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The Anniversary That
Americans Do Not Celebrate
Jim Kirwan
June 8, 1967 will mark the 41st Anniversary of America's Loss of the USS Liberty to the army, navy and air forces of the State of Israel. This obscenity has never been acknowledged for what it actually was, but has instead been thoroughly covered-up by the governments of both The United States and Israel.
This horrific and treacherous act must finally be acknowledged publicly. Will this finally happen this time, when it has not happened in any of the previous 41 years of this government's treachery against the peoples of the United States, as well as against the officers and crew of the USS Liberty on that fateful day. The truth revealed in this new film, must officially become part of the history of our relations with the enemy that the State of Israel has been throughout these past forty-one years. (1) As a memorial to the fallen we need to sever all ties and military support for Israel, and we must cut our treasonous ties with these back-stabbing people whose true purposes are not, and have not been, in the best interests of the United States for almost the last five decades.
In addition Lyndon Banes Johnson's library, then the president, should be amended to include this aspect of his administration. His Defense Secretary Robert M. McNamara should be formally charged with treason and murder, and arrested and tried for his part in this travesty - and no warrant of "National Security" should hinder these proceedings from taking place!
If we fail to demand that the United States acknowledge this attack upon the USS Liberty, as an act of treason against the people of the United States, then we no longer deserve to call ourselves a nation. This outrage has been further compounded over the years by the trillions of dollars that we have lavished on Israel, risking the welfare of the people and the institutions of the USA in the process!
For nearly five decades we have been doing the bidding of the rogue state of Israel, and we continue to put the lives of our troops at risk every day, to accomplish the goals of the 'Greater State of Israel,' over the national interests of the United States of America.
Nothing can undo this vile treachery: but we can at the very least demand that this nation honor the memory of these deaths by prosecuting all those who were involved in this attack, so that the truth can exist in world history as "a thoroughly investigated and concluded part of the written and recognized history."
In today's world a huge number of our elected and appointed officials are currently serving in this government with dual nationalities. Those with Israeli dual citizenships should be removed immediately. All others that profess to seek "the best interests of Israel" need to again publicly swear an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the US Constitution, against all enemies both foreign and domestic; being conscious of the fact that Israel is a foreign nation-state, and not a part of the United States of America!
If we are ever again to be 'Americans,' we must demand this of what passes for our government!
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