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Privatizing The Public!
By Jim Kirwan
Tomorrow, January 4th at 3 pm this 'question' of the PRIVATIZATION of the public, in San Francisco, will come before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors: This attempted criminal-theft of Civic Center has been kept SECRET by the Board for over two years ­ waiting for the perfect time to slip this past the public without even a chance for public comment. As the illustration indicates, this could go a long way toward expanding what TSA & Viper are already doing to eliminate the public's right to move about in this country that used-to-be-public.
Write to these creatures addressed above and demand that they give full consideration to the public, on this mind-bending plan to SILENCE THE ENTIRE CITY. I have sent this to all of them today.
The Board is planning to use the confusion over the resignation of current mayor Gavin Newsom, as an excuse to fail to allow public comment and to pass without comment; this critical and illegal action that will privatize the public's right to comment on the future of the entire City of San Francisco!
This 'question' should never have been taken up by the Board because the questions it poses are not something that any public body can give-away to private-corporate-interests; regardless of the reasoning.
The City of San Francisco has been a city since five days before the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 and while mistakes have been made over all that time: No one ever dared to demand that this city be PRIVATIZED; in order to make things run better: War or no War ­ the reasons we supposedly fought all these over two hundred wars since the founding of the nation ­ was to keep this country free?
What began with 911 has become a War upon ALL Americans. This attempt to steal the right to travel within Civic Center is nothing more than one more battle in the larger WAR. Clearly 'privatization' has become a major weapon, used by this government, to steal our jobs, our health-care, our retirement funds, our money and our dreams.
Here, in this city, these same forces now want to steal "Civic Center" supposedly for a bunch of Landlords that see the chance to make millions over the ten years of this "contract." That is why they've been keeping this a secret. People around the planet need to tell the San Francisco Board of Supervisors what they think about what these petty little third-rate-
politicians are trying to do to San Francisco, and by extension, to help expand the illegal Anti-American DHS, around which much of this crime was crafted.
James Chaffee has been a city government activist for decades here. Here's what he says, in part, about what's going on with agenda no.101525:
"The attempt to create an entity of private influence in Civic Center with the Orwellian name of "Community Benefit District" is more dangerous than it first appears. If you have not noticed almost everything in our society has been subject to privatization in recent years.
The premise of this proposal of a privately run Community Benefit District in CivicCenter is that the government, the public sector, can't do anything. If you want anything done, you have to hire a private company to do it.
That is a tempting proposition, but the question is, how far down that path do you want to travel? I am a government activist so I know as well as anyone the criticisms of government. But there is a basic principle in a democracy that there are certain things that have to be owned by the community and that belong in the public sector for sound philosophical reasons.
Yet if we look at the problems in the Public Library, they are not the inherent flaws of government service. The Library's problems exist to an overwhelming extent because a private fund-raiser is calling the shots and acting in its own private interest. The contempt for sunshine, open government, and public participation all come from the forces of privatization, not from the public employees.
The control of the Civic Center, in its maintenance and security concerns, is one of the things that has to remain in the public sector if we are to remain a public society in any sense. Because "IF City Hall Is Not Public, Then Nothing Is." The problem is that in the case of Civic Center, the City is the major property owner, and a major source of support is tax dollars from the general fund.
There is a review of the public funding in the newsletter and you can reach me through this site. Info@KeepCivicCenterPublic.com, or at 415-704-3050."
"If City Hall Is Not Public Then Nothing Is!"
Stop the Privatization
Keep the San Francisco Civic Center Public.
We paid for it once.
They would like us to believe that, if you want anything done, you have to hire a private company to do it. The question is, how far down that path do you want to travel?
There is a basic principle in a democracy that there are certain things that have to be owned by the community and that belong in the public sector for profound reasons of justice and decency.
Principles of justice founded on the US Constitution are there to protect all of us.
The control of the Civic Center, in its maintenance and security concerns, is one of the things that has to remain in the public sector if we are to remain a public society in any sense. The problems with this Privatization of the Civic Center include:
This is Anti-democratic and will create class and economic barriers to access to governmental services. Civic Center is the seat of government. It has to be open to all.
San Francisco City government is the largest property owner in the District and the general fund monies will account for almost 36% of the
support for this district, estimated at $249,135.22.
We already pay the police, and there is no need to divert money into the hands of a private contractor, MJM Management Group, to maintain Civic Center. We need a City-wide solution. To the extent that there is a problem, all this proposal does is move it to someone else's neighborhood. This is just NIMBY for the commercial interests.
The Board of Supervisors would like to shed all of their responsibility and retain only the perks of public office. We Cannot Allow This to Happen."
The public has remained silent on the privatization of energy, transportation, water, food, and the environment as well as the internet ­ the only thing remaining in the public sector is the PUBLIC themselves. This is the first step toward eliminating the 'public' from the actual control of this nation!
This kind of theft of the public's property has happened before; in the theft of the government itself through the almost secret Act of 1871 that converted the Republic into a foreign and privatized for-profit-corporation.
Thereafter it was a short hop to creating the private-for-profit and definitely foreign 'Federal Reserve Bank'? The 'FED' was the pebble that was pushed off the mountain that has become the horrendous landgrab that has just seen the bankers publish $12.3 Trillion out of thin air and distribute it to themselves and to foreign banks-which could not have happened if control over our own money had remained in public hands instead of in the control of foreign for profit private-interests. (1)
When February of 2011 comes this year, we will have been under the Anti-American illegal spying program that Bush instituted for exactly ten years. Bush II began the black-ops spying program that targeted every American-seven months BEFORE 911. How did he know that there would be an attack that would devastate this country, seven months BEFORE it took place? Could this have been the same way that Condoleezza Rice knew to call people like Willie Brown, the Mayor of San Francisco, the week before the attack to tell him "not to fly during the week that 911 took place"?
"Yesterday Condoleezza Rice was outed as the one who called people before the 11th and warned them not to fly on that day. On May 17, 2002, Pacifica Radio reported that Rice was the source of the call to San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. See side bar:" (2)
The only way these things could have happened was if these people knew and were complicit in these crimes against the world that have never been publicly admitted to. Don't let San Francisco become the latest victim of the thousands of War Crimes that have already been committed by these privatizing-privateers that seek nothing short of total control over every person, other than themselves, upon this planet!
1) Are the Federal Reserve's Crimes Too Big to Comprehend http://poorrichards-blog.blogspot.com/2010/12/wall-street-pentagon-papers-biggest.html
2) From the Smoke & Flames the Truth is Risinghttp://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2004/art29.htm
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