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Phase III - Hypocrisy Implodes Worldwide
By Jim Kirwan
Libya is falling, and the global-revolution has come to what used to be the totally safe harbor of Bahrain. This orchestrated global-hypocrisy by USI and the Zionists is finally be about to collapse under the sheer weight of all the politically-religious bullshit they have tried mightily to ram down the collective throat of the global population! The new additions over the weekend to those challenging this hypocrisy will add immensely to Yemen's efforts to free themselves and possibly to Lebanon and Syria as well.
"TRIPOLI, Feb 21 (Reuters) - Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi will fight a popular revolt to "the last man standing," one of his sons said on Monday as people in the capital joined protests for the first time after days of violent unrest in the eastern city of Benghazi.
Anti-government protesters rallied in Tripoli's streets, tribal leaders spoke out against Gaddafi, and army units defected to the opposition as oil exporter Libya endured one of the bloodiest revolts to convulse the Arab world.
Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi appeared on national television in an attempt to both threaten and calm people, saying the army would enforce security at any price." (1)
And: "The U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain is J. Adam Ereli, an Israeli national who I have written about in previous articles. Ambassador Ereli fled to Washington in January 2011 as the pro-democracy protests rocked Tunisia and Egypt. Ereli knew that Bahrain was ripe for a popular revolution and he decided to retreat to the United States. It is difficult to imagine that the police crackdown on the peaceful and sleeping pro-democracy protestors was not approved by the U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain. Attacking peaceful people while they sleep in the middle of the night is a cowardly police action typical of the Israeli military. It will come as no surprise to find that the U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain is actually an Israeli whose father was a Zionist terrorist in the Haganah. A democratic government in Bahrain would threaten the U.S. military presence in Bahrain and jeopardize the Zionist hegemonic plans for the region." (2)
This was a very long time coming; but it's more than just "coming soon" now: It's beginning to kick down the thinly plated DOORS of DECEPTION & Slavery everywhere, throughout the Middle-East. This uprising has been long overdue, but the world is ready now to take all the freedom 'they' can get.
How much longer will it be before we, in the belly of US Incorporated, will finally be able to see and react to the massively-restrictive Zionist chains that we've all been living in for a lot longer than just the last 62 years?
Libya has been imprisoned since 1969 under Gaddafi's twisted and fascist rule. A reader sent me this reminder of just who Gaddafi really is:
"A few years ago Gaddafi was flipped and now works as CIA asset. He was told basically here is your choice, you either work for us of we annihilate you from the sky. He was made to choose to be a CIA yes man.
Now the crowds have turned on him and are seizing weapons and cleaning out armories. In the USA with over 300 million guns in the hands of the public, no need to raid armories. Watch the CIA and state department try to mange this to appear that they were behind it. NOT so!
In Libya many of the military are refusing to fight civilians and some are turning to fight with civilians. This could happen in the USA once the private contractors and special ops are dealt with by uncontrolled masses who can't take anymore. Perhaps those at the very top of the shadow government pyramid want this big civil war with a 50% death rate. Perhaps part of their eugenics plan and another potential way to destroy the USA."
It's all beginning to come apart, just since that march in Egypt on January 25, 2011, which in another four days will mark just a month since the peaceful-protests in Cairo have spread the exposure of hypocrisy to every nation in that region. (3)
But it's also beginning to come home in Wisconsin here; where on the seventh day an 80,000 strong demonstration was held yesterday, against the governor's plan to kill the unions in that state; wherein the governor is using his criminal-withholding of state-money and the denial of civil rights instead of tanks and thugs in the streets to keep the Amerrikan herd in Wisconsin, in line. This tactic did not work in countries as diverse as Iran, Sudan, or Bahrain; so why should these same policies work here either? Next to implode countries may include Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Lebanon as well as Yemen, Algeria and Jordan where 'hypocrisy and lies' have always been 'in-charge' of those bloody and often battle-torn states.
"The Tahrir Square "Hurriya!" tremors spreading across the Middle East may or may not be impacting today's events in the historically liberal American state of Wisconsin and other areas of America, yet most of us would agree that the Tunisian-Egyptian revolutions are being felt far and wide and appear to be dramatically gaining steam. Lebanon's Palestinian refugee camps are no exceptions.
