Barbour's Thoughts On Chris Dorner

Something really unique and weird is happening with Americans when it comes to their comments about the renegade cop, Chris Dorner.

30 or 40 years ago, had we received the same kind of News reports that the LAPD and the Media have been broadcasting, there probably wouldn't have been one voice in the country that didn't agree with them that he was a homicidal maniac. (And he still may be.)

But over the past four decades we all have literally been worn down to the point of disgust and exhaustion over the blatant, unpunished continuing lying, chicanery, and even law-breaking, not only by nearly every President since Kennedy, but by the entire Establishment from Wall Street to the Pentagon, the CIA, to Madison Avenue; so much so that there are huge numbers of people who don't believe one word The Establishment says about anything, and now are posting doubts on the internet about the real motives of the LAPD. 'Why is he not called an alleged killer rather than a homicidal maniac?'

'Why do they want him more dead than alive, like Bin Laden, to keep him from testifying in a court to things they don't want to hear?'

'What's with this 'domestic terrorist' and 'we need a drone strike' crap? he's pissed off like a lot of us for reporting on police brutality, then being fired!'

Some have gone so far as to form a fan club.

As for me, I pray. and I'm an atheist, that we get with Dorner what we didn't get with Bin Laden..a trial.

Bin Laden flatly denied any involvement with 911; the FBI believed him because they never put him on the 10 Most Wanted list. Had he had what America used to stand for, his day in court, we might have gotten closer to the Truth about that event. Instead Obama had him illegally water boarded ..right into the ocean.

We can only hope, for our sake, and the country's sake, not Dorner's, that he survives the already bungled military overkill, isn't 'suicided,' is taken alive, and does end up in a we can hear what he really has to say!



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