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A Future American Political
Prisoner Account?

By Ted Twietmeyer


I am compelled to write this on what paper I can find, using a pen a guard dropped. It looks like my time is shorter than I thought. I'm in a POW camp for Americans at Ft. AP Hill, Virginia. Still don't know why I've been here for a month or so. Paid all my taxes and obeyed all the laws. My door at home was kicked in at 4AM by 6 armed men who dragged me out of bed and transported me here by train. Men and women are immediately separated upon arrival. My wife is in the camp somewhere.

 This place wreaks of armpit odor. Men are deprived of deodorant and not allowed a shower every day. When a fellow prisoner gets the flu we all get it. If the guards find out someone is sick, he is taken away and not seen again. Camp is patrolled by troops who apparently don't speak English, and are tall. No flags or identifying patches on uniforms. To them it is just a job and nothing more. Could care less about us.

 It's terrifying to hear the screams coming from the re-education building. At least that's what the sign on the front of it shows. Every now and then, two or three guards come to remove someone from my hut and take them over to the re-education building. The few who return are unable to talk about their experience, and act strange and silent from that point on. They know our hut is bugged with hidden microphones and they will be shot if they speak about what went on over there. Other inmates taken to the building never come back. Not sure what goes on in there, except a great deal of pain is inflicted on innocent men and women.

 That man in the white-house used martial law to stay there as long as he wants without any elections. 280 million Americans didn't think he could do it. Senate or Congress rarely meets now. They know their power has been stripped away, and don't know how to get it back. Elections are still held but are pointless and mean nothing, just like those in some small countries. Elections keep people believing they have a voice. One guard told me he heard a rumor that those in the pentagon are reaching a breaking point. But if they rebel and win, I don't know what will happen to all of us. Probably be permanently silenced to cover up this atrocity long before we are rescued.

 Everyone thought that with films, testimonies and written records of Nazi camps, that it couldn't happen again. They were wrong.

 Technology used to prevent escapes. Detection devices buried in the ground around the camp sound an alarm at the first sounds of digging. Self-aiming high power lasers on towers kill anyone trying to escape any other way. Towers still have guards as a backup.

 Food here is terrible and beyond words. Bland and designed to provide just enough energy to stay alive, just like the Nazis did. There is a strange chemical scent to it. Might have drugs. I eat less than others so I'm drugged less, still able to reason and write.

 I am running out of room on these scraps of paper. Going to hide all these pieces so hopefully someone will find it in the future when this regime falls. I hear guards coming this way - they mentioned my name and I better hide this.





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