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Israel Knifes US In
The Back - Again!

By Ted Lang
The AIPAC espionage scandal has dragged on for years. Israeli spies and criminals, American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobby notables, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, were caught red-handed by dedicated, loyal, FBI agents not under the direct control of Zionist loyal-only-to-Israel traitor FBI supervisors crawling all over the criminal Cheney-Bush gangster administration. Dedicated FBI agents exposed these two arch criminal spies and traitors. And of course, arch Zionist criminal, Abraham the Fox Man, and his rats nest ADL, and legions of their Zionist lawyers, have threatened to implicate many of our elected traitors and criminals in Congress for supporting their treason against the American people and our Constitution.
The criminal Cheney-Bush regime is presently maneuvering to cover up these crimes against America to advance the cause of Zionist Israel as the launching platform for the Zionist-controlled New World Order. After all, Zionist Jews and their useful idiots, Christian Fundamentalist psychos who really believe that modern Israel relates directly back to the Israel of the Old Testament instead of the former Asian nation of Khazaria, believe that these Ashkenazi Jews are "God's chosen people." Every prime minister of Israel has been an Ashkenazi Jew whose heritage and genealogy points to an Asian country, and not the Holy Land or Palestine.
Israel has refused membership in the International Atomic Energy Agency. This rogue and dangerous nuclear armed nation of fascist butchers and mass murdering Nazi-style jackboots has also refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, or NPT. And no nation on Earth has violated more United Nations pronouncements or international accords than has UN-created Israel. Israel, probably the fourth nuclear power on Earth, continues to goad their primary American political stooges, Cheney and Bush, to do their bidding by planning an attack on Iran for their mere alleged intentions in building a nuclear defense system to obviously protect itself from the rogue Nazi threat of the 21st century: Israel.
As Abraham the Fox Man and the despicable Jewish gangsters of his criminal Anti Defamation League continually attempt to stuff "hate crimes" down our throats by our Israeli bought-and-paid-for Congressional harlots, Israel continues to steal our nuclear military secrets in order to threaten world peace. And apparently, former President, Jimmy Carter has figured this all out, invoking the wrath of Israel-first Congressional traitor, Joseph LIEberman. Never mind that 16 agencies of our intelligence network have proclaimed that Iran is NOT a nuclear threat: sneering mass-murdering butcher Dick "the [you fill it in ­ rhymes with his first name]" Cheney and his woodenheaded dummy, smirking George "Mortimer Snerd" Bush, are faithfully following orders from the Likudniks in Israel. Iran has allowed IAEA audits, and has cooperated with NPT initiatives ­ Israel has not!
And now on the heels of this hypocrisy, and in the aftermath of Israel's bearing false witness against Saddam Hussein and Iraq, the Nazi-style Zionist criminal rogue nation isn't merely satisfied in goading US into ordering our boys and girls to fight and die for Israel again, but are once again being exposed for stealing our nuclear military secrets while presenting themselves as our most loyal "ally."
In their April 22nd report entitled, "American Accused of Spying for Israel," Jason Ryan, Pierre Thomas and Richard Esposito document yet another Jewish "American" that has turned his back on liberal, progressive America and its never-ending protection and reverence our government and its people have extended in friendship to our Jewish minority.
Subtitled, "Prosecutors Say N.J. Man Passed U.S. Military Secrets to Israel from 1979 to 1985," and carried on ABC's website, the article opens offering, "A former civilian employee of a military arsenal in New Jersey has been indicted by the federal government for allegedly conspiring to pass U.S. military secrets to the Israeli government more than 20 years ago, and authorities say they have linked his case to that of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard."
Keep in mind how former FBI employee and translator Sibel Edmonds has been continually threatened and silenced by the criminals in the Bush regime and their enablers and supporters in the Democratic criminally-controlled Congress as regards her complaints citing the passing of military secrets to Turkey and Israel by our State Department and Pentagon.
Recall how Edmonds related that the current exposure of Israeli spying against America was just the tip of the iceberg and that many more cases involving Israeli criminal espionage against our nation is covered up via political pressure from AIPAC and the ADL, along with the help and cooperation of Democrats in Congress.
The article goes on: "According to court documents, Ben-Ami Kadish allegedly spied for Israel from 1979-1985 and provided an official from the Israeli consulate in New York with U.S. national defense information, including restricted nuclear weapons data, classified jet fighter weapons system data and key information on the Patriot missile system. According to the complaint, Kadish's Israeli handler was the same man who dealt with Pollard." And we all are aware of how Israel has been pressuring for Pollard's release so that he can retire in luxury and comfort in that Zionist-Nazi rogue state.
Undoubtedly, this episode will be relegated by the Zionist media to the "newspaper mentality" approach relying once again on the public's quick forgetfulness and will be diluted to make it quickly disappear from public memory. And as the efforts of dedicated federal workers and investigators are subdued by high-level "American" politicians and their protectors and cohorts in the Zionist press, the winds of war are drummed up to once again launch America into a costly, destructive, and unnecessary war for the Zionist New World Order.
© THEODORE E. LANG 4/22/08 All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.
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