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Who Is Mark Glenn?
Name withheld by request
Jeff -
Reading about the attacks on your reputation made me wonder who is this Mark Glenn since I really didn't know much about him until all these attacks. In an effort to find out more outside his web site, I began doing on line research.
If you want to use this research, please don't use my name as I don't want to be Mark Glenn's next target of vicious slander simply for doing research. I have provided the links so anyone can follow up if they want. It seems to me, Mark Glenn has made a career out of attacking people.
This is a column written by Mark Glenn in 2006: Judaism is Nobody's Friend. There is a post on Dr. Henry Makow's site from Mark Glenn were he says they are friends. Here are a few paragraphs from Mark Glenn's column:
"Let's face it the only reason we are allowed (not to mention willing) to talk about it these days is because it begins with the letter z, and not the letter j,. That is the single barrier demarcating the two itemsa simple issue of letters and pronunciation, despite the fact that they are basically the same animal. Stay within that safe z, zone and all will be relatively fine. You will be championed as a friend of humanity and a warrior for the truth. Venture into that other area though and bring up that dreaded j, word and suddenly the same open-minded, people who a moment before were erecting a monument in your honor start to loosen their collars and clear their throats uncomfortably."
I take the z to be zionism and j to be jewish, which he says are the same aminal.
He concludes his column with: 
"Judaism is nobody's friend, and the sooner that the rest of usJew and non-Jew alikecome to realize this, the better off we will be. Get rid of it. It is a cancer. Cut is out and throw it away, as Jesus instructed that we do. It has never and will never be of any benefit to mankind. We cannot live in any kind of peaceful co-existence, with it. It is a declaration of war, and as long as it exists out there, mankind will never have peace.
Quite a shocking read. 
The web site below shows a a multi year shouting match between Mark Glenn and the owner of site site:
I took the time to slowly read the entire first page. Have to digest all this stuff carefully because a person's reputation should not be played with, although Mark Glenn has made a great effort at shooting his in the wrong direction.
The comments at the link above are from 2007; it states Mark Glenn has six children back then:
"Mark Glenn is a former high school teacher with five years of experience, having taught history, Latin, Italian, French, and Spanish."
Since he has so many children to feed and raise, I believe the number now is nine, I wonder why he no longer teaches school as his career and a steady paycheck? In fact, because I know virtually nothing about him, I wonder where his income comes from? Does a talk show host on the Internet with a small listening audience really make the kind of money one would need to support such a big family?
The 'Atheist Jew' has the exchange between him and Mark Glenn by time line. One thing that caught my attention is:
"Your letter got one retard to email me other than yourself. And no one left any comments on my blog. I get 300 hits a day on my blog, plus countless others that read it on aggregate sites. If you read the comments on my site regarding the child abuse you have performed on your daughter, you will see what normal human beings think of you. You are vermin. And you will represent the lunatic fringe."
And, this additional comment from the owner of the blog (Goldstein) to Glenn:
"I feel sorry for your children. You should leave them and give them a chance. You've already polluted your poor daughter and stolen her childhood."
Glenn's response:
"And as far as child abuse, well, you were raised Jewish, so I suppose you would understand something about that, now wouldn't you?"
Does this mean Mark Glenn believes Jews are child abusers by birth?
Anyway, that led me to do more searching.
The web site below has your name listed as a tin foil person, David Duke as a prison bitch and so on; typical scorched earth stuff on the Internet. However, what caught my eye is below:
2008: As Predicted, Mark Glenn Will Only Get Nuttier As Years Go By
If you scroll down to the comments section, you'll find this:
"It's also interesting that Glenn lives 20 minutes north of the Former Aryan nations compound in Hayden Lake. Has anyone done research on whether he was a part of Butler's bunch?"
This sure has an eerie resemblance to the Hal Turner episode.
I kept researching and found these posts:
That led me to hit on the link for Mark Glenn's daughter, which took me here:
Anti-Semitism by a 14-year old: like father like daughter
I hit on another link in that post and it took me here:
After the revolting task of reading that post filled with more vile language, I clicked on another link. This took me to a letter penned by Glenn's daughter to Mr. Goldstein who is the owner of Atheist Jew.
Mark Glenn's daughter does not distinguish between Zionism and all Jews in her letter. Children are a product of their environment and their upbringing. Where did this 14-year old learn from? Her father, Mark Glenn. After reading his daughter's letter, it sort of ties in with the first link at the top: Judaism is Nobody's Friend.
Mark Glenn's daughter (at that time) was only 14 and wading into an adult world when she should be enjoying being a teen in high school.
I don't think Mark Glenn should not have allowed his minor child to engage in blogging with Goldstein. And, as an adult, Goldstein who also should not be taking on children on his blog.
In my research, I also found this column by Mark Glenn:
Islamic Extremism May Save Western Civilization by Mark Glenn, April 18, 2003
All of this is quite distburing as well as his non-stop, unprovoked and clearly unfair attacks on your character.

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