna, etc., etc. Myths have embellished them into allegorical caricatures.

Superimposed upon these two structures (the physical body and the Class 4 ethereal consciousness) was a Higher Divine Consciousness called the Christ Consciousness. This latter Divine Consciousness overshadowed the Class 4 being within Jesus whenever he incarnated again, either as a public figure or as a little nobody working on this level incognito.

Without getting too technical, you need to know that the Christ Energy is a descending aspect of the Father Energy, the Highest expressive Energy in existence. Thus far, that Christ Energy has been known as the Son Energy, and its role was to liberate the aspects of the expressive Energy, called the Feminine Energy (the Mother Energy) which manifests aspects of Creation. These are merely words to help us understand. In reality there is no gender in Consciousness outside of this evil dimension. As an aside, how many know that the actor, Marlon Brando, who played Don Corleone (the Lionhearted), carried a splinter of the Christ Light within that shell?

The experiment called the Celestial Error gave rise to this illicit and evil Virtual Reality, known as the Physical Universe. In the process, that Feminine Creative Aspect became entangled within the Evil web that ensued. That evil web was really never meant to express. The story of Osiris, Isis and Horus, in its uncorrupted form, is a recount of the Son rescuing the trapped portion of the ‘Mother Energy’ and then a further recount of the joining of the two energies to become the Supreme ‘Father Energy’. Your understanding of this concept is not critical for what is to follow.

As I said above, anyone’s physical body can exist from the womb to the tomb as a biological robot controlled totally by the Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination of this Virtual Reality. I have discussed this in detail in my books and if you are interested, I suggest you read them.

Most people on the planet manifest exactly as that, although you may have noted that the evil, controlling programming, pollution and indoctrinations are losing their grip on the robots. This is allowing the robots to rebel against their masters (the Archons) who set up these controlling factors, and also allowing their minds to fragment, leading to the Terminal Madness of the ENDTIME that I had predicted and explained previously. And, of course, exactly the same thing is happening to the minds of the Archons. That is why they are entertaining thoughts of killing off their own citizens with DRONES in the not-too-distant future and setting off nuclear weapons as if they are firecrackers. More about this all-consuming Terminal Madness later.

And just who is going to be targeted?

If this is NOT Terminal Madness of the Endtime, what is it?


Back to the main topic of the essay:

Thus, there were 3 aspects of the Being we know as Jesus.

    The first aspect was the physical body which learned to be a carpenter, worked, became ill, studied, travelled, etc., etc. It was subjected to all the programming, pollution and indoctrination of this false reality as all physical bodies are. It needed to grow, breath, eat, digest, recover from illness, and so on. The shell had to fight its Personal Battle against Evil as all shell which contain Divine consciousness need to.

The physical body is programmed by the genetic code, its hormones and genetic memory. It is subjected to the laws of the Land, its physical potentials, its emotions (which are Evil-created mechanisms to control and exploit the shell at differing times), the effects of foodstuffs, drink, education, patriotism, sunlight, intoxication, racial prejudice, peer pressure, religious prejudice, sexuality, colour of skin, etc. You will have already noted to some degree that every individual alive on this planet is subjected to these vile effects and must fight them to be free of their evil influences.

When Jesus’ body died on the cross, it was the end of that Cardboard Box. It was buried and became a meal for worms as all our bodies become unless they are cremated. While in existence, the body is subjected to all the laws of nature, and all the idiotic laws of the Archons. Jesus transgressed those Evil Laws by speaking the Truth and for that His body was murdered.

None of us, no matter who we are spiritually, can escape the laws that govern the body on this level. Thus, if the Highest Consciousness that we call ‘God’ were to incarnate into a body and broke the speed limit while driving, ‘he’ would be fined for speeding. If it ate poison, that body would die. If it ran out of air, it would asphyxiate, etc.

We need to recognize the attributes of the animalistic body and contrast them with the Divine Essences that inhabit it. Of course, some of the essences within bodies are demonic as we now often see.

The main means we have of recognizing Divine Essence is via its expression of Divine knowledge on this level and its ability to contact the Supramental Plane. Even so-called ‘miracles’ can be but tricks by lowly aliens and mischievous imps and devils from the lower demonic levels, so do not give them any due. I have covered this topic in previous essays when discussing

    the Miracle of San  Gennaro



    Weeping statues of the Madonna

and so on.

These are indeed EVIL leelas  

In contrast, look at the knowledge given to us by Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, Nietzsche, Aurobindo, etc., and you will know, if you have the intellect to recognize such Divine knowledge, that they were, in fact, from a Divine Source.

