On The Aurora Shootings And SSRIs
By Dr. Ann B Tracy


Little question at this point. He was a medical student until this last month with the last class he took titled "Biological Basis for Psychiatric & Neurologic Disorders." Sounds to me like he was searching for answers as to why he felt he was going insane. On these medications that is extremely common & patients are afraid to discuss it.

And now from this article we know his mother has been a nurse for 30 years. [I must apologize for posting a newspaper whose "news," in my experience, is as easily bought as USA Today's news is bought! Hopefully they got this information right.] Was this young man medicated? Most likely & I suspect for some time on various meds! As I have stated before these cases are rampant among medical professionals! Andrea Yates was the third nurse in a three month period to go to court for killing her children while on an antidepressant. The other two nurses were married to doctors with one of them being her prescribing doc. Then while Andrea was in court a female doctor in Illinois on one of the two antidepressants Andrea had been on at maximum dose, Effexor, stabbed her two young sons, killing one & maiming the other.


Now I want to respond in detail to the article posted by Pepper yesterday by copying & pasting my newsletter that I sent out last night. After working these case for over two decades you reach a point where you can almost smell them! I have worked Columbine as an expert, the murder/suicide of Comedian Phil Hartman & his wife, the Red Lake School shooting, the Atlanta Day Trader shooting, the list is much too long to list here. It is easier to go to our database of cases atwww.ssristories.com. In fact I told the NRA in 1992 if they did not help me educate the public about the extreme dangers of these so called "antidepressants" they would be the means to produce the violence necessary for an excuse to take America's guns. We are getting VERY close now!!!! I could write another book just on this aspect alone & what I have seen happening in these cases over the years.

Here is the newsletter:

Subject: ANTIDEPRESSANTS & the Two Mass Shootings in the US This Week

Today we had yet another mass shooting in Colorado with far too many similarities to Columbine. What is even more shocking is to know this is the second mass shooting in the US this week! The other in Alabama did not seem to get as much press, perhaps because most of the 18 people he shot were in a tavern, but it too was much too similar to this same scenario as well & I would not be the least bit surprised to learn antidepressants were involved in it as well! You can read about that case here:


But today there is far too much talk of banning guns again (instead of banning these drugs that cause people to pull the trigger or reach for a knife or sissors, or a hammer or use their teeth, or whatever else they happen to use as a weapon), so I am sending the link to the video clip by Michael Moore discussing the real cause of Columbine - antidepressants. Of course I believe we will find the drugs in this case as well. See the video below & I suggest highly that you all share it with your local media to educate as many as possible so as to prevent one of these shootings in your own backyard! (See more info on the shooting below this link)


Michael Moore - Reveals The Real Cause Of Columbine.

Michael Moore obtained a copy of Dr. Tracy's book, "Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? - Our Serotonin Nightmare" at the premier of "Bowling for Columbine" in Denver, CO. After learning more about these drugs, see his statement from the movie he recently appeared in with Dr. Tracy, Mark Taylor, Neal Bush, and others in the Gary Null production "The Drugging of our Children" Google to find the full video.

OTHER MASS SHOOTINGS: www.ssristories.com

The Aurora shooter had no expression on his face, said nothing while shooting, did not care who he shot or who died, was wearing all black, was described as shy, intelligent & somewhat of a loner - too many of the same things we have seen in so many of these shootings. Add to that he was a PhD in neuroscience & possibly psychology. (The largest single group we have facing serious charges on antidepressants are medical professionals - probably because they believe the serotonin lies they hear so often about the drugs.)

Conspiracy? Set up as a false flag? I don't think so, even though I do believe any government is capable of such a thing. This kid was from a fairly well off family & he was buying many of his supplies from a pawn shop. So he would not have had trouble gathering the materials he did for this shooting. People stockpile complete arsenals on these drugs when the toxic reactions set in- especially the paranoia.

While I know that most watch for the mention of someone being treated for "depression" in these cases, but these drugs are given for SO MANY reasons! What has caught my eye is that he is described as "shy" & "very intelligent" which is something we also very often see in these cases. Just over a decade ago I recall helping a family in Israel. Their teen son was being treated with Paxil for being shy. They ordered a copy of my book, read it & were of course very concerned, BUT their son appeared to be doing well on the drug so they thought if they watched him very closely maybe he would be okay.

Tragically, what most people do not understand is that when someone is given an antidepressant for shyness it appears to "help" because of the signs they are going manic! When someone goes manic they become boisterous, outgoing, talkative ... basically a party animal. So clearly that brings someone "out of their shell" so to speak. But this is really a sign they are about to go off the deep end on these drugs.

In this case, the family did not think to watch their son throughout the night as well as the day. He got up in the middle of the night & blew up an Army jeep & in his delusional state began ranting about how he wanted to be a suicide bomber. Out of his shell? You bet! No longer shy? After the embarrassment of realizing what he had done he became even more withdrawn. And he also faced serious criminal charges.

Is this another case like this one? I believe we will learn that it is from all we have heard about this young man. It took Rosie & I six months of watching & waiting & searching for the answer in the Atlanta Day Trader Shooting when Mark Barton killed his family & then went on a shooting spree. Finally the police admitted they found Prozac pills scattered all over the van Mark Barton shot himself in. These answers do not come easy! There is a huge profit to be protected by hiding the truth about these drugs.

Please when you share the Michael Moore statement with your local media also share with them our database of cases that Rosie Meysenberg & I worked on gathering for many years to stand as witness to the adverse impact of these drugs upon our society: www.ssristories.com It is shocking to see case after case documented as clearly as Rosie & her husband did for us in this database. It should wake anyone up to the serotonin nightmare in which we find ourselves.

And if you have not yet joined us on Facebook we would love to have you do so under my name Ann Blake-Tracy &/or under the International Coalition for Drug Awareness.

Dr. Tracy

Ann Blake-Tracy, PhD, Executive Director
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
www.drugawareness.org & www.ssristories.com

Author: *"Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? - Our Serotonin Nightmare - The Complete Truth of the Full Impact of Antidepressants Upon Us & Our World"* & Withdrawal CD *"Help! I Can't Get Off My Antidepressant!"




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