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Federal Agenda Causing Death,
Sickness, Destruction

By Arthur M. Evangelista, PhD
Former FDA Federal Investigator
This is in regard to the Amish, Mennonite, and other natural dairy farmers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and elsewhere, our natural, healthful foods, our ability to make these choices, and about a self-serving government. This equally concerns the mission of well-intentioned advocacy groups and organizations, nationwide.
Let me first comment that, like it or not, we are facing a grave situation in this country. We are under slow and methodical attack from within, and have been for the past 80 years, from men of power, of secrecy, and of deceit, and greed.
Thus, this country is currently operating under a fascist and oppressive state, which constitutes TYRANNY...the very kind of tyranny we fought against in 1770's when our country and its republic sought to be free from oppressive British rule.
This is the same kind of tyranny of 1941 Imperialistic Japan, and that of Hitler, and other dictatorial regimes throughout recorded history. Now, our own fascist U.S. corporate-government threatens us, and the world, with the very same and similar schemes. Evidence abounds.
As a Vietnam-era veteran, police officer, paramedic, and former federal investigator, it has become glaringly apparent to me, and to many of my veteran colleagues, that scores of people in this country still do not see, or choose not to understand, the serious and deadly unfolding of dictatorial power within these united states of America. 
Under this country's current circumstances, we must look at the very real and tragic message of government oppression and criminal subversion of our Constitution that is consuming this nation, and is the core of our problem.
Therefore, in the exercise of our duties, I urge all to focus strongly on the call to action for the personal assertion of our freedom, the development of pro-active postures, increased cooperation among the population and of our legitimate advocacy groups, knowledge and understanding of the true facts (both current & historical), of needed civil disobedience and dissent, and the self-reliance for protecting ourselves during these times of critical, internal national crisis. 
This national crisis suffocates EVERY AREA of our society; from the freedom of foods we choose to eat, to vote fraud, corporate-government environmental indifference, indoctrinating education, the absence of any real, accurate and open public media information or intellectual exchange, and in the neglected state of all of our domestic affairs that suppress the public will, and our public and individual liberties. This is not freedom any longer, ...this is TYRANNY.
You should be aware, that vaccine and other groups have also attempted to "work" with the FDA. Despite having round-table discussions with FDA, this resulted in the exhausting of the group's resources, a waste of manpower and money, and ultimately, serving no meaningful purpose, except in providing a hard lesson in futility.
We all know that the FDA has its own corporate agenda. This agenda is guided by the greed of pharmaceutical and chemical cabals and other interests. 
This is evidenced (as an example) by the continuation of the growing and unscrupulous forced vaccinations of our population with toxic and poisonous vaccines that do not work, while these same vaccines continually instigate and create new injury and disease states for those subjected to them.
Thus, in our long, protracted fight with the natural milk and food issues (et al), the FDA will only appear to be "working" with you. This is psyche warfare.
Then, in the end, after considerable expense and waste of your manpower, the FDA, as an agent of a fascist government in all its "glorious" deadly deceptions, will eventually and intentionally enact unlawful regulations, or have co-conspirators in Congress pass inane laws. This will effectively erode and obliterate the remainder of our food safety protections and our personal liberties. ...leaving the unaware, but well-meaning individuals, wondering what just happened.  
I suggest we simply look at the evidence of corporate persistence. Examples include growth hormone, aspartame, continuous attacks on dietary supplements, forcing of GMO foods, and increasing deadly (and senseless) medications, the new FCC ruling on cross ownership, or the deceptive war in Iraq, to name a few.
At this point in time, people are observing that there is no real redress of grievances with an imperialistic government. This corporate ­infiltrated or owned government has its own will and agenda that is absolutely contradictory and inconsistent with individual health, safety, and the public well being.
By thinking we can address serious issues with this government, one might say that this scenario is analogous to a 1939 Jewish community seeking redress of grievances by attempting to seek relief in a Nazi court. It is simply delusional.
I have found in our research, and by speaking with many professionals, teachers, historians (especially the historians), and the many veterans, that it is becoming more apparent that the American population is quickly running out of "politically correct" options (which I consider self-limiting ).
I dare say that being politically correct places you on "their" playing field,
and according to "their" rules. For that reason, it is very doubtful that any permanent or long-term constructive resolve will be forthcoming. 
Sadly, the destruction of our God-given freedoms and liberty continues on a daily basis, in spite of the best intentioned efforts of the politically correct.