2    The Second Aspect of Jesus was His Class 4 Consciousness, which on the death of the body, returned to the Astral levels to await Its next mission, His next incarnation. It had the memory of previous incarnations and the blueprint given to it at its creation by the True God to follow the path throughout the various levels as was required. It knew how to contact the Numinous when it was time and made itself available for that. When in the body of Jesus, that contact occurred maximally in his 30th year.

The Astral and Etheric levels are creations of Evil within the Physical Dimension and are part of the Virtual Reality. They will be dismantled when the whole Physical Dimension is obliterated. Being evil planes is the reason why they often feed BS to this level as we shall see when we discuss some psychics who claim to speak with the ‘dead’ and when we examine Near Death experiences, especially the one a Neurosurgeon is said to have experienced recently which gives Evil BS in a most florid form.  I am not implying that Eben Alexander is less than honest. What I am saying is that what he was given to distribute is evil. I will write about this at length soon.

3    The Third Aspect of Jesus was the Superior Divine Consciousness which returned to the Supramental Plane on the death of the body and awaited the next episode, the next descent of the ‘Avatar’. That was the Christ Energy, an Aspect of the “Son’ energy, a portion of the “God’ Consciousness.

This is important to know, especially in this week of Papal Lunatic activity, for the following reason:

Christianity has based its uniqueness and supposed holiness on FRAUD. Its basic tenet is that Jesus’ body arose from the dead, thus cheating death. That simply was not so. There was no Resurrection of the Body. There was ESCAPE of the Class 4 consciousness OUT OF THE PHYSICAL, for it is not a physical entity at all, as will occur with all Class 4 consciousnesses. But, the physical body of Jesus was finished as will be all Cardboard Boxes, all physical bodies, soon enough at the End. The Doctrine was concocted to give legitimacy to Evil‘s illegitimate Physical Matter.

The Gnostics called the Doctrine of the Physical Resurrection the ‘Doctrine of Fools’. Jesus was a Gnostic.

He was assassinated for revealing the Truth about Jehovah and his demons (John 8:44). Gnostics were similarly treated throughout history. If what they revealed was nonsense, who would bother with them? Why the need to destroy every last one of them, men, women and children? And just for completion, recall what Marlon Brando said IN ESSENCE about the rulers of Hollywood and compare that with John 8:44.

In conclusion for this section, you see that the money-hungry, super-rich, murderous Christian Churches and their faith were created on the basis of a fraud, not a rock! Christianity was created and run by demons to keep the robots harnessed and to exploit as much energy as possible out of the ones it could trap. Essentially, when scrutinized closely, it can be seen that all institutionalized religions play these evil roles.

The Christ Energy has never endorsed these so-called Christian Churches which are, in essence, demonic mental and spiritual jails run for exploitation of the inmates they can harness, and all for the benefit of Jehovah/Satan.

Since I wrote that Jehovah has been harnessed, what do you think will happen to these institutions that have entrapped, exploited and blinded many genuine seekers of Truth?

Even today, as the Archonic leaders parade in their clownish outfits to appease the imagined needs of the one billion hypnotized lunatics around the world, the Catholic Institution is taking its last gasps as a prison for souls. No wonder they will see the Energy of Justice that cometh as the ‘Dreaded Judge’.

My Journey and Awakening

From the outset, you need to know that once you start to awaken to the True Spiritual Path, you become a danger to the Evil System and it will retaliate in every way it can in an attempt to stop you or destroy you: emotionally, financially, socially, etc. I am sure many of you have experienced this.

While you are asleep in the Virtual Reality, Evil leaves you alone for you do not represent a danger to it. If you become its worker it actually rewards you with the useless trinket of the Illusion: Money, fame, ego, etc. But once awakened just a little, it targets you relentlessly until you either give up or just about die trying to beat it.

History reveals just that. Each being therefore must fight a Personal Battle to proceed onto the True Path. And demons galore are placed at strategic points along the Path to cause pain, delays and obstructions. Now you may realize why your progress may have been so difficult, why so many have attacked you and why even members of your on family may have abandoned you.

When I was awakening in the early 1980s, I (my physical body and mind) had repeated conversations with what I assumed were Higher Realms of Consciousness.

I, the little ‘i’, the Cardboard Box, ‘met’ various beings and they would explain things to me. In those early days, the suspicion that I might be dealing with duplicitous agents never crossed my mind.

But, early on in my awakening, ‘i’, the physical lower mind, was the classical sceptic. After all, I had a medical degree and that makes anyone sceptical of the experiences I was having. I laughed at what “They” told me I had to do, namely, to tell people that this was the Endtime. I was supposed to tell those who would listen to me that some were to prepare themselves for evacuation. I was to tell the rest how they would be dealt in a Judgmental Process.

