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The Failure To Confront
Jim Kirwan
The Failure to Confront America's criminal-conspirators has left this nation with blood on all our hands. From the illegal congressional giveaway of their constitutional powers to the executive, and on through the courts all the way down to each and every one of us: We have failed to confront the enemy in this Time- of-War!
Cheney's shadow government in collusion with the official state of Israel are proceeding with their attack upon Iran, regardless of international law or any other considerations that might interrupt this military component in their War to finish their version of the Redistribution of Wealth ­ worldwide.
"Two massive failures by the American media, the Democratic Party, and the American people have paved the way for Cheney's long planned attack on Iran. One failure is the lack of skepticism about the US government's explanation of 9/11. The other failure is the Democrats' refusal to begin impeachment proceedings against President Bush for lying to the Congress, the American people, and the world and launching an invasion of Iraq based on deception and fabricated evidence.
If an American president can start a war exactly as Adolf Hitler did with pure lies and not be held accountable, he can get away with anything. And Bush and his evil regime have.
Hitler launched World War II with his invasion of Poland after staging a "Polish attack" on a German radio station. On the night of August 31, 1939, a group of Nazis disguised in Polish uniforms seized a radio station in Germany. Hitler announced that "last night Polish troops crossed the frontier and attacked Germany," a claim no more true than the Bush Regime's claim that "Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction." Hitler's lie failed, because his invasion of Poland, which began the next day allegedly in reprisal for the Polish attack, had obviously been planned for many months." (1)
?The co-conspirator that has been of the greatest assistance to Cheney's shadow-government is AIPAC. This is the unregistered lobby for Israel in the United States that gives money (from a foreign government) to US political causes. Its members include the top three contenders in the 2008 selections process, along with all but 43 members of Congress, and most of the major players in the United States Government. By law foreign nations cannot give money to American political figures or causes unless they have registered as agents of a foreign government: AIPAC has steadfastly refused to comply with this law, since their inception. This is how the Foreign Policy of the United States has been hijacked, by way of Cheney's Shadow government, in collusion with this Outlaw element that serves Israel's needs over and above basic American interests.
After the Supreme Court virtually appointed Bush to be 'the Decider' in 2000; the current plans were fast-tracked, toward the creation of the Greater State of Israel. Simultaneously with this military perversion of America's actual national interests, the full court press to redistribute the wealth of this country, was also intensified. None of this could have happened had there been a meaningful investigation of the events on 911.
As any citizen knows; every crime leaves evidence behind. Yet this government, through its many agencies has steadfastly refused to allow any real investigations to proceed. The FBI, under Director Muller, refused to collect evidence at the crime scenes on 911 and has routinely blocked any and all private attempts to unearth the truth by anyone else. The CIA, the so-called Department of Justice, the US Military, the North American Air Defense Command ­ have all played their parts in frustrating any effort whether public or governmental into the events of September eleventh, 2001.
Many have decided; that criticisms of this government's inaction and or complicity in the events of 911, are nothing more than conspiracy theories. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact because we have failed to confront the lies told about the events of that day, we have all become complicit in the deaths of millions of people, and in the maiming and displacement of millions more in the countries that were falsely targeted by Cheney's government and by Israel, with the full cooperation of so many different US, Israeli, and British agencies. These American led illegal pre-emptive strikes in Afghanistan and Iraq are about to be heavily added to: rather than being curtailed.
This is happening because the goal all along has been nothing less that the meltdown of the entire US economy, in order to serve the needs of the global money-changers. (2)
The state of Israel has been blackmailing the USA since at least John F. Kennedy's presidency, when he tried to prevent Israel from having nuclear technology!
After 911, Israel had even more evidence of complicity to use against the American government, because they were part of everything that happened that day and they know who planted the explosives in those three buildings, just as they know where those very special charges came from, because they furnished them to Cheney's Secret Government. As Paul Craig Roberts so clearly says: "If an American president can start a war exactly as Adolf Hitler did with pure lies and not be held accountable, he can get away with anything. And Bush and his evil regime have"
Every event in this charade has been built on the lies that preceded each new expansion of the public's outrage, around the world. The demonstrations by millions before the war were ignored, The idea that "peace" in the middle east would flow from the democratization of Iraq was not only a cruel hoax, it left the Palestinian people squarely in the crosshairs of every country that will turn turn its weapons against Israel, in the coming chaos. This is no-win situation in every sense of that concept: except of course for those who plan to profit from the coming Avalanche of Criminal Activity that will open the world to WWIII.
Currently the US is pretending to grapple with finding "solutions" to the economic meltdown, along with the political instability world-wide. Those "answers" are waiting to be unearthed from our not-so-distant past. What must be done is that the original government laws that were instituted after the 1929 Crash need to be reapplied. We need to put government back onto the backs of the criminally-inspired-Corporations at all levels, and in every case. (3)
The financial problems within the marketplace can be corrected with government regulation of all the free-wheeling corporations that are now completely free to monitor themselves. Every time in history that the corporations have enjoyed unlimited freedoms, they have abused those freedoms in the extreme. But today with the Iron Triangle in unchecked wrath as they operate against the public and any other group that might challenge their hegemony, we remain in a completely untenable position that will lead to financial and societal slavery, in a country that no longer has any use for its citizens or for any of our established laws.(4)
This "Failure to Confront" has led us ever-deeper into a political and economic nightmare that is murdering everything in its path. Millions of people have paid with their lives for these illegal and unilateral decisions which we allowed this two-headed government of Cheney-Bush to implement: despite everything we once stood for. This latest War-Crime against Iran must not be allowed to happen, because if it does the rest of the worlds very fragile governments will find themselves facing interior rebellions that will plunge this planet back into the dark ages: yet all of this is happening now because we could not be bothered to pay attention to world events!
Americans are lazy to the point of indolence when it comes to all things political. We have also become used to the idea that we can outsource the solutions needed to solve our personal problems (our own freedoms and our very lives). To place these things in the hands of international outlaw's goes way beyond folly - this borders on sheer insanity! There is one other often overlooked problem inherent in too many Americans: Too many actually envy the Outlaws, and secretly want to become one with them, when it comes to taking part in the illegal bounty, which they believe they can do without being tarnished by such an action (investing is one way of joining and supporting the thugery). In short many of those who say they seek solutions, are secretly hoping to 'get in on the real money' before the doors slam shut: hence it becomes nearly impossible to get these people to actually fight the criminality, because at heart they want to profit from the potential' in the current state of near-anarchy! These people are as much a part of all this as are the Cheney's and the Rumsfeld's when it comes to culpability!
This War upon War needs to stop, but how can that happen when so many still want to grab their "share' of the corpse that was once the American Dream: As George Carlin says so well: "It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."
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George Carlin on "the American Dream
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