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The Death Of Freedom
Jim Kirwan
The Myth of Nero playing his lute while Ancient Rome burned to the ground in 64 A.D., may have been debunked: But the fact that the United States Congress fled the City of Washington D. C., just as this nation reached her greatest threat since its founding-is not a myth!
History will record that taking a five week paid-leave of absence at the beginning of August 2008, just at the time when Impeachment proceedings were getting underway: even though the "hearings" were held in secret sessions ­ pretty much sums up the continued failures of this congress to faithfully conduct the public's business, especially "in a time of war." (1)
With millions of people losing their homes to foreclosure, and millions more unemployed; and after seven long years of no change in energy policies that have driven oil prices from $25 to over $140 a barrel with the only change in oil policies being the continuing tax breaks for the oil companies-there is no relief in sight for struggling Americans! But the rubber-stamp congress "needed a break"!
The banks, the hedge-funds and the markets are all in disarray while layoffs and unemployment are soaring out of control-yet there has not been a consensus or even a credible idea for dealing with these massive governmental failures from any quarter! This sounds like a time to burn the midnight oil, not a time to take another paid leave in the middle of so many failures of policy, failures of leadership, and especially the failure of personal courage, now that chaos has begun to raise its ugly head!
With International War Crimes being discussed against the leaders of this nation, before the world court, while the Decider and his crew remain in total denial it seems that there is no leadership at any level in this government: and not one single word from either of the anointed ones waiting in the wings about this cowardly act of congress and the media that are both obscenely overanxious to escape the coming crises! (2)
Where are the journalistic demands for explanations; where is the rage or the outrage, now that another war is pending during yet another congressional vacation! That's right-with everyone out- of-town, who will be there to object when and if the ill-conceived moment in Iran is seized during the next five weeks-especially since there is no constitutional mandate for congress to leave town just because they can't face the things that they were sworn to deal with in a timely manner! This is cowardice in the face of reality and in an elected official that may be 'natural' but it's still unforgiveable!
The fact that the public itself doesn't seem to care what their leaders do or do not do, pretty much says it all! No nation can claim to be a global leader when it fails at everything it undertakes and then just lies about the state of the state and the world as if "our word" still means anything at all!
The shell game has been exposed, the farce has been unmasked, the treasury has no floor beneath its ridiculous gestures and there is no plan or purpose driving anything except greed and personal profit that has been extorted from the corpse of what was once a proud and sometimes powerful country.
Perhaps most of all these failures can be measured by "The Death of Freedom in America," one of the few nations on the planet that once understood that freedom comes to everyone with birth, and is not granted by the state, so therefore it cannot be regulated by the government. "Free-Speech-Zones are a blasphemy against the body politic, and a heresy against the U.S. Constitution: yet both "parties" support this obscenity as if they were ?part of the constitution. But then the leaders of the congress routinely vote against the various amendments in the US constitution and ignore the settled laws of this land on a daily basis-and with every day that passes without complaint from the population, those transgressions against the constitution and the people continue to deepen!
We've already embraced torture and the slaughter of any people other than our own, in Palestine, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and in a dozen other places where we have used the Decider's "License to Kill" to affect contractual changes for the sole purpose of corporate benefits. These crimes will have to be paid for in blood and treasure for decades to come! (3)
History will mark these failures of the criminal dynasty of the Bush Clan, with at least as much contempt as it has shown for demented Nero and his follies. But meanwhile, you and I will have to live in the ruins!
1) George Bush ­ War Criminal - video
2) The Terrible Reality ­ Bush Guilty of Murder
3) The World's Foremost Terrorist ­ The US Government
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