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Clever WW2 Interrogation Used
By British Intel On Germans

By Ted Twietmeyer

CAUTION: Be aware there is graphic content within this article. Not suitable for children.

 In circa 1944 during the war, a mansion located in the English countryside was prepared with microphones hidden everywhere. Microphones were also hidden outside in trees and around the estate. A member of British Intelligence MI-19 posed as a British civilian turned Nazi. His purpose was to make the officers feel at home, and start conversations about the war. During strolls on the grounds, he would lead a German officer to a place to chat where hidden wired microphones were located in a tree. A completely relaxed environment was created to get officers to talk about everything, even military secrets. All prisoners perceived around them was a country-club like environment; a easy way to sit out the war while living with a Nazi sympathizer. Newspapers and radio allowed German prisoners to listen to the progress of the war.

 In this country-side mansion run by the British military, a small army of military technicians located in the basement listened in and recorded everything which was said. Everything was recorded using direct recording to phonograph records. Magnetic tape would not exist for more than ten years. Every word was typed up as transcripts. Despite military training, many of the British officers listening in were shocked at what they heard. Outright war crimes were casually discussed like it was a normal everyday thing.  It was also learned that not all German officers were members of the Nazi party. It was not just the SS who committed the murders, but also regular German army soldiers. Many of the officers stated outright they saw Hitler as a mad-man. One officer stated, "Hitler should be put in a rubber room."

 Buchenwald was openly discussed by the officers. It was revealed that at Buchenwald some prisoners with tattoos were killed by lethal injection. A skin patch with the POW tattoo were taken from the deceased prisoner's arm and tests run in a laboratory.

 Another death camp incident recorded with microphones at the mansion was stated this way:
 "About 200 men were marched into camp from a nearby town. They were brought in to dig a long communal  [mass] grave, then marched back into town. The next day, a large number of selected women in the camp were ordered to take their clothes off. Clothing was collected, neatly folded and stacked. The women were lined up shoulder to shoulder along the edge of the communal grave. They were executed with machine guns and fell backward into the trench."
 British military officer impersonating a Nazi sympathizer said, "What if one of them isn't dead?" Laughing, the officer involved in the mass execution replied "Well, they will just die down in the pit with the others."

 Other shocking accounts were recorded about how small Jewish children were dealt with by the Nazis - many were not teenagers. One officer stated with no emotion, "They were held by their hair and shot in the head."

 50,000 pages of German discussions among officers were accumulated by war's end. What to do with all these pages of military confessions was quickly decided according to one British historian: "We decided to keep it all secret so no one would learn how we obtained the information. A cold war started and the technique could not be revealed. Not one of the 4,000 German prisoners who lived at the mansion 0ver several years was ever convicted of a single war crime."

 When the war ended, German prisoners were shown films of war atrocities. One general stated in a recording, "This is how the world will remember us. And nothing more." Another officer commented "This will be remembered forever." Another one stated, "We deserve whatever happens to us." Perhaps being out of the theater of war resulted in a mind-shift back toward being normal, and now they could actually see what they did. When they were involved in help these atrocities happen, they simply did not see what they were doing. I am in no justifying what these men did, but stating here that the brainwashing may wear off over time.

 But I can testify to you, the reader, that when a mind has been brain-washed the effect may be permanent. Especially if there is an underlying psychosis which the military has amplified for their use.

 Now let's move forward to today. Are Nazi type atrocities and the associated mentality with it behind us? I think not, based on information periodically appearing the news. There has been testimony made public of desert mass killings from soldiers involved in these events. It's interesting that further atrocities in the desert are no longer heard of. Are we to believe mass killings by US and allied forced in the Mideast been have completely stopped?

 What is in human nature that allows normal, decent men to commit unthinkable atrocities? One military expert answered this question: "All it takes is a strong enough belief in their country to kill." Boot camps are very effective at doing this.

 Special forces and snipers used for special ops today are not born with the mindset to perform killing tasks. They are created (i.e., brainwashed) through intense special training. In a sense, today's military special operators are the modernized equivalent of the old SS, gestapo and other German organizations. How warped can a mind become and will it ever recover? I know a Marine who did sniper duty in Vietnam. He speaks with joy on his face saying "I could make them twirl and spin when I shot them for sport." Today he lives in a trailer outside a large western US city. He sleeps with a loaded .45 under his pillow with his finger on the trigger  - even 40+ years later.

 Every single man, woman and child alive today MUST be concerned about history repeating itself. We already have POW camps throughout America. I have personally seen it myself. Each of these 200+ facilities can hold a thousand people or more. Most are ready to start up modernized versions of Auschwitz, Buchenwald, etc...

 America went into Europe and was instrumental in bringing down Hitler's regime. Is there ANY country in the world that will come to the aid of the American people, in the event a 4th Reich or equally oppressive tyranny raises it's ugly head in America? We are now mirroring everything Hitler did in Germany, just before German citizens were hauled off to camps. When that action starts it will be too late. Anyone who calls this a conspiracy theory sees a fool in the mirror every morning. Tyranny has been out in the open since 2001.

 Glen Beck recently talked on his show about the baby taken away from parents by a break-and-enter SWAT team. A video recording was aired which was recorded by the parent's home security system. Glen stated how this SWAT entry "Reminded me of my visit to Auschwitz with my family." He described what he was told at Auschwitz: "When German soldiers came to take people away, they told everyone on the street to stay away from their windows. Anyone seen looking out their windows was immediately shot. Then their entire family was shot." It was clear that even the powerful German government was afraid of the German people at first.

 Is this America's near future? Or will 30,000 drones be used to quickly wipe out everyone on the red list? Just because someone passes a background check and is allowed to purchase a firearm, does not prove they are not on the red list or another watch list. It merely indicates the government ALLOWS YOU to have a firearm.

 We can take a page from British history to learn more about the real threats. Here is what the American military should do to effectively interrogate REAL terrorists (if there are any) to obtain reliable information from them. It would work something like this:
 Forget sleep deprivation, loud music and naked body humiliation in secret camps. That's pointless. Instead, create a completely secured fake terror cell camp located out in a remote desert location miles away from the public. Place listening devices everywhere which are completely undetectable. New micro-mechanical microphones today are about the size of a grain of sand and cannot be detected. Every detail needs to be perfect, including food, clothes, labels, weapons, hiding to avoid satellites, etc...

 Take them there blindfolded by US military transport, who pretends to take them to a secret prison. Stage a fake takeover of the transport by fake rebels (American intelligence agents.) They will allow the prisoner to have a controlled escape, but he will take himself to the fake camp by design. Convince the prisoner they are in Egypt, Iraq or wherever they are from. Have the camp staffed by only vetted, reliable Mideastern-Americans who all work for American intelligence and are well versed in the country simulated.

 In a carefully controlled setting, prisoners will be convinced that everything they see and hear is genuine and part of their cause. After a period of time they will sing like birds when reality becomes exactly what they expect it to be. Of course, after all the information that can be extracted is obtained these individuals, they cannot be set free. They must be incarcerated indefinitely or permanently put to sleep. If they are later released, they will tell others about the fake camp and the entire system will become obsolete. There is a better solution with a more efficient outcome for intelligence - arrange for them to escape or be sent on a fake mission with fake explosives such that they never know it's all fake. Then follow these men. They will return like homing pigeons back to their people.

 Ted Twietmeyer





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