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Who Is Responsible For TSA?
By Jim Kirwan
Ultimately who must bear responsibility for TSA and all the vile and often illegal things they are doing to people each and every day-in the name of Homeland Security?
The Transportation Security Agency is staffed by unqualified and basically ignorant people, most of whom are not qualified to even bag groceries-much less to actually protect the nation from terrorism. As a consequence of this obscene distortion that is being inflicted upon the flying public by the US Government; the government ought to be sued to the ends of the earth by every single person they have violated. If the government had even made an effort to hire real security types to do the checks that would be one thing: but instead they purposely hired hourly slobs with no experience in either security or dealing with the general public. On top of that even after all the complaints they have still not provided any real training for any of these wage-slaves that are making a mockery out of even just being an American.
The public needs to know who these people are and exactly what their qualifications are for the jobs that we re actually paying them to do. Above all the government must be held legally liable for what they do, every time they do anything! At the very least there should be a huge sign posted in front of the Airline gates saying:
"Your Constitutional rights have been suspended. If you proceed beyond this point you are subjecting yourself to the whims of animals dressed like people: Do NOT expect to have any freedom to object, or any privacy to be respected; because you are entering a free-fire zone where TSA can do whatever they want to you no matter what that might involve: Because your congress thinks that you are only fit to be treated like cattle in the name of "The Greater Good!"
Or in the words of George W. Bush, the war-criminal who cannot leave the country ~"It's all about the National Security of the United States because we're at war and everybody got to do their part!" And if you believe that, then I've got a half-dozen bridges that I'd be glad to sell you!
What this is really all about is what has been dictated to the United States by the unfinished-state of Israel. Here's part of the background for what Eric Cantor was involved with, when he tried to recant his most recent justification, for his treason in his own defense, of the special status of Israel:
"The two co-Chairmen of Obama's Deficit Commission, Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, last week unveiled a plan that would entail drastic cuts in most areas of American life, including Social Security and Medicare. Whatever else is true, American citizens are going to experience severe cut-backs in all sorts of benefits and economic security. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to shovel billions of dollars every year to Israel -- a country which, unlike the U.S., enjoys a booming economy anduniversal health care coverage. The Bowles/Simpson proposal would not cut any of that, but it at least calls for a reduction in the rate of growth in foreign aid, which would encompass the numerous foreign countries to which the U.S. transfers such money, with Israel leading the list and its neighbor Egypt in second place (which buys Egyptian stability and peace with Israel).
Anticipating that the extreme austerity measures which his party is demanding might sweep up foreign aid -- and therefore threaten the billions of dollars every year in American taxpayer money transferred to Israel -- Cantor last monthproposed that money to Israel not be classified any longer as "foreign aid" -- in order to shield it from all cuts.
In other words, Cantor wants American citizens to sacrifice in the extreme, to lose all sorts of benefits and security in the name of austerity, but wants to shield Israel -- with a higher standard of living -- from those cuts. Put another way, Americans should give up Social Security and Medicare benefits so that they can continue to transfer billions of dollars every year to Israel, a foreign country which offers farmore of a safety net to its own citizens.
But don't you dare accuse Eric Cantor of harboring allegiance to Israel and subordinating U.S. interests to this foreign country.
That would be extremely wrong of you to insinuate." (1)
The American public might want to weigh the above facts against the inhumane treatment that so many are being forced to deal with: Procedures that were designed by Israel to show all Americans that in reality they are just third-class citizens in their own country! How else to explain the barbaric treatment of so many hundreds of thousands of Americans that are only trying to get from place to place in their own country.
In Israel this kind of treatment is standard procedure at Israeli checkpoints, especially inside Palestine (without the x-ray machines of course)-but by their soldiers armed to the teeth that can and will kill you, just for asking questions! Babies and mothers have died for the lack of medical attention which the soldiers have refused to allow them to receive at those checkpoints: just because they could. No excuses are good enough to alter this barbaric behavior of those that believe they have total power over anyone that comes before them-especially if their Americans. Because in reality Zionist Israel hates Americans because they know that we will do exactly what we're told to do; which is what makes us inferior beings to the magnificent men and women of the IDF.
People would know this if they had bothered to know what is really going on in Gaza and the West Bank or Jerusalem; but then why would Americans bother to learn about what our very special-ally really does to those that they are "guarding" inside Israeli occupied Palestine?
We need a thorough house-cleaning of all Israeli-American members of the government at every level. We also need to totally change everything about TSA and the leadership of that lawless agency that has misrepresented what it does along with the dangers which they are continuing to inflict upon unsuspecting passengers.
For instance: TSA's (Janet Napolitano says) that the backscatter X-ray machines in the Airports are safe: The reality is that according to doctors at Columbia and Johns Hopkins"the radiation at airports is twenty times what you would get from an x-ray in your doctor's office." Also what happens if the machine malfunctions? X-rays are invisible and who would know if something major had gone wrong? Certainly not any of the brain-dead uniformed zombies that are too busy torturing the public or indulging their perverted behavior by feeling-up the general public under the excuse of what is laughably called 'national security.'
This has to end immediately if not sooner not just because it is intolerable but because these procedures were unleashed upon the public without having told the people where the policies were developed, who paid for these machines, or who exactly created the policies under which these dangerous and invasive machines are currently being used? According to TSA "Congress made these decisions" if that's true then lets censure the guilty parties and recall them from congress. If it turns out to have been Israel then lets cut off all funding now and in the future for anything and everything that might ever come from the US to Israel-under any circumstances (just as Israel does in Palestine) at every checkpoint going into the occupied territories inside Palestine: I think this might be considered a real-remedy that might very well be suited to this particular Israeli-crime: Not against the Palestinians-but against the American public-especially the flying public at the moment. However it should be noted that the same people want to put this junk into eighteen-wheelers and make it available everywhere in the country wherever Americans might be getting testy with their supposed government. . .
If this was your government they would have already acted to end this abusive nightmare: but since this is the puppet government of the USA, in absolute-service to the Zionist state of Israel-then we must insist that the US puppets do something to protect us from Israel: Not just at our airports but on our streets and highways as well! They could begin by forcing Israel to register as a foreign power for starters!
1) Eric Cantor's Pledge of Allegiance ­ Glen Greenwald http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article26833.htm
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