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Climatology Terrorist
Al Gore Rants In Copenhagen

By Karl Schwarz
Watching this congregation of elitists in Copenhagen is almost as good as watching Elmer Fudd cartoons, Laurel & Hardy and The Three Stooges.  It is truly easy to spot frauds.  Have you seen the news about the "huge carbon footprint" this gaggle of climate handwringers is producing?   There is nothing 'green' about this séance going on in Copenhagen.  
Yes, indeed, let us all go tithe to Al Gore's cult and bogus Church of Climatology.  Al Gore is now wound up to 'shrill' because the lie is out of the bag and he is like a cat in a litter box trying to cover up the mess.  
I for one was not surprised that Al Gore showed up to defend his Oscar for Best Fiction movie, or his Nobel Prize for nothing but Climate Data Lies, or the billions he and his buddies hope to make if this sleazy attempt to tax 'plant food' is pushed through.  That is what CO2 is folks, plant food.  The atmospheric levels of CO2 are nowhere near high enough to warrant all of this shrill sound coming that the end of the world is nigh.
I still want Gore to explain to me why the temperature on all 9 planets are elevated and last time I checked, there are no 'evil human activities' on the other 8 planets.  Hmm, what could it be?  Maybe cosmic waves?  Maybe the Sun actually does have an affect on the weather here and the other 8 planets, since all 9 are warmer in recent years?  Or is it that the Al Gore & Sycophants band has heated up the entire Solar System with their hot air?
Some very reputable sources, that do not fudge numbers, say that 98% of the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere comes from non-human activity.  Therefore, there is nothing you, me or Al Gore can do about it.  Some of these same sources also inform that the CO2 levels are not high enough to create greenhouse warming and there are much bigger problems facing this planet.  
Pollution, political corruption, shysters like Clinton, Obama, Gore, et al, warmongering nations led by war criminal liars are a much bigger problem than plant food.  It is sort of a natural process.  The plants absorb the CO2, the Sun comes up, the plants convert it to food and grow and we get oxygen to breathe as a byproduct of photosynthesis and plant growth.  Sounds like a good system to me, but we can always rely that some charlatan nutcases like Al Gore & the Sycophants will try to find a way to screw even that up.  
Do not be surprised if one of the Climatology idiots comes up with the lame-brained idea that you need to be taxed for breathing, since you are aiding and abetting the plants being green.
Most of the smaller developing nations have already figured it out that this is the US and UK trying to manipulate control, as the two dying empires they are.  They are also figuring out that a long list of greedy whore Banksters are just salivating on their next big market scam of 'trading carbon credits'.  The trends forecaster Gerald Celente recently disclosed on the Jeff Rense radio show that the same greedy moron that came up with carbon credit trading scam is also one of the ringleaders that came up with bogus credit default swaps and almost put the entire world into a depression.  I guess next this idiot will come up with credit default swaps for carbon credits.  
You see, they came up with the brilliant scheme of 'globalization' and 'free markets' under faux democracy but that is now kicking their ass black and blue.  These elitist nitwits in the US and UK thought they could push through such things and then live the Life of Riley while the rest of the world served them.  Not happening, the rest of the world is moving to higher living standards and Elmer Fudd is now an endless stream of "dastardly wabbits" expletives and threats that the sky is falling and the Earth is about to burst into flames and turn into a cinder due to plant food.  
Recent news articles have exposed that Britain may well be facing food shortages soon, but that does not have anything to do with the big bad Global Warming scam.  Over the past several years there have been repeated warnings that something is seriously amiss in the business plans of certain nations, mostly noticeably the US and UK.  For example, why does Britain import onions from Peru and Ecuador that used to be raised in the UK?  That only becomes scary when you dig deeper and find out that many UK farmers are not producing, there is no food independence in the UK and, as usual, there are many in the UK that seem to think that everyone else on the planet was put here to wait on their lazy butts hand and foot.
The UK reporting on Gore's grandstanding, in the wake of his scam being exposed as the Climategate that it is, is comical.  These are just a few citations from the Gore-Bore Temple Mount speech in Copenhagen.
Al Gore rallies the troops in Copenhagen http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/blog/2009/dec/16/al-gore-copenhagen-cl imate
For example:
1. "He advised them to be sensitive to fears that China and India could use climate change to gain competitive economic advantage."
Gore must have had a lobotomy on his way to Copenhagen or misread this tele-BS-prompter.  The 'use climate change' and 'gain economic advantage' are mutually exclusive concepts.   There is no logic in that utterance, but I digress, Al Gore is a desperate man.  Maybe that is Gore-Speak for China is kicking the US and UK butts big time and some are not happy that many of these 'dastardly wabbit' smaller nations are aligning with China and India.
This is a multipolar world now.  Some are trying to use Climatology to turn back the clock and it will not happen, it will not work.  
Hmm, it occurs to me that many of those nations that the threat was made to are already working hand-in-hand with China and India and doing much better than working with the US or UK. As for competitive economic advantage and loss thereof, the US can blame that on George H W Bush, Clinton, the Village Idiot and Obama.  China has walked off and left the US behind and India is headed that way.  
2. "Gore was just as tough on activists who have embraced him as a hero, demanding they set aside their pride and their principles and embrace a deal"
Ah, yes, when the IPCC scientists and Al Gore got caught in their Big Lie, it is truly time to set aside pride and principles to push through the Big Lie called Climategate.  They got caught lying and playing dirty, so now it is pride and principles out the door and turn into Climate Terrorists, make threats, and lie even more.  
3. "He said he recognised their frustration with the glacial pace of negotiations."
Al Gore might want to check into the fact that most of the glaciers on the face of this planet are growing, not melting away.  I have always known that Al Gore is as myopic as an amoeba, but maybe he has a glacier on his brain. He might want to go see a doctor about that because his mental acuity is glacial.  
One has to stop and think all of this through.  What sort of single-brain-cell idiot would try to have plant food labeled as a Planet Earth threatening pollutant?  Could it be that Al Gore hates green plants, or is he blinded by the green he hopes to pocket from this scam?
4. "And there was no trace of sympathy for opponents of action on climate change. Gore began with a brief run-through of the latest science on melting of the Arctic ice cap, evidence he said "only reckless fools would ignore"."
There is nothing quite like the threats of a desperate liar.  Just reading his rant in Copenhagen one can easily imagine that Gore was hyperventilating like a desperate, shrill televangelist trying to get those dollars coming in.  
Just call me reckless Al... I do not believe a single word you say.  You and your sycophants do not seem to be hemmed in by the Truth.  I for one will not follow a liar across the street.  
Gore failed to inform his audience that these are the same scientists that just got caught falsifying the climate data.  I vote we make Gore go spend the winter in the Arctic and see for himself how the weather is these days. I checked as I was writing this and only a 'reckless fool' would call the current Arctic weather.... global warming.  
Of course, these are the same "Al Gore sources" that have recently been exposed as total liars and science frauds.  They have manipulated the evidence to the point they destroyed it when the Climategate information surfaced.
I have seen used car salesmen, drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, and Carney Show hacks that have more honor, integrity and veracity than Al Gore.
I would suggest that Al Gore shut up, but the windbag is producing so much hot air it might be the only thing that is keeping the Northern Hemisphere from having another Ice Age.
That is a tough call, sort of like letting Al Gore borrow my Suburban Z71 so he can drive off a cliff with it.  I would miss the Suburban Z71.
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