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Death By Design From Above
By Jim Kirwan
Chemtrails has become one of the most obvious "secrets" in the world today. The battle over their actual existence has consumed most of the last ten years, in a public dialogue wherein the government has tried mightily to keep the secret; SECRET.
However there is one relatively simple way to prove or disprove the existence of Chemtrails for everyone involved. When I was an air-traffic controller in the Air Force for four years we "tracked" everything that flew above 2,000 feet through their required "flight plans" that had to be filed for every commercial or private plane that flies in US airspace.
Today the entire 'legal-system' of US law has been reversed so that anyone accused of any crime is automatically guilty until "the accused" can actually prove they are innocent of whatever is alleged. We need to hold this government accountable in the exact same manner that they are using this new legal-attitude against us: Namely that until the government can PROVE that they are NOT "Chemtrailing' the public" then they shall have to answer for this deadly crime that has been growing ever more severe over the last ten years.
Until now the government has remained silent on their participation or actual involvement in this now very public crime that is making millions of people sick and has killed many thousands, by secret means, that too often is not checked for when autopsies on its victims are performed. Under the new guidelines that have now become commonplace ­ the government must PROVE that they are innocent or face the consequences of this rain of death coming from the skies over the entire United States.
The FAA has the "Flight Plans" for every flight that is flown over the continental United States: Why has no one tried to obtain those legally required "flight plans" for the aircraft shown in this video, and in virtually every video that has ever aired on this subject going back over the last ten years? (1)
If these federally mandated flight plans were to be released to the public; then we would all be able to know conclusively who was flying these planes; and the purposes for these flights would automatically become clear. The flight-plans state the point of origin and the destination of the flight. If the flight is one that is flying a pattern other than being a direct flight (such as almost all commercial flights routinely do): Then that information would immediately be clear to anyone that actually reads these very simple reports.
If these planes are exclusively being flown by the Air Force, the Navy, the CIA or any other federal agency then that too would be critical information for the public to have. As this is taking place over all the states in the United States; and does has not involved anything whatever to do with foreign terrorism (because flight plans have to be filed for the aircraft to take off) and no bombings of Americans have been reported in the last ten years-in US airspace. Here is a partial list of some of the firms involved in Weather Modification in the United States. The public needs to KNOW what mission these companies are serving when they undertake "weather modification" in the airspace over this country. (2)
Aeromet, Inc. (L-3 Communications) - U.S Department of Defense
BAMEX - Bow Echo and Mesoscale Convective Vortex Experiment
CALIPSO - CloudSat Validation Experiment
Delaware Department of Agriculture Cloud Seeding Program
Edwards Aquifer Authority
Federal Aviation Administration - Great Lakes Division
Gratiot Weather Modification Project
Illinois Weather Modification Projects
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - National Hurricane Center
Naval Surface Warfare Center
Nevada State Cloud Seeding Program
New Mexico BLAST (Burst Light and Stratus Transmission) Project
North Dakota Cloud Modification Project (NDCMP)
North Dakota Thunderstorm Project - North Dakota Atmospheric Resource Board
North Dakota Tracer Experiment - North Dakota Atmospheric Resource Board
Northeast Sampling Program - Sonoma Technology, Inc.
NSF/NCAR ICE-L Field Campaign
Oklahoma Weather Modification Project (OWMP)
Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District Rainfall Enhancement Program
Santa Barbara County Water Agency
Sonoma Technology, Inc.
Stanislaus Weather Modification Program
State of South Dakota - Department of Natural Resources Division of Weather Modification
Texas Central High Plains Rainfall Enhancement Program
Texas Experiment in Augmenting Rainfall through Cloud Seeding (TEXARC)
Texas Weather Modification Program
The University of North Dakota - US Environmental Protection Agency
University of Arizona - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Upper American River Cloud Seeding Project
Upper Payette River Basin Cloud Seeding Program
Upper Tuolumne River Weather Modification Program
Utah Division of Water Resources
Utah Division of Water Resources
West Central Texas Council of Governments Rainfall Enhancement Program
Western Dakota Water Development District - Black Hills Council of Local Government
Wyoming Weather Modification Pilot Program
This is NOT something that involves Homeland security directly but could involve them, very directly, in this SECRET-ATTACK upon us all: Especially if the public is DENIED the knowledge contained in the flight-plans of the aircraft involved that have been videoed for many years without any official explanation, with actual documentation, that would PROVE that government on any level is or is NOT involved!
The key component of this massive and deadly chemical warfare, from the skies, must continue to be not only the secrecy with which it has been done but the fact that the government has one set of laws for the citizens they are torturing with TSA and DHS, each and every day while they are cloaking what they continue to do to us without having to PROVE that there is any justification whatsoever for these flights that bring massive infections, disease and death to millions of Americans. The only 'crime" that "we" are "guilty of" is living in the Police State of the now completely fascist United States.
If you want to do something then make some DEMANDS of the FAA and the US government: Treat them with the same incivility with which you are being treated in the airports by TSA. They work "for you and I" and these employees need to be fired and prosecuted, at the very least, because they have attempted to takeover this country and prosecute their owners forcrimes that we have not committed at any level in our lives. It's time to GET NASTY with your supposed government and stop treating them with any civility whatsoever.
This would have been the minimum required of those that once thought of themselves as Americans ­ but then too many of us still believe in " the American Dream" even though we now know that 'you have to be asleep to still believe it.'
1) Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF -video http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/meteorology
2) Weather Modification Incorporate, Clients & Projects
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