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By Jim Kirwan
Weapons of Mass Destruction; Secret Nuclear sites! The perfect distraction to mask our next series of massive failures here at home, by screaming "TERRORISM and NUCLEAR CAPABILITES in IRAN"!
Iran and its nuclear-capabilities must be degraded immediately if not sooner, say the three stooges, speaking on behalf of that part of the world that routinely lies to the world about everything they say or do. Remember this jerk whose lies before the world in the United Nations, enabled the mass murder of millions of people, the displacement of over two million and the maiming and damage to millions more in Iraq alone, on top of what his lies cost in American and allied personal. Powell and his partner-in-crime at the State Depart., Miss Condoleezza Rice, the Contessa of Lies were both up to their eyelids in the war-crimes of Cheney-Bush & Rummy while the world was terror-stricken by the contrived lies and deceits that some still believe and that we are still paying for!
Even now the same old blood-soaked road-to-war is being repaved once again, with "new lies" spread upon the old; this time it's the country next door to Iraq, but it's also Russia, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi-Arabia, Egypt and China. This is not about just another nation that we've decided to crush! This is about the balance in the entire House of Cards that the jackals and vultures worldwide are trying to protect. They have armed themselves with lies-unending that of course will lead again to "WAR, WAR, and Lots More WAR" ­ because their world is melting into the sands on which it was built.
The NWO cannot handle the truth of what they have created; because not only have they created absolutely NOTHING but perpetual war for perpetual secret contracts ­ any truth must be measured ­ not just by what it wants to track but also by how much life and prosperity has also been vaporized with every step taken toward this ONE-WORLD-LIE that persists despite all else.
Here's the middle-of-the-night news, hot off the pages, from one of American's premier lap-dogs of the New World Order ­ The New York Times! This was of course also matched by that other Giant of Journalistic folly, the Washington Post. Here's the nub of the next series of reasons that will become 'why we MUST allow Israel to bomb Iran.'
PITTSBURGH - "President Obama and the leaders of Britain and France will accuse Iran Friday of building a secret underground plant to manufacture nuclear fuel, saying the country hid the covert operation from international weapons inspectors for years, according to senior administration officials.
The revelation, which the three leaders will make before the opening of the Group of 20 economic summit here, appears bound to add urgency to the diplomatic confrontation with Iran over its suspected ambitions to build a nuclear weaponscapacity. Mr. Obama, along with Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Britain and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, will demand that Iran allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to conduct an immediate inspection of the facility, which is said to be 100 miles southwest of Tehran.
American officials said that they had been tracking the covert project for years, but that Mr. Obama decided to make public the American findings after Iran discovered, in recent weeks, that Western intelligence agencies had breached the secrecy surrounding the project. On Monday, Iran wrote a brief, cryptic letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency, saying that it had a "pilot plant" under construction." The New York Times this morning. (1)
Who are these holier-than-thou creatures that are about to become so indignant about Iran's right to pursue nuclear power for itself. Both the New York Times and the Washington Post were leading voices in the run up to and the prosecution of the invasion and occupation of Iraq-that's who they are, co-conspirators in the LIES that got us fully involved in the lie of the Bush-Wars on Iraq, both the first and the second time around; so in truth neither of these organs of disinformation has any authority or credibility whatsoever to speak now about this potentially new series of lies about Iran. In fact they should recuse themselves from even commenting because they are the wholly owned organs of those that want this war, just as they wanted the two previous wars for profit and illicit power.
Everyone seems to forgotten that Iran signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty: UnlikeIsrael, India or Pakistan; all three of whom are nuclear armed nations, to which theUnited States GAVE nuclear technology and possibly weapons. To date none of the three nations, to whom we gave nuclear technology or weapons, have signed the international non-proliferation treaty? Pakistan has been caught selling nuclear technology to so-called terrorist states, as well as weapons. It's true we're bombingPakistan at the moment; but it's also supposedly true that we control their nuclear stockpile?
India is a totally different story but Israel is the one real nightmare-as she has targeted the capitals of the Western World with her nukes, in case the world fails to do what we are told to do, by Israel. Israel has said on several occasions that she would destroy the world if there is no place in it for "Israel," and Israel has both the weapons and the delivery systems to do (or at least attempt to do) exactly what Israel says they will do-if the world fails to cooperate!