Perhaps sooner rather than later, a half dozen or so Arab despots may reluctantly retire or leave for medical treatment in Saudi Arabia. Indeed some Saudis may themselves move to America to occupy their vast real estate holdings stateside, some located in largely Israeli duo-national neighbourhoods, whose occupancy rates are also dramatically rising, as many in Israel sense that the CIA predicted collapse of their settler colony may be accelerating." (4)
Yes there is a common denominator that runs through all of this which must become part of not just this global-uprising; but of the end of Zionism as a political weapon being used against the rest of the human race.
"Fission field warfare is the armed aspect of the Zionist entity's "Greater Israel" grand scheme, which it is attempting to bring forth through the 'Fracture Theory of Zion (FTZ).' FTZ is a centuries-old operation that was born with Zionism in the echoes of the infamous extremist saying, "from the Nile to the Euphrates." It encompasses fission field warfare, which breeds division through military and intelligence means, along with diplomatic manipulation (i.e. the global Zionist lobby), financial isolation (i.e. the Zionist international banking cartels and sanctions against Iran) and opposition infiltration (i.e. the subversion of the anti-war and truth movements by Zionist-run
Wikileaks). FTZ is the doctrine which provides cover for Israeli expansionism and generates a plethora of new wars to strengthen the 'Israeli empire (21).'
Belinsky's project was aided by one of Iraq's most notorious traitors, Ahmed Chalabi, whose INC (Iraqi National Congress) was created by the CIA and whose very political existence was created by the Zionist decision-makers within PNAC. His handler after Iraq was invaded in '03 was Wolfowitz himself (32). Chalabi was intimately involved with the Mossad in the 1980s, and was mentored by Albert Wohlsetter, the godfather of neo-conservatism, whom Chalabi met while visiting occupied Palestine to meet his Mossad contacts. Wohlsetter would introduce Chalabi to Richard Perle (33)." (5)
But there is a much larger crime behind all of this that must begin to take center stage. This one begins with Cheney's Zionist-Shadow-government that he organized and then activated to block congress and the Pentagon as well as the CIA and its intelligence gathering arm of national defense. This act-of-treason was all in place and functioning before 911, and was used extensively to create the climate for war in both Afghanistan and Iraq. This deliberate act of TREASON, created both the climate and the entirely false reasoning as to who and what would be blamed for 911.
Consequently the deaths of every American soldier, sailor or Marine that died or were injured in any of our wars since 911 is directly attributable to Dick-Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush and the entire shadow government that had replaced the visible supposedly US government with their own shadow-government, to begin their final chapter of global domination. All of this death and betrayal was done in lock-step with Anti-American Zionist agents embedded at every level of the US government and the Pentagon as well as throughout US civil society. This crime of TREASON is what must be answered for, along with the total dissolution of everything Zionist within the United States.
Several are asking now why Wall-Street and the Bankers are not in jail? The answer to that is simple: Their crimes were and still are being committed by the Shadow-government which are still being protected by the Anti-American Israeli-agents and all their partners-in-their-secret-overthrow of what the Amerrikans thought was their own government. What we need now is to join the New Renaissance in the Arab World.
"The unprecedented wave of protests which has engulfed the Arabian states of the Middle East and North Africa over the past few weeks is being extended ever more.
After Tunisia and Egypt in which millions of revolutionary protesters succeeded in ousting the western-installed puppets Zainal Abidin bin Ali and Hosni Mubarak, several nations of the Middle East, including Yemen, Algeria, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman and Libya joined the communal movement of the Arab world to put an end to the longstanding U.S.-backed autocracy in the region.
The Arab uprising in the Middle East which seems to have been inspired by Iran's Islamic Revolution of 1979 has only one unequivocal and unambiguous objective: the obliteration of tyranny and despotism and the establishment of democracy and freedom." (6)
Because of the continuing destruction of Hypocrisy everywhere that we have allowed 'our' shadow-government to plant their blood-stained-boots; on virtually any nation where they seek to grab what was never theirs-we have a global responsibility as the occupants of this criminal-enterprise that has served as the commercial arm and global financier of the Zionists global agenda: We must either join in the Renaissance, or face the global condemnation that will certainly follow wherever these uprising might well lead us all.
Freedom needs to have her torch relit, around the planet. New governments need to be formed, and new political associations need to replace any of the so-called established "political parties" that tolerated this on-going criminal-attempt to seize so many million people worldwide. It is within our power to jail the bankers and the Wall-street-executioners of this society. We have chosen not to attempt to force the congress or the government to adhere to any of the laws they were selected to protect. But just think about what would happen if a peaceful crowd of 80 to 100,000 were to descend upon the banks and Wall Street in NYC? There has always been more than one way to end any tyranny-and we must begin to take back this country now.
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