It is my assertion then, with respect to the population of 1939 fascist Nazi Germany, that the people of the United States of America, as with any oppressed population, are being deceived by government misinformation and treachery, and much, much more. 
Consequently, it is discomforting that many intelligent personnel, working within our public advocate organizations, are having difficulty realizing or recognizing the broad scope and depth of this political and regulatory corruption, and its true, long term consequences; ...and yet the pressure of tyranny bears down on us, virtually unabated.
Just as with the vaccine, and other public advocate and natural health organizations, this act of "politically correct" self-deception (and the public's deception as well), will not, nor can not, make any meaningful difference, especially in regard to the regulatory criminals with whom we deal with on these important issues. Furthermore, this will not correct nor abate the continued dissolution of our remaining freedoms.  
Our current national crisis requires a different strategy. In order to initiate or promote governmental policy and regulatory corrections, or changes that will actually be beneficial to the general population, drastic, sweeping, and prominent changes will be required in both our laws, as well as our philosophical understanding of our core concept of human liberty, and finding new and novel ways to defend it. 
What are the long range primary, secondary and collateral costs if we don't win this "fight" soon ?  
The cost of ignorance is always much more expensive over time, than the upfront investment of awareness and comprehension of the real issues at hand. If you understand this concept, you are ahead of the game (and FDA).
Then, to deal with Constitutional and legal issues, seek a Congressional inquiry, or by other legal means, to alter the laws and return liberty (at least with this issue) back to the people. This is a strategic plan, it is assertive and is pro-active in nature, not reactionary.  
This strategy will take courage.
It is important, under an oppressive corporate-government, that we absolutely refrain from "reactionary" retorts to unlawful government actions. In being reactive, we will usually be one step behind (exposto facto). 
It is extremely important to assemble a detailed and step-by-step process
for a workable and effective strategy on this issue, while other groups, focus 
on cutting off the head of this tyrannical "Hydra"-like monster, which is the corporate-government (fascism). A multi-front assault. Time to make their head spin for a change, don't you agree ?
I invite you to call me, so that we can discuss this process, and possibly assist you, if you like, with dealing with the testing strategy. This must be achieved by unimpeachable sample collections. I know this will work. This is an important strategy, and will publicly expose the government mal/misfeasance on these issues.
Additionally, as part of a working understanding, I have included a set of educational DVD's, that provides you with a step-by-step process for an overview our internal crisis and how it got that way. It is extremely important that we MUST know what we are truly up against, with regard to our freedom of choices, as human beings. I cannot stress this enough.
Therefore, I urge you to "sharpen your understanding", even if you think you may have seen this DVD information before (which you probably haven't), my office and I have completely re-edited their content into a step-by-step, eye-opening account for serious, insightful, and open-minded Americans who want, and will "fight" to take their country back. 
I strongly urge you to take the needed time to review these 5 DVD's in their entirety, in order to grasp the breadth, depth, and realities of these important issues. Please. 
You are welcome to pass judgment on me afterward, after you have at least, reviewed this information and the major factors involved in a complex and destructive government agenda. 
Recalling the committed individuals of the underground who opposed Hitler, or Saddam, or the freedom fighters resisting Castro's oppression, one must realize that there are times when one's options become very limited, as is the case, presently.
This is especially true when faced with tyrants who will murder and destroy anyone who attempts to impede their criminal and globalistic agenda. This, we must understand, because our very survival as a free nation depends on this insight.
Although, not an anarchist, I do know that should these historical implications be ignored, it surely becomes an invitation to repeat the tribulations and bloodshed of tyranny and revolution, right here, in our own United States, lest we find creative, collective, and solid solutions to the national disaster that is rapidly unfolding before us. I pray its not too late, already. 
In the absence of any true and satisfactory redress of grievances, the alternative is a difficult one to conceive, and a horrible road to travel, as many others have paid this price before us.
We must face these realities of tyranny and its looming death, sickness, and destruction this dictatorial and perverse agenda is causing, if we expect to remain a nation of free and courageous people, and keep our liberties and freedom intact.  
With sincere concern, 
Arthur M. Evangelista, PhD
I would remind you that, intensity in the defense 
of liberty, is no vice
And let me remind you also that 
moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue...
Public Health and Medical Fraud 
Research Cooperative
159 Eller Cove Rd. Weaverville, NC 28787
A group of professional investigators and researchers dedicated to accurate health education, and to exposing corporate corruption or regulatory malfeasance, which may adversely affect the public health.

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