That is exactly what they told me, and believe me, I laughed. It was my idiotic Cardboard Box that was ignorant, of course. It was full of the Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination of the Evil Empire. Apart from the Medical Degree, I had been raised as a Catholic, ate meat, drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes.

According to John of Toulouse, who gave evidence to the Inquisition, I would have been the perfect catholic, for he, accused of being a Gnostic in the time of the French inquisitions, saved his neck by uttering the following now famous sentence and convincing the Inquisitor-General that he was what the church wanted its members to be like:

"I lie, I swear, I get drunk, I eat meat and enjoy sex. Hence, I am a Christian, not a Gnostic."

Nothing could be a more damning abuse of the name of Jesus and the Essence of the Christ Energy.

When ‘They’ told me about the role for this Cardboard Box, I silently thought to myself: ‘I’ve struggled all these years to make ‘contact’ and now this nonsense!’ I was not amused. I had forgotten my previous encounters at younger ages of this shell and, as yet, could not recall past lives. When I did recall those past lives, I took steps to become a clinically qualified Hypnotherapist and regressed many to their past lives, thus solving many of their problems. But, that story can wait.

Then, as I recounted in Part One, I told a very close friend of mine what ‘They’ had said and he too laughed a lot, and said this was surely a prank and that ‘They’, whoever they were, must have seen me as the perfect idiot to play the prank on, mainly because I knew absolutely nothing about parapsychology or the paranormal, or Aliens, or Sai Baba and his ‘miracles’, or anybody else’s ‘miracles’.

As I revealed previously, my friend was none other than Dr. Moshe Kroy, a Professor of Psychology at La Trobe University, Melbourne. We remained close friends until his death. I went to his funeral in Israel and whilst there I assisted in introducing an energy that is about to make its presence felt. But, that also is a story for another day. By the time of the funeral, I was fully spiritually awake. The Class 4 being of which I was composed recalled all its tuition, memory and past lives, and the attributes of the physical body and it made full contact with my Higher Self.

But, let’s go back to the early days of my being prepped for the “Message”:

I wrote a little about this in Part One.

‘But, but’…., I protested to ‘Them’, ‘Every nut and his dog throughout history have predicted the End of the World. Even Jesus did and it never happened. Is this some sort of joke?’

And ‘They’, having a sharp sense of humour, said to me, ‘It’s true that many people made such a prediction’. Some of them were our workers and it was for a purpose. Besides, if we persist with giving out the Message of the End via someone in each generation, sooner or later one of the messengers is going to be correct. Why can’t it be you? Do you want the job or not?” I was 40 years old.

To be honest with you, I was more curious than ever. ‘They’ had told me (still the unawakened shell) that I had to be free to move and to be of service, no matter what hardship that entailed, when contact was first made. And deep in my heart I believed them, even though my stupid monkey mind kept objecting, for I had been searching for ‘Them’, for this Contact, for all my 40 years!!!!

Thus, this advanced contact occurred on my 40th year. From the age of 35 I heard their signals but did not know how to interpret them or make contact.  But, I now know we had been in contact since the infant days of this body.

When Sputnik went up in October 1957, I recall watching it orbit Earth in the evenings just like many of us did, for it flew directly over Melbourne where I lived, and it was seen as a rounded golden glow, from reflected sunlight. I was 13.

 On one such evening I received a transmission from ‘Them”. I knew who ‘They’ were then, for I had had a series of visions of space travel and space battles. Doubt never entered my mind. I mention some of these in one of my books. The message was that a concrete, workable contact between ‘Them’ and this shell was not far off.

I then received another communication some 4 years later when I started University. On this occasion they said they would be absent for up to 20 years, and then would re-establish contact for me to start the ‘work’ in earnest. I did not question too much then. I accepted what I was told. But I noted that as I became older and programmed by what material I gained in the outer mind (mainly Cultivated Medical Ignorance of Spiritual matters), my skepticism grew.

Later I learned that Manichaeus was contacted in similar fashion and was told to wait some 20 years before further contact. King Arthur also was isolated from Merlin for some 20 years before full contact was re-established.  

Some eighteen years later, when I was 35 and had suffered all the programming, pollution and indoctrination this Hell can throw at a Cardboard Box, I started received indecipherable signals. My True Self was buried deep within the layers of muck from the Illusion of the Virtual Reality. You see, in those 18 years since the last contact, my physical brain and mind had been fried by a number of factors that made it non-responsive to the signals from Higher Realms. The factors included my Medical Training that labeled such contact episodes as lunacy, the voluminous alcohol I drank, the cigarettes I smoked, etc., etc. In those days nearly every doctor drank heavily. So much so that 10%, as a very conservative estimate, were said to be alcoholics. And most of us smoked too.

