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Appeal For Winter Supplies
For Afghan Refugees

By Dr. Mohammed Miraki, PhD


Dear Friends Of Afghanistan,

For the past few years, I have been going to Afghanistan doing humanitarian work including research on uranium contamination, and delivering medical supplies as well as winter and summer supplies aimed at saving lives.The internally displaced Afghans that have become refugees have relied on the good will and support of good people. This time is no exception, I ask for your support to cover the cost of winter supplies for these internally displaced refugees due to the military operation of US- NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Through your donations, we will purchase winter clothing and blankets for the inhabitants of these camps and orphans in Kabul and nearby areas and will deliver some medical supplies as well. There are several camps of these internally displaced refugees in Kabul, where the winter cold and snow have taken a toll on these poor souls.Let your donation be your Christmas gift to these victims of the US-NATO war machine.If you choose to donate, please do so at the following or if you like to send it in mail, you can do so at:

Dr Miraki
5347 North Ravenswood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640

They are grateful for your continuous support,

Miraki, PhD





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