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PA Newspaper Refuses
Anti-Agenda 21 Op/Ed Piece


Note - This commentary was rejected by a pro-Agenda 21 newspaper in PA.  We thought it worthy of publishing.  
The names of the author and the newspaper staff have been deleted from the emails following the Op/Ed piece.

 Sustainable Development Comes Secretly To Falls Township And Middletown Township, Pennsylvania

Guest Opinion Submission - Behind The Green Mask - UN Agenda 21
The Bucks County Courier Times
Attention: Guest Opinion/Editorials
February 11, 2013

Source: Koire, Rosa (2011), “Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21”, Santa Rosa, CA, The Post Sustainability Institute Press.  
Behind The Green Mask - UN Agenda 21 
President George H.W. Bush ratified Agenda 21 shortly after it was launched at the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.  President Clinton, thereafter, signed a little noticed Executive Order establishing the President’s Council on Sustainable Development.  It was that Executive Order (EO-12852) that provided the implementation mechanism for Sustainable Development, with its three philosophic pillars of Ecology, Economy and Social Equity, within American governance.
Therefore, whether you live in communities like Falls and Middletown, which are active participants, or Lower Makefield, which was a participant but has now withdrawn; no American community is safe from the machinations of this United Nations sustainable development program, since our state and federal governments are as heavily ensconced in Agenda 21 as are our local and county governments.
State facilitation of LA21 involves creating the Agenda 21 friendly template used in formatting the “agenda” into the Comprehensive Plans required by the state of all municipal governments.  It’s a furtive way for states to implement the program without having to actually acknowledge its existence.  
ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) functions as the local implementation arm of Agenda 21.  The master plan calls for modern housing to be placed inside what are termed  “Urban Growth Boundaries”; areas that contain high-density “Transit Villages” where car use will be heavily regulated, and eventually curtailed; and where bicycles are envisioned to be the primary mode of individual vehicular transport.  Not to worry, however, the centerpiece of your new “Transit Village” will be its multimodal light rail transportation hub.  
Once pledged to LA21 local municipalities acquire all sorts of ICLEI provided goodies as well.  Things like UN approved climate software and case studies of climate litigation, together with sample policies, ordinances and resolutions.  Beyond that, they also receive local, national and international “peer networking opportunities” as well as updates on UN sanctioned regional, state and federal grants. 
But how exactly is LA21 and Sustainable Development being implemented?  
Simple.  Through your municipality’s Comprehensive Plan, as within it is the General Plan that contains all their Agenda 21’s stratagems.  Specifically, the Plan offers the framework for the restrictive zoning changes required.  
After implementation a new argot suddenly inundates local working groups; where phrases like transit-oriented development, high-density development and visioning become the vogue.  Moreover, taxpayer supported special interest groups (like bicycle clubs) begin springing up overnight.
Eventually, local property owners are notified that their properties are “nonconforming”.  Often their land has been re-designated “mixed use” without their knowledge.  Locally owned small businesses (often ones where the mortgages have been retired) are suddenly declared “blighted”, essentially because they generate less tax revenue than their larger corporate counterparts.  This is permissible because blight can be defined as either physical or economic.  
As soon as “blighting” has been accomplished the property can be seized under eminent domain (Kelo v. New London), and given to politically connected developers for government-subsidized redevelopment.  
Moreover, Sustainable Re-Development is being financed, many times, by federal and state “Open Space” programs made available to county governments.  The key in financing these purchases is to do so using “Open Space” redevelopment bonds, as redevelopment debt doesn’t generally require voter approval like school debt.  These obligations are subsequently paid-down over many, many decades by diverting property tax revenues. 
Additionally, a great amount of these stratagems are being implemented, circuitously, under a new scheme called regionalization.
Regionalization represents the transference of jurisdiction over some aspect of local community life (police services, transportation, economic development), from publicly elected officials to regional appointees; appointees who are ultimately responsible to the system that appointed them not the electorate.  
What’s more, these regional boards often institute new regulations that necessitate local governments amending lawfully enacted community ordinances in repudiation of previous voter directives.  In essence, strong-arming local communities into ceding their right of self-determination, by using the collective coercion engendered through regionalization.  
These are just a handful of the intrigues uncovered by Rosa Koire, in her fight against Sustainable Development, and detailed in her new book “Behind The Green Mask: UN Agenda 21”.  You need to buy this book and read it.  If for no other reason than to find out how your government actually operates.  Particularly, when you’re not paying very, very close attention.
(name redacted) 