I had married the girl next door by the name of Kathleen D’Alessandro, now known as Kathy Rossi, ‘the bitch’, by all and sundry. I was soon to learn what ‘filial attachment’ meant. It is the mechanism of intense emotional blackmail that the Evil System uses to keep True Beings harnessed in one of its most elaborate traps so that they will not awaken and move against the evil apparatus! The anguish suffered can be destructive for the individuals concerned, and breaking the bonds of such emotional traps yields abundant energies to the evil system. Hence, the System seems to win both ways. It is an extremely powerful tool used by Evil to keep True Beings and Viables harnessed to demons. Once an awakener sees this trap, s/he grows quickly as a warrior and fights his or her way out of the traps, and then becomes effective against the Evil Charade. Thus you now know why the Buddha advised to bypass emotional attachment of all kinds.

Testosterone and its co-conspirators, seemingly so essential to physical life, are greater and more powerful programing tools than money and most other programming factors, as I have shown in earlier writings and will do so in later essays. It is only the genuine desire to ‘Return Home’, by breaking away from every one of these harnessing traps that try to prevent us doing so, that can make us free to Return Home.

I recall at a party one evening we were both offered hard drugs. Even though I smoked tobacco in those days, I was intuitively terrified of drugs. I vehemently refused the offer and remember my conversation with Kathy during our long drive home was about the danger of hard drugs. We both agreed they had no place in our lives.

Demons cannot help expose themselves, no matter where they be, no matter what roles have been assigned to them. Guess what? The moment my back was turned, Kathy, the one chosen to keep me trapped, for I know this is so, started taking hard drugs at an ever-increasing dose. She became addicted and expressed demonic possession, of course, and also became a victim of lust as demons all are. She prostituted herself just for the fun of it!  I was not yet fully spiritually awakened but whenever she drank alcohol (she was a heavy drinker) I could see changes in her face that frightened me. It was only later, when I had awakened more fully, that I realized I was seeing demonic countenances within her, just like I saw later in Amitakh Stanford, the imposter.

The hard drugs actually facilitate the exposure of the demons that had been, in nearly all cases, hiding in the shell all the while. They cannot wait to express, and you can actually see this situation in the auras of children. This is so in every case of so-called ‘possession’. Such beings are born with damaged or open ‘Centres of Consciousness’ which allow demonic habitation of the shell.

I felt like I was trapped in Hell under the circumstances and could not get out of the marriage fast enough. Thus, like many of you, the Rat Race in which I was plunged made sure I was married to a most venomous demon that began taking illicit drugs the moment we married.  Before the marriage, she presented herself as the Paragon of Virtue. Isn’t it always the way? How else do they trap us? Well it was a battle to escape her greedy clutches, I can tell you. Note in your own lives how well the traps to destroy you have been laid. Believe me when I say the traps for True Beings are pre-planned, even before we are born.

Later when I was fully awakened and became a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, many patients revealed the very evil traps they had seen before this incarnation waiting for them on this level, even before being blackmailed into incarnating.

It is true that the Evil Illusion has prearranged traps for True Beings for maximal exploitation of energy. Kathy was supposed to be there to stop me awakening. She failed miserably mainly due to her own weaknesses that destroyed any partnership we may have had.

Examine your own lives and you will see traps that are so, if you are a Viable.

My grog and cigarettes were easy to dismiss by me. But some damage, mainly from my religious indoctrination as a child that prevented adequate communication was still there in my lower mind in the early days. I did not turn to easy solutions such as hallucinogenics drugs that some took. I will discuss these drugs in depth soon in another essay.

Why am I going on at length about this? It is because many of you have written to me saying that you are beating yourselves up because you cannot instantly purity and connect. I am trying to show you that it takes time and much effort to bypass the stupid Monkey Mind, escape the traps Evil has planned for us, and get somewhere, regardless of the elevated position from which your Higher Consciousness originates.

At any rate, my medical mindset was such that when I did make proper contact, my lower mind began rationalizing in the ridiculous manner all lower monkey minds found in the human apparatus do, when they cannot interpret the data: “My God, we’re schizoid!”

What do irrational, denying bigots exclaim when they see a UFO? ‘I don’t believe it! I see it, but I don’t believe it!’

Since that time of my own amazing contact, I have met and managed so many schizophrenics, so called, who have been placed on anti-psychotic medication and I was able to help them by simply explaining what was going on in their heads. Once they understood the meaning of the communications that they were receiving, most became ‘sane’ again instantly. This is where Modern Psychiatry has lost its way, and I discuss some of these things in my book on Psychiatry. When the damage ‘chakras’ cannot be repaired, the patients have to learn to live with the damage as best they can. And this they do by meticulously avoiding the programming factors, including certain polluted food, drinks with alcohol which loosen the aura and its protection, and hallucinogenic drugs that facilitate demonic entry.

