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The Great American Racket

By Jim Kirwan
"Protection" despite the way many might see it, has always been the unseen major industry that hides everything it does in plain site. But protection is no longer just "an option," it's become a government requirement almost across the board, in far too many ways. Government is not just a full partner in the protection industry; it has actually taken control over everyone and virtually everything, to provide this much "needed" 'PROTECTION' to everyone of course! The only real problem that this government does not provide us with 'protection' from-is that most basic protection-from the government itself that all of us must have if we are to be able to live and prosper at the same time! This is what is at issue between the fluidity and challenges of Risk and the frequently rigid requirements that Stability often prefers to use, to guarantee continued success.
For decades the health insurance industry and those few that want to direct the lives of everyone else, having been trying to force the public to BUY protection by creating some very special laws which they have written, because they fear that their lives and their possessions might be endangered if there is no legally guaranteed protection for them: from those of us that do not have "insurance." This is such bullshit that it is almost unspeakable.
However this is how mandatory auto-insurance quietly made it into the lexicon of life, and was soon followed by another massive income stream; The SEAT-BELT industry that was soon joined by the helmet safety programs. These 'ideas' were never about safety as much as they were about insurance: This has always been about the power to dictate protection for a whole class of the worst people, to be paid for by the rest of us-whether we as a nation need it or not.
Before you go ballistic about the saintliness of "the data" that disproves what I just said, you might want to read a bit further. The proposition that PROTECTION is something that can be purchased is an artificial construct. Life is unpredictable, and always has been. Insurance was created to protect people, in theory, from Life's most unexpected events. But that theory didn't make the people that offered the policies enough money; because not everyone on the planet was involved in buying what has become their bogus protection from life in all its many forms. So the Insurance industry began to court the government with ideas that could make them both far more influential.
Home Owners Insurance became a requirement, but the regulation of these "insurance schemes" have never been as fairly regulated; when it comes to what if anything shall be paid to policy-holders, when claims were filed to pay policy-holders what they thought they had the right to expect. Ask anyone caught up in a national disaster like a firestorm, a flood or a Katrina ­ just how well did their required insurance 'protect" anyone except the insurance companies themselves? The same is true of every other area in which insurance-of-some-kind is mandated.
When the payment of premiums is MANDATED, the insurance will be revoked the second that payments are interrupted: And everything already paid in is kept by the company. But when it's the Insurance Companies' turn to deliver on the promises they made in their contracts-there is no defender of the rights of those that routinely get the royal-purple-shaft from these supposedly legitimate crooks that call themselves pillars of our society. This is because the companies hide behind their armies of lawyers and the government for protection, or they declare bankruptcy, rather than PAY what was agreed on, in many cases several decades before.
Last week we just added the entire world of medical-insurance to the requirements that people must now pay for or go to jail. And as it is in other industries where the law forces citizens to buy what they do not believe in; there are no strict requirements being forced upon the government or the medical profession to provide the person with the insurance, or any real CARE of any kind: in fact the industry is still free to disqualify anyone that they believe might actually need to use the policy they have just forced millions of people to buy!
There is no watchdog agency that insures that anyone gets the treatments that might be needed in US hospitals or clinics. The way that this once worked was that IF the insurance companies failed to provide the services they sold to consumers-then the market would force them out of business. But that was before the entire medical community climbed into bed with that whore of all whores: the US Government! There is no reciprocal-responsibility involved in this latest theft of the right of Americans to decide for themselves how to provide for themselves and their families-in light of the now totally fraudulent fascism that has overtaken this nation.
What is always overlooked is that this is PROTECTION at its finest, if you and yours are the ones that know they NEED be protected from the great unwashed, whether we are driving cars, or spreading germs in public places-the rich must insure that the rest of us will provide them with a healthy settlement should the rich ever need to sue any of the less fortunate.