Thank you for your consideration. 
Word count: 711 words
*Signed hard copy to follow by snail-mail 
About the author: Township: Falls, Bucks County, PA   
Annotations, Quotations and Attributions: 
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a.  Falls Township, PA
Name: Philip Szupka
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b. Langhorne, PA  - Penndel Borough (former ICLEI member now withdrawn) 
300 Bellevue Ave.
c. Lower Makefield, PA  (former ICLEI member now withdrawn) 
1100 Edgewood RD
d. Middletown Township, PA  (Curiously, Middletown Township is listed as Middletown, PA not Middletown Township, PA, which tends to confuse readers regarding these two communities, and obfuscate Middletown Township’s participation in ICLEI.) 
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Editors rejection notice: 
-----Original Message-----
To: <>
Sent: Tue, Feb 12, 2013 7:41 am
Subject: RE: Guest Opinion Submission: Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21
This sounds like some huge conspiracy theory. What’s the hard evidence of actual impact in Bucks County? Without such evidence, this sounds a bit hysterical ­ like it was written by an Elvis-isn’t-dead disciple. I don’t mean to be offensive; just making a point. I think readers would find it all a bit nutty.  

mans response to rejection notice:

From: <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 6:14 PM
Subject: Re: Guest Opinion Submission: Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21
I'm not the Lord.  I can't make the blind see nor the deaf hear.  Especially, when some of them, like yourself, refuse to acknowledge the 15 separate links I provided, which illustrate the exact (factual) points Ms. Koire makes in her book - from transit villages being establish throughout the Delaware Valley, to the chief of police in Doylestown calling for their police department to regionalize. 
Moreover, I challenge you to ask around your office, or your circle of friends - especially the ones that live locally - and see how many of them are aware that numerous local communities (like Falls and Middletown Township) are involved in ICLEI and the United Nations; or more importantly, if they've ever even heard of ICLEI or Sustainable Development at all.  
Additionally, see how many, if any, residents are aware that Bucks County's "Open Space" programs are affiliated in some respect with ICLEI and the United Nations; or whether they know that these Open Space programs, for which local taxpayers are "on the hook", utilizes bond issues that aren't paid off for forty years.  
How many people know that there's a President’s Council on Sustainable Development, or an Executive Order (EO-12852) that provides for its national implementation?  Not to mention knowing that a non-governmental agency (NGO) of the UN is providing their local townships with sample policies, ordinances and resolutions.  Yes, I believe that is (and would be) news to most residents of Bucks County.
Quite frankly, what surprised me most about your response was your total lack of curiosity regarding the issue; you being a person involved in the news media.  After I finished Ms.Koire's book a few quick questions jumped into my mind, even as a non-news person.  Questions that, quoting you, "WOULD ACTUALLY IMPACT BUCKS COUNTY".  They are:  
Do ICLEI members (participating townships) pay dues?
Are ICLEI dues paid by the participating township's taxpayers?
Where are the regional ICLEI meetings held?
Are ICLEI meetings open to the public?  (Especially, if the taxpayers are the dues)
Are minutes kept of the ICLEI meetings?  (Are they covered under the FOIA laws?)
Are minutes available to the public?
Are ICLEI minutes provided to the participating townships?  (If so, who keeps them and are they covered under the FOIA laws?)
Is there, or has their ever been, correspondence between the regional ICLEI governing body and the individual townships?  Who maintains that correspondence?  Are they open for review and inspection and are they covered under FOIA statutes?
How are ICLEI representatives chosen by the participating townships and how long do they serve?
Do township representatives to ICLEI have to live in the townships they represent? 
What are the qualifications needed to become a township representative to ICLEI and have they been memorialized?
Are any of their (the township's representative to ICLEI) expenses paid for out of township funds?
Are receipts required by the various townships, for reimbursement of ICLEI related expenses incurred by their township's representatives to the organization?  (Are they open for public inspection and covered under FOIA?)
Furthermore, I understand the Couriers reticence in publishing facts that will expose our local political class (over issues that most Bucks County citizens/taxpayers - those paying for these programs - don't know anything about), to derision. I also understand the paper's reluctance in publishing an opinion piece that reports on a story that the paper itself has a fiduciary responsibility to divulge, but chose not to.  After all, I'm not a paid reporter just an average citizen who loves his nation and his community.  Trust me, by trying to publicly disclose this story I didn't intentionally mean to hurt your feelings, or the feelings of anyone else associated with the Courier Times. If I have I apologize.
In closing, I don't own the paper, and you hold the final say over what the public does (and doesn't) get to know.  As for me, I don't take any personal umbrage over your decision either way.  I stand by what I've written, with the proviso, that I didn't write the book.  I only read it, and reported a portion of the main points the author tried to establish as best I understood them.  I did, however, endeavor to go the extra mile and provide you with mainstream media stories - even from the New York Times - which further established the points Ms. Koire made in her book.  I also realized before sending my Guest Opinion that it probably would not be published.  
That said, I still believe you, personally, to be a firm believer in the First Amendment.  However, I was saddened by your name-calling.  I don't believe in name calling in any form.  I don't believe in calling black people the "N word", or gay people the "F" word, or in calling people's opinions, who are well informed, but disagree with my own, the other "N" word: "nutty".  In fact, I believe that type of threatening offensive speech should not be used by educated enlighten individuals.  What's more, I don't believe bullying of that kind has a place anywhere in society today, not even in the schoolyard.  As it's not the type of behavior illustrative of a well-balanced professional mind; nor is it the type dialogue, hate-speech really, that leads to respectful civil discourse.  
Again, I thank you for printing most of the compositions I've written over the years.  However, I do believe that our community's public discourse will be that much more diminished for my non-participation.    
PS:  For the record: In two separate e-mails now you've referred to my essays as "conspiracy theories:  For you edification, theory is supposition based on general principles of something to be explained.  Fact is a thing that is indisputably the case.  Therefore, what I've provided you is not "conspiracy theory" but "conspiracy fact"; and you should know better...