So what's the big deal about Iran possibly finally obtaining a nuclear weapon; especially when the world's greatest terrorists states (the US and Israel) are armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, which we have both used (Israel has used tactical nukes on the Palestinians) and the US was responsible for creating nuclear weapons (using captured Nazi scientists) and of course using their work to bring Japan to its knees while impressing the watching world with the nuclear might of an emerging Imperial America. Since that time we have used nukes in Bosnia-Croatia, in Iraq in 1991, and in the current extension of the 1991War onIraq; as well in other places outside the prying eyes of cameras and reporters.
Then, according to the sanctimonious world, there will now be the matter of the LIE (to be aired today at the G-20 summit) that Iran has been telling by omission since all these sanctions and punishments have been laid down upon Iran for failing to do what we are demanding that they do-even though no one has appointed us (or anyone else) to run the lives of any other nation than our own. 'We' just happen to now be totally bankrupt, devoid of virtually everything that we pretended to have just ten years ago; so why are "WE" not attending to what supposedly concerns us most ­ the wealth, health and possible survival of Americans in this country?
Neither Bush, Cheney nor Obama has twenty-minutes worth of experience with military-matters of any kind except secret appropriations that rob us of most of our own money. Our generals have not fought in major wars since WWII, yet the medals on their chests look like a cartoons of the old Russian generals that were dripping with gaudy medals: Can such copious recognition really come from places like Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Haiti, Chile, Afghanistan, Iraq and soon to be Iran? These creatures are token corporate-soldiers fighting designated actions against people that just want to be left alone to live their own lives in their own countries; free from the greed and hatred of the elites that want everything they have, including their lives. Yet we continually send-in our Delta Forces, SAS troops, special forces of all types and black ops as well as mercenaries into far-flung places to slaughter ordinary people, and then we call them heroes and patriots-this too is a LIE that neither we nor many other people dare to talk about-ever!
Let's look more closely at the three-stooges that will be pushing this new international-call to illicit arms. Nicolas Sarkozy ofFrance is a former Sayanim for the Mossad (before he became president of France), if you're curious as to what that is? (2).France is also the Empire that lost its' Far-Eastern colonies to the communists. It was France that lost at Diem Bien Fu inVietnam which necessitated the US intervention to save face for the west, against communism in Viet Nam. They also lost inNorth Africa, Algeria, Morocco, and possibly Tunisia ­ which created problems at home for France and put an end to their dreams of hanging on to Colonial power.
The Brits kept their empire after WWII by withdrawing the troops they could no longer supply or maintain, but they left their old-world money-connections to power, and political structures in-place around the world, to control through finance that which they could no longer militarily dominate in places like Canada and Australia. The 'City of London' (the Banking district that is a separate city-state) actually still controls the US Federal Reserve Bank, as well as most of the old-world wealth that in tandem with 'The Vatican' (a totally separate city-state within the Vatican) which is about monetary control, over the far-flung empires of that wing of the power elite, for the Illuminati.
And then of course there is the now totally vacuous USA which has no power or money of its own any longer (thanks to the last nine years of total silence from the hive-mind built on greed and self-absorption that still lives here now). For all intents and purposes this place is no longer a nation but merely a sector of the North American Union just waiting to be finalized and occupied outright by the New World Order. These three so-called Western nations are the ones that will carry the Iranian LIE-of-Omission to the public at the
G-20 summit today, being held in Pittsburg Pennsylvania, as this is being written.
So where are we about to be dragged off to this time? Will this be the justification needed to 'allow' Israel to finally bomb Iran? Will this be the rationale behind even more wasted money on the military while this nation's people are left to starve in the streets or die in the home-made shelters that followed foreclosures, disease, or homelessness?
These people have lied to us about EVERYTHING from the day that Bush stole the office the first time, all the way up to and including everything that Obama has, for his part continued to fail to do, while pushing the great global war-machine forward with every new lie he continues to underwrite, as the total fraud that he has always been.
This is sheer madness! If the public manages to get sucked in AGAIN, to even more lies and yet more false-flag commitments to exterminate even more people in the name of international lies and unending wars for illicit profits and secret contracts-then this will be the end of the fight for anything that matters.
But then if we are so stupid as to be swayed by this "GOTCHA" maneuver in the eleventh hour of our impending collapse; then I guess they were right in assuming that we will believe any lie so long as they tell us these lies often enough, and loud enough, to get us to stop paying attention to what is really going on right here in this country which they are determined to absolutely obliterate from the minds of men and women everywhere . . .
1) Iran Said to have Covert Nuclear Facility
2) Mossad local assistants or Sayanim operating in Western countries
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