I will have more to say about this when I discuss the latest push by Graham Hancock to get people to use hallucinogenics.

In a subsequent communication I had with ‘Them’, they said forcefully: ‘This is more than natural. It is Supernatural. Don’t you dare tell any of your medical or psychiatrist friends! You are not nuts and they do not have the data or capable mechanisms to process this information you now have.’

We were back to 1492. ‘Don’t go Chris; you’ll fall off the edge of the Earth. Everyone knows it’s flat!’

They continued: ‘You have communicated with the Supra-mental Plane as many will do in the future. We have been training your Cardboard Box to do just that since you were an infant. You will recall all the tuition as time proceeds.’

Well, I was skeptical, but something within me forced me to go on. I had to get to the bottom of it all.

Slowly I chipped away at the pollution. I cleansed, I set aside my religious indoctrination from childhood. I had been raised a Catholic and in that institution we are told that everything, absolutely everything, not from the pulpit, or Christian Doctrine and its Traditions, is the Devil’s work. I set my medical ideas about mental illness aside and started with a blank mind again.

It was when I reached that point that ‘They’ said ‘OK. Now you can come up and see ‘Us’, and your shell will remember the experience. And then, you can start writing what needs to be written’.

I grew nervous. ‘Come and see You? ……Where?’

‘It will be on a Mother craft outside of this Dimension’.

I was so confused and yet so curious and exhilarated, I jumped at the chance. Somehow ‘i’, as the Cardboard Box, knew this is what I had been waiting for all my life.

By then I had closed my medical practice, gotten away from my drug-addicted ex-wife and was prepared to do whatever was needed to do to perform the ‘work’. Something within me drove me unerringly. I just knew this is what I was born to do. As I advanced, my joy increased.  I had closed the doors to a very lucrative medical practice, lost most of my wealth in the divorce proceedings (as is usually the case for males when the children remain with the mother), but had never been happier. I sensed I had reached the door to the Path of my True Destiny. I thought that Path was why this shell, this ‘i’, had been born.

And so, my Journey began and I, trapped in a little Cardboard Box, made in Italy, driving around Melbourne in a Lamborghini, prepared to become a Messenger, perhaps THE Messenger for the Endtime.  PS The Lambo did not last long, nor did the Porsche Targa, nor the Mercedes Coupe, nor the Mercedes 6.9. I had a passion for cars in those days. I was the perfectly programmed robot no less, until my awakening began in earnest.  Once I started to awaken, life was no longer rewarding. Rather, it became, as I said above, a gauntlet with disappointment for the shell at every turn.

I would be the first to agree that I would be an absolutely idiotic lunatic for recounting all this except for one thing which I will explain below.

If I had gone to a psychiatrist he could have said I suffered a psychosis and blamed the stress of divorcing my first wife, Kathy, who by then, as I said, had become an established prostitute and call girl, just for the fun of it. After all, she had to work off the illicit drug effects. Note that all who persist with such drug-taking get demonically possessed, and she certainly was. I could see the demons in her countenance and I knew I just had to break free from her. As I said above, is it not strange that later I saw the same things, demons, in the next woman I married, Amitakh Ng, even though as far as I knew she did not take drugs?

Kathy was the first trap to keep me in a mental harness. She failed. So then Evil tried Amitakh, who pretended to be spiritual, to entrap me. The first thing that struck me about her was her insatiable love for money. With such a monetary addiction, I suspected very strongly that she may have been of Darkness, but in my haste to pursue my goals, I went along the possibly Evil-arranged path with her. I just knew someday I would be free from her too. But, I am digressing.

My new thoughts of a ‘contact’ could have been blamed on the shock of quitting cigarettes, and the grog.  But, come on, how many who quit drinking and stop smoking become lunatics? Not many, I assure you. It’s usually the antismoking Champix medication that has that effect on some. And the mental aberrations in that case stop as soon as the medication is stopped. However, it is an excellent drug to quit smoking when it does not give such side-effects. And when it does cause mental disturbances, it is an excellent tool to use in order to uncover mental imbalance that may exist hidden in the person. Besides, it did not exist when I stopped smoking.

The one thing that appears to validate my Connection, my Communication, my visit to the Mother craft, is the fact that, knowing nothing outside of Medicine, I sat down with blank sheets of paper and wrote the most extraordinary details of philosophy and metaphysics that I never knew existed. Those notes became the books I have now published. The wisdom therein can be judged by anyone that reads them. They were indeed a superhuman effort. They could NOT have been products of this Physical Body, for it knew nothing along these lines. The knowledge had to belong to the energies that were contacting the lower mind of the body and using it to write the material down.

