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Public Sex Protected By UK Hate Laws
By Harmony Daws
For years, Canada and Europe have shown us our future under hate crime laws. European nations deport Holocaust scholars for imprisonment in Germany. Canada fines pastors for quoting the Bible. Academic liberty evaporates. Homosexuals receive superior privileges in the courts. Well, today our future under hate laws got a little more disgusting.
Scotland passed homosexual-protecting hate crime legislation in June 2009-adding to their previous stiffened penalties for racial or religious hate-motivated crimes. Now Scottish police authorities have released a 60-page guidebook in defense of "doggers" and "cottagers." Hmm, what is that, you ask? Doggers are people who have sex in public. Cottagers are specifically male homosexuals who have sex in public, especially in public bathrooms. Dogging can include group sex and gang banging, by the way.
" Police have been ordered to protect doggers," reports the Telegraph, "and arrest anyone suspected of committing a hate crime against people taking part in outdoor sex."
If you're curious, yes, dogging and cottaging are illegal in Scotland. Yet hate and bias are the very worst crimes of all. Since hatred against homosexuals is worse than any crime a homosexual himself might commit, it is the hater who is to be watched! The guide warns police, "Whilst complaints regarding consensual public sex must be considered and responded to, it must also be noted that people engaging in such activity are potential targets for hate crime perpetrators."
In 2008, the then deputy chief constable of Lancashire Police Michael Cunningham - now the chief constable of Staffordshire Police - issued guidance cautioning officers against 'knee-jerk' reactions when dealing with doggers and saying they should only be prosecuted as a 'last resort'. (emphasis added)
The most recent changes were made to the 'Managing Public Sex Environments' policy last month, and top brass say the policy has been 'completely re-written' following consultation with relevant groups and 'new Association of Chief Police Officer guidance'. ­Telegraph
This is the fruit of criminalizing "hate." Hate really just means any form of moral condemnation or disapproval. Especially according to the Jewish Anti-Defamation League activists behind hate crime laws worldwide, Christian moral disapproval is very bad and very dangerous. Now we know where that premise leads. Today in Britain and Scotland the crime of having sex in public in potential view of children is protected by police! Police are instructed to first look out for the interests of the pervert. Scottish police officials say their concern is to make sure police officers bring a "consistent, well managed, proportionate and professional approach to public sex environments."
Public sex environments? Since when did parks and bathrooms become "public sex environments?"
Les Gray, who chairs the Scottish Police Federation, commented, "It's getting to the stage that people who break the law have more rights than the normal man or woman on the street, and as for them suffering from post-traumatic stress, what about the people who witness these exhibitions and are shocked by it? What about their rights?" I don't know, Les. This is what happens when you legally protect sexual deviancy and criminalize bias against it. Soon the immoral behaviors-even if committed illegally in public-receive preferential treatment over the rights of others.
In England, police have been criticized for refusing to arrest a dogger in Surrey who wears nothing but a yellow hard hat while accosting people who drive past the paved pull-out he frequents. He has been nicknamed "Bob the Builder." UK news reports that local police spent several hundred dollars on snacks and drinks for doggers who commit their grotesque acts at the pull-out. They do this in order to "build trust" and encourage them to report "hate crimes!"
A British man who made the mistake of parkingnear the pull-out while going to a nearby diner called police after he found "Bob the Builder" rubbing his naked genitals on his car window! The police refused to arrest the criminal. More than 300 British citizens petitioned the city council to close the pull-out since schoolchildren at a nearby primary school can see the doggers' public sex from their nearby playground! The council refused.
The 60-page Scottish police guide laments the plight of persecuted doggers: "Victims of bias, or hate crime, may need as long as five years to overcome their ordeal."
I wonder how long it will take schoolchildren to overcome the ordeal of watching anal sex from the top of their slide at recess. How long will it take teenage girls to get over the discomfort of avoiding certain areas of town knowing they will be accosted by naked men? How long will it take upright men to regain their consciences after being silent as their community is attacked by debauchery? And how long will it take God Himself to heal from the suffering of watching His children-created in His image-humping like dogs under an overpass while a once-Christian nation stands guard against criticism?
This year, a new report was released, titled The New Inquisition: Religious Persecution in Britain Today. It describes how white British Christians are being targeted by hate crime laws. One couple faced a horrifying legal ordeal after being charged with religiously aggravated hate crime because of a conversation about Mohammed and Islam. The Daily Mail reports a scholar's findings that "The majority of defendants in race or religious hate crimes were white British malesWhen a Muslim man defaced a war memorial in Burton upon Trent after spraying the words 'Islam will dominate the world-Osama is on his way' and 'Kill Gordon Brown' across the plinth, he was prosecuted for criminal damage but not for religious or race offences."
Stop the Source of Hate Laws
Over the past 30 years, the Anti-Defamation League has persuaded almost all Western governments to enact its model hate crime legislation and trust it with police hate crimes education. Police today unquestioningly accept ADL doctrine that homosexuality and all forms of sexual perversion are morally neutral, while bias against sinful behaviors (particularly by white Christians) is hateful and dangerous. ADL teaches police that religious bias inspires violence and is worthy of the harshest penalties and suspicion.
Protection for public sex in Scotland is a monstrosity that will soon cross the Atlantic if ADL's agenda is not exposed. The League is a Jewish supremacist organization attempting to corrupt society so its own Judaic one-world order may be erected on the rubble of Christian civilization.
American Christians must become willing to defend our values and civilization by speaking the whole truth. What can you do?
Visit Truthtellers.org often. We regularly update our website with information about current legislation and what you can do to stop it-especially by calling your elected representatives to protest hate crime and other evil laws, and by educating yourself and others about Jewish supremacy.
Share with your friends and peers the truth about hate crime laws and their self-admitted source, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.
If you are a Christian or conservative leader, please speak the whole truth about Jewish activism in your church, book, talk show, or website. Quote Rabbi Daniel Lapin's now-famous warning: 'ADL is in relentless attack on evangelical Christians.' (See, Rabbi Lapin: Christians Under "Relentless Attack" by "Secular Judaism") This provides an opportunity to explain ADL's historic role in promoting homosexuality and Christian-persecuting hate laws.
Few Americans want our schoolchildren watching anal sex from their playground at school. But this isn't a futuristic nightmare.
It is our future, if we do not change it now.
Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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