editors second email:

-----Original Message-----
To: <>
Sent: Wed, Feb 13, 2013 7:40 am
Subject: RE: Guest Opinion Submission: Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21

I’ll give it some second thought. Your submissions are always well written and thoughtful. I just find this one a little farfetched; other editors here likewise found it a bit out there. By the way, I don’t agree that I was “name calling”. There’s a difference between that and plain language. Sorry if I offended but I tend to be direct in order to be clear and avoid miscommunication. Regarding your list of impacts: Other than the possibility that a municipality paid dues, how has this hurt or affected the towns you cited. And with regard to regionalization, we support it as a logical way to save taxpayers money and avoid duplication of services. Not a conspiracy from our perspective.
mans response to editors second email:

-----Original Message-----
From: <>
Sent: Wed, Feb 13, 2013 12:21 pm
Subject: Re: Guest Opinion Submission: Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21

Briefly, to answer your question. The participating towns have been hurt in one major way.  Their affiliation with this United Nations program of Sustainable Development (and the various townships' relationship with ICLEI) is being kept hidden from the very people affected by it, and paying for it, in those communities.  It's that simple.  A democratic republic cannot function without an informed citizenry.  

If Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, Open Space and regionalization programs, etc., are in fact what they say they are, than there should be no problem in full public disclosure.  Besides, most Americans don't realize that non-governmental actors, within our borders, are using that regionalization process as part of a larger global strategy.  Remember, regionalization like most other things in life can be used as a double-edged sword.  It can be used to same money and reduce duplication, but it can also be used for purposes of political manipulation and coercion. They are not mutually exclusive. 

One final point; what went implied, but not directly express in my list of impacts, is that at these regional ICLEI get-together, their has to be an agenda being compiled for each meeting.  The question becomes who is setting that agenda and what exactly are the agenda's short and long-term goals?  What are the 5, 10, 20, 50 year, and longer term objectives of these programs; and are they in the best interest of the participating communities and our nation at large?  These are the real questions, and we won't know the answers until the public is informed.  And informing them is your responsibility.

Best regards,

man tells newspaper to shove it:

-----Original Message-----
From: <>
Sent: Fri, Feb 15, 2013 11:00 am
Subject: Re: Guest Opinion Submission: Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21
 Dear Mr.

Please be advised that after showing my last Guest Opinion, and the related email exchanges regarding it, to 30 or 40 of my closest friends, relatives and colleagues, I have decided to revoke my submission to the Bucks County Courier Times and deny you permission to print the essay.

What’s more, it was the consensus of the group that there was, in fact, great “news value” in what I had written and astonishment that you couldn’t see it; and further, that you had gone over the bounds of good taste and common decency with your bullying,  name-calling and hate-speech.  

As one colleague put it, “ask him to send you the thesaurus that lists ‘nutty’ as a synonym for ‘farfetched’.”  Another close family friend, who has a daughter that’s autistic (a medical condition that effects the human cognitive processes) said that she was so offended by the comment that she’s canceling her subscription.  

These then were the determining factors in my decision.  

Your attention towards this matter at your earliest possible convenience is appreciated.





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