"Protection" is a common requirement in almost every society, in some form. The poorer the country the more brutal is the requirement for protection from the powers that be. Whether you're a small shop owner in New York that needs protection from street gangs and the cops; or you're in the rag-business or the diamond trade ­ "rich man, poor man, beggar-man, thief" everyone pretty much needs some kind of protection for themselves and for what they do. But only the rich can require the rest of us to pay for bogus insurance so that their properties and persons can be protected from the common herd. How long will it be before the lawyers begin demanding that the public have legal insurance, for those times just ahead when so many will be arrested? How superb would that be to have prepaid legal insurance against the certainty of an arrest for something that you did not do?
Whenever these philosophies have gotten out-of-control in the past, things like the Guillotine began to get a lot of very public use; because these strong-armed tactics whether by police thugs or blatantly illegal government decrees that violate every tenant of American law and practice ­ all of it leads to failure and directly to the total destruction of the society that chose this particular-path to self-destruction.
This PROTECTION racket has been going on big-time in America since Madison Avenue first began to realize that Americans are afraid of everything including their own shadows: and soon 'The Great American Protection Racket' was born! Now hundreds of trillions of dollars later the whole charade is being applied to every phase of life in this country.
This does not involve just companies and the government it's become part of the life of ordinary individuals. Why do lawyers exist? To PROTECT something that someone wants to protect from harm or loss. Doctors exist to PROTECT people from disease and to help them to recover should they become ill. Professions of all kinds have been converted from creating things, such as better ways to live the lives that each of us have been given; to PROTECTING people from things that no one has any right to be protected from; in the normal course of living. Shrinks, teachers, researchers ­ every profession must now consider how they can "assist people" (while forcing the unwilling) with PROTECTION from things that are mostly just another aspect of life.
The greatest protection from life is contained in the way one chooses to live it. It is both that simple and that complex. And all of the folly that is being pursued so avidly by this fascist government and their pirate-leaning private- associates will not in the end profit them at all: Because everybody dies. The question really is, how we choose to live the lives we have been given? Buying into PROTECTION simply speaks to the failure of individuals to live openly and well because they are not living in opposition to most of life, but are in sync with the universe and themselves.
The government is now in the PROTECTION business and has been running on overtime for the last nine years: Yet this countries' citizens have never lived in a more dangerous world, thanks to our protectionist polices worldwide. All of our PROTECTIONS (in the form of the rights we were all born with) are now gone; because they have been stolen by the government in the name of private-corporate-needs or just because it's far more profitable for those providing the services that are now being managed, by the same government agencies, that were supposed to be 'protecting us' from all this fascism and the enforced obligations that neither government nor private industry has the right to dictate to any citizen of this country.
This practice however is not limited to Americans; because we've forcefully applied these same rules and totally arbitrary arrangements to other countries. One example was when Cheney and Bechtel decided to privatize the entire water supply for all of Bolivia; even claiming that they owned their rainwater as well. However the citizens of Cochabamba kicked them out of the country-forcefully-unlike the cowardly Americans that have not stopped a single criminal act by their so-called government in the last nine years. (1)
This coercion has become common practice now because we must all be PROTECTED; just not from those who are demanding that we BUY their bogus services, but for every possible and usually idiotic distortion of any real threat to life & limb; such as what TSA does to every possible passenger, except those that are flying on private planes.
Never forget that PROTECTION is a Racket as old as organized crime; and that when the government of any country adopts PROTECTION wholesale, as the preferred method for dealing with its citizens then that nation is finished as anything that could be worth saving.
The balance between RISK & STABILTY, as indicated in the illustration, has always been with people since the beginning. How we choose or fail to choose to deal with that equation now is what shall ultimately decide the immediate future, not just for this country but for the world. Because this criminal-cabal has become our government, and because we have failed to curb its worst intentions toward the rest of the planet ­ it is our responsibility now to do something NOW to stop these bastards that run this place from continuing to brutalize, to torture and to murder the rest of the planet in the name of this overzealous PROTECTION for the elites!
This is what is responsible for the idea that Americans are too dumbed-down, too drugged-out and just too deeply affected by all the toxins in the air, the water, the food and the land to think clearly. It is this artificial NEED for a PROTECTION that cannot really exist that is at the bottom of the real fear that has kept this nation paralyzed, in the face of annihilation by the monsters that own us. Speak now or forever hold your piece!
1) Cochabamba: From War to Water Management
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