When I wrote such incredible information, I asked ‘Them’ where it was all coming from. And ‘They’ said it was from ‘ME’, my Higher Mind. So, it was the eternal ‘Me’, using the physical and temporary ‘me’.

Thus the phase of Preparation for the Endtime progressed. At first there had been the ‘contact’, and now the writings that emanated from a Superior Source and they explained in detail the How, the When and the Why of the Celestial Error.

As well as that, I wrote what was going to be done about this Error, how it was manifesting, why it was manifesting, and what was going to be done to correct it. I explained somewhat the Mechanisms of how its Destruction would be and what we on this level could expect. And, as I expected, the fools laughed!

I shall go into detail about the Demolition, about the Correction of the Error, about the survivors, and the fate of the damned, etc., in Part Three which I have called ‘The Execution of the Correction Plan for the Elimination of Evil’.

At any rate, apart from prognostic figures, the writings explained a lot especially the mechanisms of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination. I sent the first book to Professor Kroy who was in San Francisco, the city he chose for his sabbatical. He knew how little I knew about esoteric philosophy and the paranormal, for I attended some of his parapsychology classes in Melbourne.

He refused to believe that I had written the book. He said it was impossible for me to know some of the things I explained, some of the facts of the very intricate, old and secret Kabbalah knowledge, for they had never been translated out of Hebrew and he knew I did not know how to read Hebrew.

He immediately invited me to fly to SF and lecture to his classes. I think that was his test for me to see if I really now knew what appeared to be impossible for me to know. When I began giving lectures and explaining things he knew I knew nothing about, when he was in Australia, he was dumbfounded. And then, the thought of Supra-mentality which we had previously discussed, struck him like a bolt of lightning, and he reminded me that Shri Aurobindo had predicted a Supra-mental Contact would be made on Earth shortly.  He said in his opinion I was the first example of such a contact.

He had a brilliant mind and was awaiting his own Connection to occur but was forced out of the shell by Malignant Forces initiated by the demons in Amitakh, whom I had married. In actual fact, both women, Kathy and Amitakh, were part of the traps I had to work my way through, traps set by Evil. We all have such traps to overcome. Nothing comes easy on this level when attempting to attain the True Spiritual Path. And the bigger the role assigned, the bigger the enemies to overcome, believe me!

In attempting to reach the validity of my experiences, my awakening, my contact with the Supramental Plane and my Message, we need to ask this: Why on earth would these Supra-mental Beings go to all that trouble to pick a doctor like myself, who knew nothing about Philosophy and Metaphysics, to give false information to, in order to scare the daylight of any who came across my writings?

Why would they plan things so meticulously via my communications with them when I was a toddler? My mother swears that these meetings occurred for she witnessed them. Why the communications with me as a teenager, then at University aged 17, then from 35 years of age and onwards?

Why would they burden me with knowledge I did not even know existed?

Why would they arrange for a Professor of Psychology, who was an expert in Para-psychology, to validate its worth?

What was the point of fooling a dopey individual like me, a closed-minded medical bigot who had no tolerance for any knowledge outside of medicine and psychiatry at the time?

Was it worth fooling someone like me?

How much could they laugh?

Why go to all that trouble?

It just does not seem to make sense that ‘They’ would fool a medical ignoramus for their own amusement and make me the Messenger for a bogus and frightening message of the Earth’s End.

So, what is the alternative explanation?

Could it all be a valid experience?

Could it really be that I had, and continue to have, contact with a Superior Dimension?

Could the writings be as valid as Professor Kroy said they were?

Could the Message of the End be real like ‘They’ insist it is?

All along they told me timing was flexible.

If my Message was from the Dark Side to trick the sheople, I would be lauded as a grand writer of renown.

The fact is that from the very first day I made my message public all I got were attacks and insults from every man and woman who heard me and from their dogs, cats, and white mice that they might have had.

The Sheople invented new pejorative terms just to describe me: Dr Death, Dr Doom, Weirdo, etc., etc.

And the more they attacked, the more I realized I probably had a smidgeon of truth somewhere in those books.

And to confirm it all, I remembered that I had gone to the Himalayas to see one man, known as the Guru of Gurus, a man called Babaji, in his humble Ashram. I have subsequently identified him as the Celtic Christ of a bygone era. He was the so-called ‘Father’ to whom Jesus went before beginning His mission at the age of 30, some 2000 years ago.

One morning I, still with the unawareness of a dormant cardboard box, asked him ‘What is our relationship, You and I, Babaji?’

