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Jews Against Jesus
By Harmony Grant
Liberal Jewish leaders are among the loudest defenders of "civil rights" and "freedom from defamation." Yet their so-called "anti-hate" laws represent the scariest threat to Christian freedom in America. And the Jewish state of Israel is anything but free for Jews who convert to Christianity. Messianic Jews face stiff opposition both in Israel and the United States from their Talmud-following brethren.
The Talmud teaches that worship of Christ is idolatry; many Jews believe conversion of Jews threatens a spiritual Holocaust upon the Jewish people. In Israel and the United States, powerful Jews teach that it is an assault to lead a precious Jewish soul toward truth about Jesus. Conversion of Jews represents theft and even spiritual "genocide."
Jewish opposition compelled the Christian Jews of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC) to focus on discrimination against their Israeli brethren at a June conference in Jerusalem. About 300 Jewish believers in Christ gathered to protest discrimination in Israel.
The UMJC conference's discussed topics including "the recent public burning by haredim of New Testaments distributed by missionaries in Or Akiva, a bomb attack that seriously wounded the son of well-known Messianic Jew in Ariel and the attempt to disqualify a Messianic Jewish high school girl from this year's International Bible Quiz for Jewish youth."
Meanwhile, gentile evangelicals remain oblivious, or uncaring, about persecution against their fellow Christians. They continue to lavish financial and moral support on Israel, despite its continuing, blatant anti-Christianity. Recently a young Christian Jewish woman was denied citizenship in Israel because she allegedly "committed missionary activity," thus "acting against the interests of the state of Israel and against the Jewish people." Another Christian, a grad student from Germany, even now battles the government of Israel, which is trying to deport her for the "speech crime" of witnessing. (See, <http://truthtellers.org/alerts/christiandeportedfromisreal.htm>Christian Deported From Israel )
A recent Associated Press article described how Christians Jews in Israel face persecution and violence. It quotes Rabbi David Rosen, head of interfaith affairs for the powerful American Jewish Committee. Rosen defends Israel's anti-Christian policies. He is a powerful American Jewish leader and this is his description of America's dominant faith, a faith that created the freedoms of our nation- "Historically the core of Christianity ... was 'convert or die,' so it was seen and is still seen as an assault on Jewish existence itselfWhen you are called to join another religion, you are being called on to betray your people."
This slander against Christianity demonizes two millennia of faith. It is shocking that the head of interfaith for the AJC, an organization the New York Times calls the "dean of American Jewish organizations," should describe Christians as preaching "convert or die." While such coercion did exist during the Catholic Inquisition, this is a gross mischaracterization of two millennia of authentic Christianity-a period in which Christians have done more to advance human happiness than any other group. Christians preserved learning in the Dark Ages, built the world's freest nation, founded thousands of universities and schools in poor countries, militated against slavery and other sins, and spread Christ's gospel of self-denying love. It is also deeply troubling that this powerful Jew describes personal religious decisions as ethnic or national betrayal. What kind of civil liberties can he support if he believes Jewish individuals are guilty of treason if their consciences lead them to a religious conversion?
The rabbi's troubling words won't shock anyone, however, who knows hard-line Judaism's teachings about Christ. Talmud-believing, Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jews are taught to hate and despise Christ, the "false prophet" who lured millions into idolatry. (See, U.S. Government, Talmud Mock New Testament) One British rabbi put it this way when asked about the witness of Messianic Jews: "We have rejected, do reject and always will reject what they are saying. To target Jews, I see it as antisemitic."
Such animosity is very alive in Israel.
"Calev Myers, a lawyer who represents Messianic Jews [in Israel], said he has fought 200 legal cases in the past two years," reports the Associated Press. "Most involve authorities' attempts to close down houses of worship, revoke the citizenship of believers or refuse to register their children as IsraelisIn incidents of violence, police are reluctant to press charges, Myers said." 
American evangelicals, who fill church pews every Sunday to worship, would never support a harassment campaign against a Jewish family in their neighborhood. They would never allow the public burning of Judaism's most sacred text, the Talmud. They would never support ecclesiastical leaders who advocate violence against people of other faiths.
Yet such bigotry against Christian Jews has occurred this spring in Israel. (See, <http://truthtellers.org/alerts/israelahistoryofhate.htm>Israel: A History of Hate Crimes, <http://truthtellers.org/alerts/israeliteengang.htm>Israel Teen Gang Attacks Arabs, <http://truthtellers.org/alerts/christiandeportedfromisreal.htm>Christian Deported From Israel and <http://truthtellers.org/alerts/israelichristiansworshipunder.htm>Israeli Christians Worship Under Armed Guard ) By unconditional support and blessing of Israel, tens of millions of American churchgoers empower these very acts. The persecution is just done a little farther away in a place American Christians call the "holy land." But Messianic Jews are learning, the hard way, the opposite: Israel is anything but holy.

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