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Context - The Elegant
Key to Everything

Jim Kirwan
So many people searching for that all important 'truth' that remains elusive: Part of the answer that everyone needs to have, to find what they are looking for, is 'context." Because without 'context' there can be no real knowledge, only data. This is the one thing that overarches every field of endeavor and every area of expertise, which is why it remains the Key to Everything.
The New World Order set out to murder the arts in the early 1950's because they believed that if people could remain connected to themselves and to their private thoughts; then people would be much harder to capture and hold as their pawns in their very old game of Empire.
After a brief pause Science & Math were shoved down the throats of educators as their new educational system began to take root, without the humanities, and without critical thinking; both of which were allies of the by then deceased 'arts.' Science and Art are simply different forms of human talent that can and should work together to advance knowledge and our human understanding of some of the interesting complexities of daily life: The sciences use formulas while the arts use intuition & imagination and together they brought us the advance of real wealth as in the Italian Renaissance. http://www.kirwanesque.com/deck/milestones/ jack.htm
Currently Math and Science continue to expand our knowledge base while for the most part ignoring the rest of our humanity, which is not unlike 'the sound of one-hand clapping.' Then a few decades back; String Theory, 'the elegant theory of everything,' began to take hold: uniting for the first time all of the break-through science from the past with the world of the very, very small-so small in fact that these 'strings of pure energy' cannot actually be seen, and therefore cannot be used to test the theory. However this turns out, it remains one of the quintessential examples of how context affects virtually everything, at least in the sciences. (1)
In philosophy, in religion, and in counter-intelligence 'context' is also the key to understanding whatever information is being studied or discovered. Because without context most information, or even most objects, are simply bits & pieces of a mystery without any apparent conclusion. In the case of the Maya; archeologists long ago discovered stone carvings called Stelae, in prominent places amid the ruins of cities that turned out to contain graphic keys to their language. Consequently, when finally decoded these works of art gave us the history of an entire people: Without the context provided by these carvings, the mystery of these ancient people would still be unknown. (2)
In politics; context is the real key to ultimate power. The 'power that is still in control has been in control since the time of the Egyptians: But these powers have a huge weakness for showing their power to us, through the occult, which simply means "hidden." Part of their method for controlling knowledge is to hide that knowledge in reverse symbolism, and hidden meanings, which they can then display in plain site. Here again without context, the facts- alone are almost meaningless.
Two brief examples that will clarify my contentions. These come from David Icke in his new DVD release entitled: Freedom or Fascism ­ The Time to Choose, very near the end of Disc 1.
The First: 'Just because some groups fight each other does not mean that they are not both on the same side. In WWII, the Nazi's (apparently) fought the anti-Nazi's. (Yet the funding for both came from the same sources). In case you're wondering, this was necessary in order to consolidate power and to change the existing world-both of which WWII did accomplish. The truth of what lay behind the power that underwrote the Nazi's was in the symbols on Hitler's uniform. The collar insignia was that of the Knights of Malta: the skull & bones of the SS stood for the secret society to which both George and GWH Bush belonged, along with Kerry. And on the cap is the American eagle (a stand-in for the legendary Phoenix) with the Swastika in its claws.'
The Second: The gold fringe that surrounds the US flag in US courts and on US military uniforms. The gold fringe indicates The International Law of Flags that has come to represent the universal commercial code that functions as the universal code of contracts: this came down to us via British Maritime Law. When we enter a US courtroom today, we are contracting with what is in effect "a corporation" without knowing it. This is what is indicated by the ALL CAPS in which your name appears on your driver's license or any legal papers you might receive. What this means is that 'American courts are operating under the Maritime Law of Contracts, and not under the laws of the US Constitution. By entering the court you have contracted with a corporation (without your direct knowledge) and to be subjected to it laws, over those contained in the United States Constitution.'
US troops in Iraq and elsewhere, as well as a variety of uniformed civil personnel are also wearing the gold-fringed flag on their uniforms. In Iraq of late, soldiers are wearing the US flag backwards, with the stars on the right instead of on the traditional left of the flag. This means that these troops do not represent America they represent the corporation (USA Incorporated ­ the same corporation that created the Federal Reserve Bank) based in Washington D.C. (3)
Context again is what must be studied when you seek to discover any truth behind any current or historical event. David sums up Disc One with the following quote: "If we believe we are powerless ­ we will be powerless; but when you get through that and you realize who 'we' really are then this (deception), powerful as it seems; is but a fly to an elephant-when we get our power back!"
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2) Copan's Stelae
3) David Icke: Freedom or Fascism
http://video.aol.com/video-detail/david-icke-freedom-to-fascism- disk-1-part-340/3270644977/?icid=VIDLRVHOV08
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