He spoke a little English and putting his right hand on my precordial area, he said to me ‘Everything you need to know is in your heart.’

Could He have been in on the joke, if selecting me to give a Message of Finality was a joke?

Why would he bother?

It made no sense for such a famous man, as Babaji was, to make a fool of a Western ignoramus like me, for that is what I was then when I went to see him.

I asked him no more questions. Shortly after, on returning to Australia I visited the Space craft and all that knowledge within me made its presence known to my lower mind, just as Babaji predicted.

I only stayed a few days at the Ashram, but on the second day I went down into the village at the foot of the mountains and was impressed to buy an exquisite blanket to keep me warm. It was very costly in Indian terms, but I could well afford it.

I donated it to the Ashram along with other items and money as l left.

Babaji’s housekeeper recounted this story when I revisited the Ashram a year or so later. As soon as I left, Babaji asked one of his helpers to go and retrieve the blanket I had left behind. No one knew how he knew I had left the blanket.

When it was retrieved, He said ‘Put it aside. It shall be my shroud’.

Everyone laughed as he was a relatively fit, young man.

In actual fact, he died 5 months later and photos of the body show him wrapped in the blanket I had left behind. The instant I saw those photos, the enigmatic personal message he had sent to me, even before I flew to the Himalayas to see him suddenly made sense.

The significance of all this finally gelled in my mind. The importance of it all did not escape me. It was confirmation to me that he had ‘passed me the baton’ for he now saw I was ready.

A few short years later he came to me as a ‘walk-in’ for lengthy periods at a time when I lived in Far North Queensland for we had much work to do.

We travelled extensively together, including to most of Europe, Mesoamerica, Tibet, China and the USA. The work we did was of utmost significance in relation to the Endtime, and therein lays the validity for the End. I will discuss this elsewhere.

Why would He do that if I was a patsy, fooled by the Dark Side, to give a false Message about the Endtime?

I have revealed my relationship to Babaji elsewhere.

But that fact is not important. What is important is to ask “What are we to make of my Message?

Is it possible?
Is it true?
Is it accurate?
Can we accept the timing?
Why do I know things no one else on Earth knows, such as the evacuation of Viables in 1999, the number of failures, the status of each individual, etc.?
Could this Cardboard Box be really used to deliver the Final Message?
Could it really be the spokesman on this level for the large team correcting the Error?

Many more haunting scenarios arose in my mind.
How could I see and accept the destruction of so many humans and animals?
How could I see and accept much beauty in Nature lost?
What if I was totally wrong and was scaring people to death?
What if someone did not like what I was saying and decided to end me instead?
What if I was blocked at every turn in trying to delivery such an unwelcome message?

As a matter of fact, I became very unpopular especially with New Agers.
No one wanted to know what I had written.
The alternate magazines and media shunned me as if I had leprosy.

I am indebted to Jeff Rense for he was the only one to show any interest in hearing what I had to say.

My medical peers thought I had lost the plot. Mind you, not one of those dumb-witted idiots read one of my books, not one!

So much was promised by those who contacted me, I guess in the hope that I would take on the job, but very little, it seemed, was delivered in real terms on the physical level. But, in reality, although the going was tough most of the time, I was never in want.

I lost most of my so-called friends. I went broke from extensive travel which was a necessity. What money I had left Amitakh stole from me.  She made sure she poisoned anyone who knew me with her lies so all support I thought I had began to fall away. The positive spin of that was that I realized who was of Light and who was of Darkness but pretending to be of Light, like Amitakh and Steffan. Both are Evil Reptilian Demons.

The Evil System attempted to kill me umpteen times, never quite succeeding, but often injuring me rather badly. I was Evil’s enemy all right. My identity as a warrior against Darkness was confirmed and I was earning my stripes. By attacking me as it did, Evil made me even more determined to succeed in my Quest.

Amitakh and Steffan Stanford had even stolen my books and sold them to benefit themselves. They have cheated so many people; they must be worth millions by now.

By the time I finished that part of the work in 2004, I was a wreck. I was a medical invalid from bad accidents, and I was financially broke. I am telling you all this for I want you to realize that, if you are warrior down here, the Path is never easy and you cannot relax, not even for one moment. And, you must NEVER give up, like so many that I knew did.

I had 2 choices: Lie down and die or else, pick myself up and die trying to regain a life and complete my task.

Well, it did not end as a fairy-tale.
It just got worse.
None of the promised benefits of doing the ‘work’ had been realized on this level.
Had I been conned, or were the promises given as promised illusions so I would persevere to the end?

But in this last phase, the energies told me that they would eventually reveal what it was they were doing through this cardboard box. So I decided to stay round to see if what they said was true. I really had no choice.

