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Burgeoning CO/American Cities
Fall Into Poverty And Still The
US Congress Does NOTHING To Stop
The Hordes Of Illegals

By Frosty Wooldridge
Commentary - Denver Post
Re: "In a time of need" Chacon/Oldland, RMN/ 12/1/08
"Dropouts establish patterns early on" Sherry/DP 12/1/08
Excellent Denver Post journalist Allison Sherry and Daniel Chacon of the Rocky Mountain News exposed terrific consequences facing Colorado in the realm of accelerating poverty in our cities. Poor folks swarm into soup kitchens. Food banks empty faster than a box of Cracker Jacks at a movie! Thousands of homeless stand on street corners everywhere in Denver.
Chacon reported, "The number of Colorado families relying on food stamps to put dinner on the table has risen sharply this year with 30,000 more households statewide than last yearnearly a 10 percent rise to 29.5 million nationally on food stampsother cities posted double digit increases of food stamp recipients."
Sherry reported, "Researchers found that 52 percent of Pueblo's ninth-graders who were absent 18 or more days ended up leaving school before graduation."
What causes such horrific poverty? Why did DPS suffer a 67 percent dropout/flunkout rate in 2005 and not much better today? (Source: May 16, 2005, RMN, "What Happened?") What didn't those journalists discuss in their well-written stories? What about a connection to the causes or why the problems are not solved?
First of all, somewhere between 300,000 to 500,000 illegal aliens supplant Coloradan citizens out of jobs in this state. If a Coloradan cannot work, that citizen cannot buy food for the supper table for his/her family. Do you see Governor Ritter or Mayor John Hickenlooper enforcing our laws to stop that kind of illegal behavior? The sad fact remains that Ritter and the Looper, as radio talk show host Peter Boyles calls him, refuse to stand up for the rule of law.
Second, with over 30,000 illegal aliens attending classes bought and paid for by Denver, Colorado citizens, why didn't the journalists address that nasty little reality? With over 85 languages from 105 countries being spoken in Denver Public Schools, how can we serve our kids when we must take twice as much time and money to serve children from other countries-thousands of them here illegally?
For example, each day, the United States grows by 8,200 people. Most of them settle into cities. California adds 1,600 people per day! One look at Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta and San Francisco illustrates overpopulation at its extreme.
As we import 2.4 million legal and illegal immigrants annually, we cannot expect nor will we ever catch up to or be able to successfully educate our own children not to mention the millions of foreign children. For example, Colorado adds 100,000 people every year, net gain.
With over 13 million American children already living below the poverty line, we expect millions more in the coming years.
Where are those folks coming from? For a quick lesson, we accept desperately poor people from over 150 countries every year. There's no end to their numbers because 77 million humans add themselves to the planet, net gain, annually.
"The speed and scale of inevitable global urbanization is so great most countries will not be remotely prepared for the impact it will have, Thoraya Obaid, executive director of the UN Population Fund, said. "In human history we have never seen urban growth like this. It is unprecedented."
Ms. Obaid added: "In 2008, half of the world's population will be in urban areas. The shift from rural to urban changes a balance that has lasted for millennia. Within one generation, five billion people, or 60 percent of humanity, will live in cities. The urban population of Africa and Asia is set to double in this time."
She said that each week the numbers living in cities grew by nearly a million. Denver expects to double its 2.2 million to 4.4 million within 30 years. Can you imagine the food stamp crisis and educational dilemma at that time?
"Most cities [in developing countries] already have pressing concerns, including crime, lack of clean water and sanitation, and sprawling slums," Obaid said. "But these problems pale in comparison with those that could be raised by future growth. If we do not plan ahead it will be a catastrophe. The changes are too fast to allow planners simply to react. If governments wait, it will be too late to [gain] advantages for the coming growth."
John Vidal, author of "Burgeoning Cities Face Catastrophe" said, "According to the State of the World Population Report, which Ms. Obaid launched yesterday in London, large-scale population growth will take place in the cities of Asia, Africa and Latin America. It suggests the largest transition to cities will occur in Asia, where the number of urbanites will almost double to 2.6 billion in 2030. Africa is expected to add 440 million to its cities in the same period, and Latin America and the Caribbean nearly 200 million. Rural populations are expected to decrease worldwide by 28 million people.
"The report warns, however, that if unaddressed the growth of urbanization will mean growth in slums and poverty, as well as a rise in attempted migration away from poor regions."
Since those contributing countries fail to address their population problems with birth control and family planning, should Colorado continue to be a human dumping ground? Can we continue adding thousands of foreigners to our schools while expecting academic excellence? Can we keep adding immigrants that take jobs away from Coloradans, but expect the food stamp rolls to drop?
If you do, you must be smoking a funny kind of weed or someone slipped a 'Mickey' into your morning coffee! Yet, that's exactly what our Governor and mayors of our cities are doing!
When will Ritter and the Looper inject ideas like: "Colorado Sustainable Population Policy"; "Colorado Carrying Capacity Policy"; "Colorado Water Usage Policy"; "Colorado Environmental Impact Policy"? While we address this by getting down to brass tacks, how about a "National Sustainable Population Policy"? Once they figure out how many people can maintain sustainable living, it's time for "International Family Planning" to enter the picture.
If not, you may expect to pay for more food stamp recipients, more failing schools, more immigrants and more poverty accelerating in our cities faster than Michael Phelps can swim the 100 meter freestyle.
With the forthcoming 2009 amnesty attempt by Obama, and a doubling of legal immigration from 1.2 million to 2.4 million-you can expect a hyper-speed compounding of our crisis in Colorado and America.
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