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Blaming Hitler
JB Campbell 

Once upon a time (in the 1920s), there was a little country in Europe, the size of our second-biggest state, that was being tortured by a starvation program run by America and England. Yes, we tried to starve to death the people of that little country after we went to war against them for no discernable reason, which turned out to be the creation of the Jewish state. Finally, Herbert Hoover, Henry Ford and Vidkun Quisling put together a rescue program to feed the people we were starving to death. Only a couple of hundred thousand Germans did starve to death before Hoover & Co. could save the rest.

You, Michael Rivero, are so sanctimonious in your endless attacks on Germans and their popular government of the 1930s, which was a defensive effort to protect themselves from us and our Jewish masters. Put together in the depths of the Jewish Depression, the German government brought the destitute and starving nation back to health within two years, by 1935. Franklin Roosevelt kept mighty America in the Depression until Pearl Harbor, when suddenly the Fed made all kinds of money available - for killing the enemies of the Jews.

The Nazi government was an attempt at self-defense, the result of Yankee/Jewish aggression and the "Treaty" of Versailles and our starvation program, of which you seem totally unaware. It is ludicrous and hypocritical for you to criticize anything that Germany did to protect itself from us, who obeyed Samuel Untermayer and his Jewish declaration of war against Germany in 1933. How did the Nazis respond to this act of war? With a one-day attempted boycott of Jewish goods on April 1, 1933, which most Germans ignored. Anything Germany did is given a sinister, malevolent twist, these days called "spin." Maybe for one day you might put yourself in their shoes.

You might read the book Icebreaker to learn that Stalin was massed for attack against Europe on the Polish border when Hitler barely beat him to it and very nearly destroyed the Communist Party for all time, but for having to rescue the stupid Italians in Greece. If it hadn't been for Hitler, Stalin would have communized all of Europe, not just the Eastern half of it later.

Don't you get it? Don't you see how we destroyed Germany with WWI and the Versailles Diktat, then rebuilt it during the '30s only to obliterate it in the '40s? And all you can do is say that Bush is looking more like Hitler every day! Hitler was defending Germany from the Bushes, Harrimans, Rockefellers and Rothschilds who gave him almost everything he needed to make a really big war. What would you have done?

If you're such a humanitarian and genius, what would YOU have done in Hitler's place? How would YOU have saved Germany from US back then? Do you think YOU could have taken a starving country with no resources, no gold, no money and somehow have led a recovery that was the envy of the world within two years, despite a Jewish economic war against you personally, and all your people? Are you even aware of 1930s realities?

Today we can see how Jewish-owned Wall Street has looted our country. Well, buddy - that's what they did to Germany 90 years ago. Wake up and smell the gefiltefish. Germany found a guy who put a stop to it and figured a way to recover. Do you think we have anyone who could do that today? All you do is continue the Jewish smokescreen and blame the ultimate victims of the Jews and the only guy who was able to say No to them.

Since our own country is approaching its own Jewish financial melt-down from a century of financial crime, it probably doesn't matter what you publish on your website anymore. But you ought to realize how misguided is your position and how it helps the Jews in their depredation of whatever we have left, and their consolidation of power in the ruins of our country. Hitler was the only guy who attempted to disfranchise the parasites and detach them from our veins and bank accounts, and in an extremely humane and just manner.

Now that you know that the Holocaust is a fraud, why are you still so hateful towards the ones who actually resisted Jewish (Communist & Capitalist) aggression, the same sort of aggression and criminality that has brought America to its knees? What else did the Nazis do that offends you? Are you familiar with the Morgenthau Plan, Germany Must Perish, Operation Keelhaul, Other Losses, Crimes & Mercies? I think you should study these massive war crimes by our side before criticizing Hitler or Germany for imagined or exaggerated crimes. I'd begin by viewing David Cole's video, free on line, of his visit to Auschwitz.

It should be obvious to you who is behind our political, economic and military crises, and who is behind the plan to shut down the Internet and seize total power. Yet you seem incapable of even naming the obvious master criminals, let alone calling for some sort of frontier justice since these same characters also control "law enforcement."

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