I had to start a medical practice from scratch just to survive. I had no money, nowhere to live, and no friends. And the town I eventually chose turned out to be a portal to Hell. I soon realized that is exactly why I was in that town and why I was sent there. It all had to do with the battles against Evil. I had to be near Amitakh and Steffan to finally expose them.

If my condition was not as it was, I would not go to Stanthorpe, would not get involved with Amitakh and her cohort again, and would not expose them. It obviously had to be done for they are big, big, cogs in Evil’s machinery. Can you imagine a woman, known as the ‘Malaysian Slut’ calling herself the ‘Queen of Heaven’ no less?

My job involves exposure of demons on a personal and on an impersonal basis. For example: I made acquaintance with a superficially pleasant enough woman who pretended to act as a proof reader but turned out to be another incompetent demon and a con-woman. Its loves were money, sex, and fame to bolster a humungous ego!

Evil indeed disadvantages any who move against it. Remember that, even in these End times, and don’t feel sorry for yourself. If you are constantly targeted, it generally means you are being effective against Evil. What did Jesus say about the True Being being hated by the world? John 15:18, and John 3:13.

And did not Nietzsche say self-pity was cancer for the soul?

I wanted to tell you all this for nothing comes easy on this level. Look at the travails of Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, King Arthur, Chris Columbus, Nietzsche, Shri Aurobindo, Hitler, etc., etc.  If they suffered so, imagine how nobodies like you and I can be so easily crushed by Evil’s Illusionary apparatus. Only on realizing it cannot touch the True Value within us can we fight Evil and defeat it, regardless of what it does to the shell, which it owns, and to the stupid Monkey mind inside it.

All Viables and True Beings have had it rough and tough from day one of this Evil mess. We will all continue to have it tough till the Final Bell is rung. And don’t forget, it is indeed a case of ‘The bigger the role one is assigned by the Light to fight Evil, the greater the load to be carried to Victory’.

You may have noted that when you have a victory against the Darkness, no matter how big or small, personal or otherwise, Evil always tend to retaliate. Use that as proof that you have been successful.

Early on, I was told there was to be the New Green Energy (NGE) to nurture the Viables left on the planet before Evacuation, and there was to be a new ‘explosive energy’ that was going to bring on the End to the Globe.

I saw and used the New Green Energy, so I knew that part was true. When Viables were still attacked by Evil, some asked me if the concept of the NGE was just another trick, another false illusion. It could not be an illusion for I have seen it, worked with It and have witnessed its wondrous effects!

When ‘They’ told me about the explosive energy which I picked up even before they mentioned it, all my travels with Babaji made perfect sense. But, could I dare believe what it all meant? I will discuss this energy in Part Three.

Supposedly it had to do with the mechanism for Terminal Madness of the Endtime, for the terminal fragmentation, for the liberation of the robots from their zombified state, for mass spiritual awakening, the reasons for the coming wars, and the detonation of the planet, etc., etc.

This part of the energy work, and my role in it, were almost too much for my lower Monkey Mind. I had to keep reminding myself that I was not the disposable, aging shell, that I was not here to have a ‘good time’, that I was not here to die a rich man, that I was not here to be popular or bow to the wishes of the Archons. I was here to do a job. That job is all but completed.

It was definitely not a path of enjoyment for the irritated Monkey Mind which struggled to understand. But then again, the Monkey Mind struggles to understand anything. For example, does it appreciate that there is no difference between a ‘mole’ and Avogadro’s number? Does the Monkey Mind know where Dark Matter came from? Of course not! So, why give it any power to presume it can reason?

Nonetheless, with the mechanisms I was now formulating in my head to bring on the destruction, I thought things might be a touch too exaggerated even for me.

I had no alternative but to be patient and see if what I was sensing was accurate or not. Of course, either side, Good or Evil, could have been implanting thoughts in my head that were not really true but were there to string me along. But, I thought, ‘what possible pleasure could they get from fooling further an old, tired, ready-to-go-Home nobody’? I know many of you feel the same way, desperately wanting to go Home. But, we just have to wait it out.

If the Final Scenario is as true as I am scheduling it now in my head, perhaps we, the Viables, will all be home before 2020. But, we just have to wait and see.

Could it be that the implantation I am experiencing has more to do with panicking the Evil Side into more self-destructive action rather than giving a precise timeframe?

Don’t take any of my words for gospel truth. Refer everything to your own heart. Only it knows the answers that are right for you. I am doing to you just what Babaji did to me by telling you that ‘YOUR Truth is in YOUR heart!’

To be continued in Part Three………………


Copyright 2013 Dr J Chiappalone
All Rights Reserved
March 15, 2013





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